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Last active December 28, 2015 07:09
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PathLib Sample
// Example showing the utility of
// Given an input and output directory, zip the input directory
// and drop it into the output directory. The zip file should
// have the same name as the input directory (plus .zip extension)
var dirToZip = new PureNtPath(@"C:\Users\Admin\MyPhotos");
// These work too, paths are normalized when created from strings!
//var dirToZip = new PureNtPath(@"C:\Users\Admin\MyPhotos\");
//var dirToZip = new PureNtPath(@"C:/Users/Admin/MyPhotos");
//var dirToZip = new PureNtPath(@"C:\Users/Admin\MyPhotos/");
var outputDir = new PureNtPath(@"G:\Archive");
var zipFilename = dirToZip.WithExtension("zip").Filename;
var outputPath = outputDir.Join(zipFilename); // G:\Archive\
var bytes = new ZipFile(dirToZip.ToString()).GetBytes(); // Handwaving. Pick your favorite Zip library.
File.WriteAllBytes(outputPath.ToString(), bytes);
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