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Localized salutations by country (for websites and emails)
* Salutations in different languages transliterated to English.
* This can be used on websites or email campaigns which do not
* have full localization, but if their owner still wants to
* provide basic level of "locale-friendliness" to its users.
* The key of the list is ISO ALPHA-3 country code.
* Note that the list does not include English speaking countries
* as well as countries which have several major official languages,
* except Belgium, Switzerland, which represented here as Dutch
* and German.
"ABW": "Hallo, :Name!",
"AGO": "Olá, :Name!",
"AND": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"ARG": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"AUT": "Hallo, :Name!",
"BEL": "Hallo, :Name!",
"BGR": "Zdravei, :Name!",
"BIH": "Zdravo, :Name!",
"BLR": "Vitaju, :Name!",
"BOL": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"BRA": "Olá, :Name!",
"CHE": "Hallo, :Name!",
"CHL": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"CHN": "Nǐ hǎo, :Name!",
"COL": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"CRI": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"CUB": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"CYP": "Gia sou, :Name!",
"CZE": "Ahoj, :Name!",
"DEU": "Hallo, :Name!",
"DNK": "Hej, :Name!",
"DOM": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"ECU": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"EST": "Tere, :Name!",
"FIN": "Moi, :Name!",
"FRA": "Bonjour, :Name!",
"GNB": "Olá, :Name!",
"GNQ": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"GRC": "Gia sou, :Name!",
"GTM": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"HKG": "Néih hóu, :Name!",
"HND": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"HRV": "Bok, :Name!",
"HUN": "Szia, :Name!",
"IDN": "Halo, :Name!",
"ISR": "Shalom, :Name!",
"ITA": "Ciao, :Name!",
"JAP": "Konnichiwa, :Name!",
"KOR": "Anyoung haseyo, :Name!",
"LIE": "Hallo, :Name!",
"LTU": "Sveiki, :Name!",
"LVA": "Sveiki, :Name!",
"MEX": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"MOZ": "Olá, :Name!",
"MYS": "Hai, :Name!",
"NIC": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"NLD": "Hallo, :Name!",
"NOR": "Hallo, :Name!",
"PAN": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"POL": "Cześć, :Name!",
"PRI": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"PRT": "Olá, :Name!",
"PRY": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"ROU": "Bună, :Name!",
"RUS": "Privet, :Name!",
"SLV": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"ESP": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"SRB": "Zdravo, :Name!",
"SUR": "Hallo, :Name!",
"SVK": "Ahoj, :Name!",
"SWE": "Hej, :Name!",
"TUR": "Merhaba, :Name!",
"TWN": "Nǐ hǎo, :Name!",
"UKR": "Pryvit, :Name!",
"URY": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"VEN": "¡Hola, :Name!",
"VNM": "Xin chào, :Name!"
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