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Kay neoeno

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neoeno / linked_list_challenge.rb
Last active Jun 19, 2020
Linked List Challenge
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class LinkedList
attr_reader :head
attr_accessor :tail
def self.from_ruby_list(list)
return nil if list.empty?
new(list[0], self.from_ruby_list(list[1..]))
def initialize(head, tail = nil)
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#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
const char* RESET = "\x1B[0m";
const char *COLORS[] = { "\x1B[31m", "\x1B[32m", "\x1B[33m", "\x1B[34m", "\x1B[35m", "\x1B[36m" };
int main() {
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function fakeBrowser(initial) {
const functionsToRun = [initial];
const fakeWindow = {
addCallback: function(fn) {
while(functionsToRun.length > 0) {
neoeno / chain.js
Last active Dec 24, 2017
Blockchain (I think?? maybe there needs to be more to be real but it's something)
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const hashMaker = require("hash.js");
const hashString = string =>
const findBlockWithHashPrefix = (signedGenerator, prefix) => {
let nonce = 0;
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$sals1 = array("Beloved", "Darling", "Dear", "Dearest", "Fanciful", "Honey");
$sals2 = array("Chickpea", "Dear", "Duck", "Jewel", "Love", "Moppet", "Sweetheart");
$adjs = array("affectionate", "amorous", "anxious", "avid", "beautiful", "breathless", "burning", "covetous", "craving", "curious", "eager", "fervent", "fondest", "loveable", "lovesick", "loving", "passionate", "precious", "seductive", "sweet", "sympathetic", "tender", "unsatisfied", "winning", "wistful");
$nouns = array("adoration", "affection", "ambition", "appetite", "ardour", "being", "burning", "charm", "craving", "desire", "devotion", "eagerness", "enchantment", "enthusiasm", "fancy", "fellow feeling", "fervour", "fondness", "heart", "hunger", "infatuation", "little liking", "longing", "love", "lust", "passion", "rapture", "sympathy", "thirst", "wish", "yearning");
$advs = array("affectionately", "ardently", "anxiously", "beautifully", "burningly", "covetously", "curiously", "eagerly", "fervently", "fondly", "impatiently", "keenly", "lovingly"
neoeno / Gemfile
Last active Aug 22, 2016
Pokemon Go Slack Bot
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source ""
gem "httparty"
gem "geocoder"
gem "slack-poster"
neoeno / gist:512c550342e52e7e0eec42e2d079d04d
Last active May 25, 2016
120,001 word sentence novel
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Olivetti was the calmest broadcast of the lowliest legislature, the largest
contribution of the staunchest trout, the highest underwriting of the closest
proposal, the strongest might of the simplest comfort, the coolest triple-crown
of the greatest close, the strongest climate of the highest-paid argument, the
fastest discredit of the finest flat, the highest-paid intensity of the
worthiest charter, the hottest counseling of the fastest song, the worst
continent of the coolest yarn, the simplest oil of the hottest event, the
simplest praise of the fiercest m, the largest court of the earliest geography,
the youngest bunt of the dullest door-to-door, the smallest pressed-paper of
the simplest am, the dullest headboard of the hottest barrage, the closest
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import java.util.Random;
class Walker {
int[] xYPosition = new int[2];
int[] prevXYPosition = new int[2];
Random generator;
Walker() {
generator = new Random();