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potential list and order of phases for init:
- preflight
- kubelet-write-config (kubelet)
- kubelet-start (kubelet)
- certs
- kubeconfig
- controlplane
- etcd
- upload-config
- kubelet-config-map (kubelet)
# a shell script for retrieving emails from commits in kubernetes/<repo> PRs
# example usage:
# $ chmod +x ./
# $ ./ kubernetes <some-pr-#>
# getting username and branch...
# username = johndoe314314
View slack-app-tool
also there could be a specific channel on here with an ongoing feed of recently submitted PRs where the github handle -> slack handle is tracked.
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bentheelder [1 hour ago]
that would be super noisy! :grimacing: see also
neolit123 [1 hour ago]
i see. well in general it feels like pinging someone with the context of immediate action is more reliable over email. the user might not have a slack even, or could be offline. but it is certain that they have an email.
View slow-kubeadm-tests
tests timed by Fabrizio
//cmd/kubeadm/app/cmd/phases:go_default_test PASSED in 44.8s
//cmd/kubeadm/app/discovery/token:go_default_test PASSED in 19.3s
//cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/certs:go_default_test PASSED in 34.1s
//cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/certs/pkiutil:go_default_test PASSED in 7.1s
//cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/controlplane:go_default_test PASSED in 5.4s
//cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/kubeconfig:go_default_test PASSED in 12.9s
//cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/markmaster:go_default_test PASSED in 3.7s
//cmd/kubeadm/app/phases/upgrade:go_default_test PASSED in 18.2s
View k8s-1.11-release-notes
# Kubernetes 1.11 Release Notes
This document is for release notes for Kubernetes 1.11. These release notes are initially generated from commit messages, and are sorted based on the release note tag.
Commits should be tagged as follows:
This tag is for urgent changes that users must take into consideration before upgrading. For example, mandatory upgrades of dependencies or other upgrade/downgrade issues belong in this category.
View gist:b48fc27c8be1eb598fb41ce3cb2366f4
=== RUN TestAbsolutePath
--- PASS: TestAbsolutePath (0.04s)
=== RUN TestACL
--- PASS: TestACL (0.79s)
=== RUN TestBuildComplex
=== PAUSE TestBuildComplex
=== RUN TestFileLineInErrorMessages
=== PAUSE TestFileLineInErrorMessages
=== RUN TestProgramNameInCrashMessages
=== PAUSE TestProgramNameInCrashMessages
View qt-ble-test.cpp
#include <QCoreApplication>
#include <QDebug>
#include <QLowEnergyService>
#include <QLowEnergyController>
QLowEnergyService *service;
static void stateChanged(QLowEnergyService::ServiceState newState)
qDebug() << "stateChanged:" << newState;
View main.cpp
#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows.h>
#include <setupapi.h>
#include <devguid.h>
#include <devpkey.h>
#include <bluetoothleapis.h>
static void print_GUID(GUID);
static int probe_GUID(GUID);
View AS3 KeyboardHandler
* KeyboardHandler
* example of fast keyboard events delegation with callbacks & the "supported key"
* concept. a basic keyboard state machine.
* usage e.g.:
* var kh:KeyboardHandler = new KeyboardHandler(nativeStage);
* kh.addKey(Keyboard.LEFT, leftKeyHandler);