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Created Aug 11, 2018
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render `numpy` voxels in Blender
import bpy
import numpy as np
objs =
scn = bpy.context.scene
scene_objs = [
# objs['sand'],
# objs['grass'],
# objs['water'],
voxel_data = np.load('/home/u/p/cat_1st_demo/render_bendich/_cartesian_model.npy').astype('int')
for x in range(voxel_data.shape[0]):
for y in range(voxel_data.shape[1]):
for z in range(voxel_data.shape[2]):
obj = scene_objs[voxel_data[x,y,z]].copy()
obj.location = (x*2.1, y*2.1, z*2.1)
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