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just setting up my github

Boris Bügling neonichu

just setting up my github
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Project Handover

Here are a few of my OSS projects that are still looking for new maintainers. DM me via Twitter if you want to take any of them over (@NeoNacho). If you take over a project, please follow these rules:

  • Do not claim to be the original author, so the license should retain my name, but feel free to add yourself to it once you have made any substantial contributions. If the current README mentions my name or Twitter handle, keep that information intact if you make edits, but you can move it around as you see fit.
  • If at any point in the future, you want to stop maintaining the project and you cannot find anyone to take it over, please add an unmainted badge (see here) to the README and transfer the project back to my GitHub account (@neonichu). That will allow me to find a new maintainer myself or to at least keep the project available for historical purposes.
  • My GitHub account ([@neonichu](https://
neonichu /
Created Jun 27, 2016
Extract open radar numbers from radar web HTML
#!/usr/bin/env python
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup as soup
s = soup(file('radars.html'))
for span in s('span'):
if span.has_key('class') and span['class'].startswith('quickViewProblemId'):
neonichu /
Created Feb 2, 2016
Figure out which commits correspond to which Swift version, maybe
git log -p CMakeLists.txt|grep -B 25 '^+set(SWIFT_VERSION'|grep ^commit
neonichu /
Created Dec 16, 2015
Update used Xcode image for Travis automatically
function available_versions() {
curl -s ''| \
grep 'osx_image: '|sed -e 's_.*<code>\(osx\_image.*\)</code>.*_\1_'|sort|uniq
function latest_version {
available_versions|tail -n 1
neonichu /
Last active Dec 11, 2015
Parse an API blueprint hosted on Apiary via the API Blueprint API
if [ -z "$BLUEPRINT" ]; then
echo "Usage: $0 blueprint-file" >&2
exit 1
neonichu / serve.swift
Last active Nov 1, 2018
Tiny HTTP server example in Swift.
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#!/usr/bin/env swift
#if os(Linux)
import Glibc
let sin_zero = (UInt8(0),UInt8(0),UInt8(0),UInt8(0),UInt8(0),UInt8(0),UInt8(0),UInt8(0))
let sock_stream = Int32(SOCK_STREAM.rawValue)
import Darwin.C
neonichu / yolo.swift
Created Nov 30, 2015
Slowly approaching significant Swift hipster status
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func signalify<T, U, V>(p: T, _ c: (T, (Result<U>) -> ()) -> V) -> (V, Signal<U>) {
let s = Signal<U>()
let v = c(p) { s.update($0) }
return (v, s)
neonichu / hide-schemes.rb
Created Nov 16, 2015
Automatically hide all schemes from the Pods project for the current user
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'CFPropertyList'
user = ENV['USER']
path = "Pods/Pods.xcodeproj/xcuserdata/#{user}.xcuserdatad/xcschemes/xcschememanagement.plist"
plist = => path)
userState = plist.value.value['SchemeUserState'].value
neonichu /
Last active Jan 14, 2019
A few ways of checking code signatures on OS X.

Code Signing

A few ways of checking code signatures on OS X.


$ /usr/bin/codesign --verify --deep --verbose /Applications/
/Applications/ valid on disk
/Applications/ satisfies its Designated Requirement
neonichu / yolo.txt
Created Aug 25, 2015
CLI output when running `Xcode -installComponents` with Xcode 7.0 beta 6
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2015-08-25 11:56:10.088 Xcode[19168:1241367] ### Failed to load Addressbook class CNContactNameFormatter
2015-08-25 11:56:10.862 Xcode[19168:1241367] NSWindow warning: adding an unknown subview: <NSView: 0x7faae2ceac30>. Break on NSLog to debug.
2015-08-25 11:56:10.896 Xcode[19168:1241367] Call stack:
0 AppKit 0x00007fff9b85256b -[NSThemeFrame addSubview:] + 107
1 AppKit 0x00007fff9b880fa8 -[NSView replaceSubview:with:] + 153
2 IDEKit 0x0000000102aac6be -[IDEFirstLaunchExperienceViewController _replaceView:withView:] + 176
3 IDEKit 0x0000000102aab235 -[IDEFirstLaunchExperienceViewController showFirstLaunchExperienceModallyIfNecessary] + 181
4 IDEKit 0x00000001024ded07 -[IDEWelcomeWindowController _showFirstLaunchExperienceIfAppropriate] + 196
5 IDEKit 0x00000001025f21d0 -[IDEWelcomeWindowController showFirstLaunchExper
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