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Unhide Oculus Home window, enable keyboard and mouse input.
; Home Unhider
; Author: NeoZeroo
; Instructions:
; Just run it after Oculus Home is running, and it will show up.
; This doesn't keep running, it just unhides Home and exits instantly.
; You can maximize the window of even resize it at will.
; Don't try pressing Alt + Enter to make it fullscreen, as that
; will just make it invisible again.
; If you manually close this window, and not the desktop store window,
; it'll just reopen again hidden (DK2 users beware, don't forget it
; running forever, make sure to close the desktop window).
; Keyboard and mouse controls were already implemented on Oculus Home,
; it just did not have focus to receive any input from them.
; We're only unhiding the window.
; Left Click or Spacebar = A button (OK)
; Right Click or Esc = B button (Cancel)
; Arrows = D-Pad
; There's no keyboard key for the Xbox Guide button function.
; When opening a game, Home will gracefully pause and wait in the
; background as the new game window will be on top, and then unpause
; when the game exits.
; When pressing the Xbox Guide button, the Home window will take the
; front while showing the menu, and then will get to the back again
; as you dismiss the menu.
; Mouse and keyboard control still work in the menu.
SetBatchLines, -1
DetectHiddenWindows, On
found := false
WinGet, windowList, List, ahk_class UnityWndClass
Loop, % windowList
windowID := windowList%A_Index%
WinGet, processName, ProcessName, ahk_id %windowID%
WinGet, windowStyle, Style, ahk_id %windowID%
if(processName == "OculusVR.exe" && ((windowStyle & 0x10000000) == 0))
found := true
MsgBox, 0x10, Home Unhider, Oculus Home could not be detected.`nMake sure it is running on the HMD and try again.
WinSet, Style, +0x00010000, ahk_id %windowID% ;WS_MAXIMIZEBOX
WinSet, Style, +0x00040000, ahk_id %windowID% ;WS_SIZEBOX
WinSet, ExStyle, +0x00040000, ahk_id %windowID% ;WS_EX_APPWINDOW
WinSet, ExStyle, +0x02000000, ahk_id %windowID% ;WS_EX_COMPOSITED
WinSet, ExStyle, +0x00010000, ahk_id %windowID% ;WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT
WinSet, ExStyle, -0x08000000, ahk_id %windowID% ;WS_EX_NOACTIVATE
WinShow, ahk_id %windowID%
WinActivate, ahk_id %windowID%
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