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Comcast support...
analyst Gemaima has entered room
Gemaima: Hello Ed, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Gemaima. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Ed: My Issue: Internet is not working, has been going down intermittently for past several weeks. Modem and router have been reset and it doesn't fix the issue.
Gemaima: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
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analyst Arianne  has entered room
Arianne : Hello Ed, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Arianne . Please give me one moment to review your information.
Arianne : A pleasant day to you! I hope your day is going well.
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Arianne : Our goal is to provide you with a consistently superior customer experience - that's our guarantee. Learn more about the Comcast Customer Guarantee at
Arianne : As I comprehend, you are having intermittent connection, is that correct?
Ed: yes
Arianne : I know how you are feeling. I, myself have internet at home and I understand what it is like to have that kind of connection. No worries, I could definitely assist you with that.
Arianne : May I know if you are connected directly to the modem right now?
Ed: No, it's not working so I'm tethering off my phone for internet
Arianne : Just to clarify, you do not have a connection right now, is that correct?
Ed: yes
Arianne : Thank you for clarifying.
Arianne : Here's what I will do for you today.
user Ed has left room
Arianne : I will send a signal to your modem so that it may refresh. Then I will provide you steps on how you can powercycle.
Ed: i've power cycled the modem several times tonight to try and fix the issue
Arianne : I have sent the signal.
Arianne : The difference today is that the signal will boost the connection.
Arianne : That is why a powercycle is necessary after sending this special signal.
Arianne : Powercycle is the same as rebooting your computer. The purpose of this is to refresh the settings of your equipment. This will result in faster connectivity. Here are the steps on how to powercycle: 1. Turn everything off 2. Wait for 60 seconds 3. Turn on your cable modem first 4. Turn on your router (if you have one) 5. Lastly, turn on your computer
Arianne : Now that I have sent the signal, I assure you that your modem is now establishing a connection.
Arianne : I also suggest that you bypass the router to optimize connection for today.
Arianne : We have resolved your concern by sending a special signal to your modem and providing you steps on how to properly powercycle.
Arianne :  This is our resolution and this is considered resolved on this chat. There are NO additional steps needed.
Arianne : Will there be anything else that I could assist you with Ed?
Ed: So, now my internet will work?
Arianne : Yes Ed.
Arianne : My system indicated that the refreshment of your modem was a success.
Ed: That's not the case. I've followed the steps you outlined and the internet still doesn't work.
Arianne : May I know if you did it after the signal was sent?
Ed: Yes, I waited until after you provided the powercycle instructions to reset everything

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indiebrain Feb 21, 2012



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