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Last active Apr 22, 2020

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Fix docker DNS not working on Linux hosts

Docker DNS issues on systemd distros

(Hopefully) fix Docker DNS issues with systemd distros, e.g. ping: bad address '', Temporary failure resolving ... (tested on Arch).


  1. Host DNS is correct (/etc/resolv.conf) and does not contain any invalid nameservers
  2. Ensure DNS resolves correctly (dig
  3. Ensure Docker container has same config as host docker run -it <your-image> cat /etc/resolv.conf


  1. Allow docker network interface through firewall firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=trusted --change-interface=docker0
  2. Reload firewall firewall-cmd --reload
  3. Restart firewall service systemctl restart firewalld
  4. Restart network (I use NetworkManager) systemctl restart NetworkManager
  5. Kill all the Docker things docker system prune --all --force
  6. Restart Docker systemctl restart docker
  7. Try ping on image docker run -it <your-image> cat /etc/resolv.conf

Example test: docker run busybox ping -c 3

Nuclear Solution

If all else fails try stopping firewalld altogether systemctl stop firewalld

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