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NethunterOS and multirom for OnePlus1

Guide for Installing Multirom with Nethunter on a OnePlus 1

You may want to be able to pick between a NethunterOS (based on LineageOS) and a different ROM to seperate work from please.

Multirom allows you to pick which OS (or ROM) to load on boot (think of GRUB).


  • Fastboot installed on computer (versions available for OSX/Windows/Linux)
  • OnePlus 1 (unlocked)
  • USB Cable

If you haven't unlocked your OnePlus1 yet follow instructions here until the point where you flash the recovery image:


The following files are required. For a secondary ROM you are free to pick anything from XDA that you feel you might enjoy.

Multirom Files

Nethunter Files

Secondary ROM (or 3rd...or 4th...or...)

Install TWRP Recovery Image

Hold Vol+up and power to enter fastboot. From terminal:

fastboot flash recovery [file downloaded from twrp.img]

Reboot into recovery by holding down power and then Vol+down and power at same time.

Install Base ROM

Once in TWRP you should allow it to make system modifications if it asks.

Inside TWRP lets format the system so its clean:

Wipe> Advance Wipe> system+data+cache+dalvik

Copy to your device:

  • Nethunter OS zip file (

Install > Select zip file:


Setting up EFI DroidManager

Once we have the ROM running, open the EFI DroidManager app. You will need an internet connection and click install/update.

Once that is done you will will want to add (plus button) a empty secondary ROM. From location select:


And give it an easy name like "Daily Driver" or "Clean OS." Restart your device.

You are now presented with a menu when you start your device. To install your secondary ROM you must use the power/vol buttons:

  • Select Recovery
  • Select your secondary ROM name

If it hangs at "booting" just restart by holding power down and running it again.

Once you are in recovery it is like having an empty phone. So you will want to push your secondary ROM and gapps. Just go to install and select both files. Restart when done.

Setting up Nethunter

If you haven't done so, copy the kalifs-full.tar.xz to the phone. Load the Nethunter app. Allow permissions and allow root.

Kali Chroot Manager

Install Kali Chroot

Use SD Card Full Chroot


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commented Feb 22, 2017

Hi, thank you for the guide. I'd like to build nethunter by self, since official lineageOS is out, but I can't find the kernel for nougat/oneplus one here
Which kernel did you use in order to build
thank you


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commented Jul 28, 2017

i want to build the rom.


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commented Apr 25, 2018

EDIT: Looks like the EFI Droid Manager is within nethunter ROM which you might want to clarify in the instructions.


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commented Oct 29, 2018

Is there any difference in NethunterOS vs LineageOS 14.1 (+nethunter fs, etc) installed (other than good for multirom)? Eg. extra apps, features integrated etc?

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