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kolotoc:dredd-rack-sinatra-example netmilk$ bundle exec rake blueprint:verify 
Verify the API conformance against its blueprint.
dredd doc/*.apib doc/*  --hookfiles doc/hooks/

info: Beginning Dredd testing...
info: Found Hookfiles: doc/hooks/
Spawning ruby worker
Dredd Ruby hooks worker is running

Dredd connected to Ruby Dredd hooks worker

Before hook in Ruby

fail: GET / duration: 0ms
After hook in Ruby
Stash content: stashed data

info: Displaying failed tests...
fail: GET / duration: 0ms
fail: Failed in before hook: Yay! Failed in ruby hook.
complete: 0 passing, 1 failing, 0 errors, 0 skipped, 1 total
complete: Tests took 1073ms
kolotoc:dredd-rack-sinatra-example netmilk$
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