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Creating the structure of the dummy
// Definition of head
final Bone head = new Bone(30, 90);
// Definition of torso
final Bone torso = new Bone(80, 0);
final Bone[] upperArm = new Bone[2];
final Bone[] upperLeg = new Bone[2];
for (int i=0; i<2; i++) {
// Definition upper arms
upperArm[i] = new Bone(60, 60 - 90 * i);
// Definition of lower arms
final Bone lowerArm = new Bone(60, -90);
// Definition of upper legs
upperLeg[i] = new Bone(60, 30 - 90*i);
// Definition of lower legs
final Bone lowerLeg = new Bone(75, 90);
// Connect arms and legs to head and torso
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