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Last active Dec 12, 2021
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circuitpython clock for Lilygo TTGO T8 ESP32-S2
import struct
import time
import board
import displayio
import rtc
import socketpool
import terminalio
import wifi
from adafruit_display_text import label
from secrets import secrets
except ImportError:
print("WiFi secrets are kept in, please add them there!")
TZ_OFFSET = 3600
NTP_PORT = 123
def get_ntp_time(pool):
packet = bytearray(48)
packet[0] = 0b00100011
for i in range(1, len(packet)):
packet[i] = 0
with pool.socket(pool.AF_INET, pool.SOCK_DGRAM) as sock:
sock.sendto(packet, (NTP_SERVER, NTP_PORT))
destination = time.monotonic_ns()
seconds = struct.unpack_from("!I", packet, offset=len(packet) - 8)[0]
monotonic_start = seconds - 2_208_988_800 - (destination // 1_000_000_000)
return time.localtime(time.monotonic_ns() // 1_000_000_000 + monotonic_start + TZ_OFFSET)
TEXT_COLOR = 0xd257ff
def init_ui(display):
splash = displayio.Group(max_size=10)
color_bitmap = displayio.Bitmap(display.width, display.height, 1)
color_palette = displayio.Palette(1)
color_palette[0] = BACKGROUND_COLOR
bg_sprite = displayio.TileGrid(color_bitmap, pixel_shader=color_palette, x=0, y=0)
# Draw a smaller inner rectangle
inner_bitmap = displayio.Bitmap(display.width - BORDER * 2, display.height - BORDER * 2, 1)
inner_palette = displayio.Palette(1)
inner_palette[0] = FOREGROUND_COLOR
inner_sprite = displayio.TileGrid(inner_bitmap, pixel_shader=inner_palette, x=BORDER, y=BORDER)
text_label = label.Label(terminalio.FONT, color=TEXT_COLOR, text="Starting", anchor_point=(0.5, 0.5))
text_width = text_label.bounding_box[2] * FONTSCALE
text_group = displayio.Group(
x=display.width // 2 - text_width // 2,
y=display.height // 2,
return text_label
def update_time(text_label):
now = time.localtime()
text_label.text = "%02.d:%02.d:%02.d" % (now.tm_hour, now.tm_min, now.tm_sec)
display = board.DISPLAY
text_label = init_ui(display)
print("Connecting to ", secrets["ssid"])["ssid"], password=secrets["password"])
print("Connected with IP ",
text_label.text = "Connected"
pool = socketpool.SocketPool(
now = get_ntp_time(pool)
rtc.RTC().datetime = now
print("Synced with NTP")
text_label.text = "Synced"
while True:
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bernschneider commented Jun 2, 2021

Hi netroy,
Many thanks for your example code! Your code didn´t run on my board: There was an error message re unknown board.LCD_MISO.

I modified line 55 tft_miso = board.LCD_MISO into tft_miso = board.board.IO4. Then I was able to run your script on the LilyGo TTGO T8 ESP32-S2 by saving it from the mu editor to the board. Everything looked fine now.

But when I disconnected and powered-up the board again I shortly saw the clock, then shortly the initial getting started text screen (this text also was visible after boot before I created the file). After less than a second the screen went black and nothing happened.

I can repeat the last two steps without change or success.

Do you have any idea how to fix this?

Many thanks, Peter

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netroy commented Jun 2, 2021

Hey Peter,
It's likely that the code is crashing somewhere between line 114 and 120,
Can you please comment out lines 118-123, and try again?

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netroy commented Jun 2, 2021

Looks like board.LCD_MISO was removed here.
Also, the LCD is enabled by default starting Circuitpython 6.2. So, I have updated this code to avoid re-initialization of the LCD.

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bernschneider commented Jun 2, 2021

Can you please comment out lines 118-123, and try again?
I did, but got same behavior (working from mu, not working after boot).

Also tried your new display = board.DISPLAY call from line 78 above, but this didn´t work neither even when saving from mu editor.

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bernschneider commented Jun 3, 2021

Today I flashed the EN-US bin file version 6.3 and your above version is working now, also after power-off/ power-on!
(Before I used the DE-DE version 6.2)
Many thanks, Peter

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netroy commented Jun 3, 2021

I'm glad it works now. That makes me happy.

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joelhaasnoot commented Jul 4, 2021

This works great! One small improvement, if you change the formatting string, the seconds show up correctly:

text_label.text = "%02.d:%02.d:%02.d" % (now.tm_hour, now.tm_min, now.tm_sec)

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netroy commented Jul 19, 2021

Thanks @joelhaasnoot. I updated it 💟

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