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@TEOTD,At The End Of The Day
10Q,Thank You
1174,Nude club
143,I love you
182,I hate you
14AA41,One for All and All for One
1-D-R,I wonder
1FTR,One For The Road
24/7,24 hours a day; 7 days a week
404,I haven't a clue
411,it means: info
459,I love you
86,Out Of or Over
9,Parent is watching
99,Parent no longer watching
A/S/L/M/H, Age/Sex/Location/Music/Hobbies
A3,Anytime, anywhere, anyplace
AAAAA,American Association Against Acronym Abuse
AAF,As A Friend
AAK,Asleep At Keyboard
AAMOF,as a matter of fact
AAMOI,As A Matter Of Interest
AAP,Always a pleasure
AAR,At any rate
AAR8,At Any Rate
AAS,Alive and smiling
AATK,Always At The Keyboard
AAYF,As Always, Your Friend
AB,Ass Backwards
ABITHIWTIDB,A bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
ABT2,About To
ACD,Alt Control Delete
ACE,Access Control Entry*
ACRONYM,Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning
ADAD,Another Day Another Dollar
ADBB,All Done Bye Bye
ADDY,email address
ADHD,Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADIH,Another Day In Hell
ADIP,Another Day In Paradise
ADN,Any day now
AEAP,As early as possible
AFAGAY,A Friend As Good As You
AFAHMASP,A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted
AFAIAC,As Far As I Am Concerned
AFAIC,As Far As I'm Concerned
AFAICR,As Far As I Can Recall
AFAICS,As Far As I Can See
AFAICT,As far As I can Tell
AFAIK,As far as I know
AFAIR,As Far As I Remember/Recall
AFAIU,As Far As I Understand
AFAIUI,As Far As I Understand It
AFAP,As Far As Possible
AFAYC,As Far As You're Concerned
AFC,Away From Computer
AFDN,Any F***ing Day Now
AFIAA,As Far As I Am Aware
AFINIAFI,A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
AFJ,April Fools' Joke
AFK,Away from computer keyboard
AFOG,Another F**King Opportunity for Growth
AFZ,Acronym free zone
AGKWE,And God Knows What Else
AHPF,All Hail Pass Fail (via MIT)
AIAMU,And I'm A Monkey's Uncle
AIH,As It Happens
AIM,AOL Instant Messenger*
AIMB,As I Mentioned Before
AIMP,Always In My Prayers
AISB,As it should be
AISE,As I Said Earlier
AISI,as i see it
AITR,Adult in the room
AIUI,As I Understand It
AIW,As It Were/Was
AKA,Also known as
ALAP,As Late As Possible
Alcon,All Concerned
ALOL,Actually Laughing Out Loud
ALTG,Act Locally, Think Globally
AMAP,As Many As Possible
AMBW,All My Best Wishes
AML,All my love
ANFAWFOS,And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
ANFAWFOWS,And Now For A Word Word From Our Web Sponsor
ANFSCD,And Now For Something Completely Different
ANSI,American National Standards Institute
AOAS,All Of A Sudden
AOB,Abuse Of Bandwidth
AOTA,All of the above
AP,Apple Pie
APAC,All Praise And Credit
API,Application Program Interface
ARPA,Advanced Research Projects Agency
ASAFP,As Soon As "Friggin" Possible
ASAP,As soon as possible
ASCII,American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASNWS,A Simple No Would Suffice
ATB,All The Best
ATK,At The Keyboard
ATLA,Another Three Letter Acronym
ATM,At the moment
ATSL,Along The Same Lines
ATST,At The Same Time
ATTYOB,Anything That Turns You On Baby
ATW,All the Web or Around the Web
AUP,Acceptable Use Policy
AWCIGO,And Where Can I Get One
AWGTHTGTATA,Are We Going To Have To Go Through All This/That Again
AWGTHTGTTA,Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again
AWGTHTGTTSA,Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Sh*t Again
AWHFY,Are We Having Fun Yet
AWOL,Absent Without Leave
AYBABTU,All Your Base Are Belong To Us
AYEC,At your earliest convenience
AYK,As You Know
AYMK,As You May Know
AYOR,At your own risk
AYSOS,Are You Stupid Or Something
AYT,Are You There
AYTMTB,And You're Telling Me This Because?
B&D,Bondage and Discipline
B4N,Bye for now
B4U,Before You
B4YKI,Before You Know It
BA,Bad A**
BAC,By Any Chance
BAD,Broken As Designed*
BAG,Bursting A Gut
BAGL,Busting A Gut Laughing
BAK,Back at the keyboard
BAS,Big a** smile
BAU,Business as usual
BB4N,Bye-Bye for Now
BBB,Busy Beyond Belief
BBBG,Bye Bye Be Good
BBFBBM,Body By Fisher, Brains By Mattel
BBFN,Bye-Bye for Now
BBIAB,Be back in a bit
BBIAF,Be back in a few
BBIAM,Be back in a minute
BBIAS,Be Back In A Sec
BBIAW,Be Back In A While
BBL,Be back later
BBM,Big Beautiful Man
BBN,Bye bye now
BBR,Burnt Beyond Repair
BBS,Be back soon
BBSD,Be Back Soon Darling
BBSL,Be Back Sooner or Later
BBT,Be Back Tomorrow
BBW,Big Beautiful Woman
BCBS,Big Company, Big School
BCC,Blind Carbon Copy
BCNU,Be Seein' You
BD,Big Deal
BDC,Big Dumb Company or Big Dot Com
BDN,Big Damn Number
BDSM,Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sado-Masochism
BDSMLMNOP,BDSM and whatever else we might do
BEG,Big evil grin
BF,Boy friend
BFD,Big f***ing deal
BFE,b** f*** Egypt (very far away)
BFF,Best Friends Forever
BFG,Big f***ing grin
BFH,Bastard From Hell
BFMI,Brute Force and Massive Ignorance
BFN,Bye for now
BFNN,Bizarre Format with No Name
BG,Big grin
BGWM,Be gentle with me
BHAG,Big Hairy Audacious Goal
BHOF,Bald Headed Old Fart
BI,Buddy Icon
BIAB,Back In A Bit
BIAF,Back In A Few
BIALW,back in a little while
BIAS,Back In A Second
BIAW,Back In A While
BIBO,Beer in, beer out
BIC,Best In Class
BICBW,But I could be wrong
BIF,Basis In Fact or Before I Forget
BIL,Brother In Law
BION,Believe It Or Not
BIOYIOP,Blow it out your I/O port
BIOYN,Blow it Out Your Nose
BITD,Back In The Day
BKA,Better Known As
BL,Buddy List
BLNT,Better luck next time
BM&Y,Between me and you
BM,Byte Me
BMG,Be my guest
BMGWL,Busting my gut with laughter
BMHATK,Banging My Head Against The Keyboard
BMHATW,Banging My Head Against The Wall
BMOC,Big Man On Campus
BMOTA,Byte Me On The Ass
BMTA,Brilliant Minds Think Alike
BMTIPG,Brilliant Minds Think In Parallel Gutters
BNF,Big Name Fan
BOC,But Of Course
BOF,Birds Of a Feather
BOFH,Bastard Operator From Hell
BOHICA,Bend Over Here It Comes Again
BOHOF,Back Of Hand On Forehead
BOL,Best of luck
BOS,Big Orange Switch
BOT,Back On Topic
BOTEC,Back-of-the-envelope calculation
BPD,Borderline Personality Disorder
BR,Bathroom, Best regards
BRB,Be right back
BRS,Big Red Switch
BRH,Be right here
BRT,Be right there
BS,Big Smile
BSF,But Seriously, Folks
BSG,Big Smiling Grin; Broad Sweeping Generalisation
BSOD,Blue Screen of Death (Windows NT, et al.)
BSTS,Better Safe Than Sorry
BT,Bite This
BTA,But then again
BTAICBW,but then again i could be wrong
BTAIM,Be That As It May
BTDT,Been there, done that
BTDTGTS,Been There, Done That, Got The T-shirt
BTDTGTTS,Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
BTHOOM,Beats The Heck Out Of Me
BTOBD,Be There Or Be Dead
BTOBS,Be There Or Be Square
BTSOOM,Beats The Sh*t Out Of Me
BTTH,Butt To The Head
BTTP,Back To The Point
BTW,By the way, Between you and me
BTWBO,Be There With Bells On
BW,Best Wishes
BWDIK,But What Do I Know?
BWG,Big Wide Grin
BWL,Bursting with laughter
BWO,Black, White or Other
BWQ,Buzz Word Quotient
BWTHDIK,But what the heck do I know...?
BYKT,But you Knew That
BYKTA,But You Know/Knew That Already
BYOB,Bring Your Own Bottle/Booze
C&G,Chuckle and grin
C&P,Copy & Paste
C/O,Care Of
C/P,Cross Post
C|N>K,Coffee (piped through) Nose, (redirected to) Keyboard
CADET,Can't Add Doesn't Even Try*
CB,Chat brat
CBT,Cock and Ball Torture/Training
CC,Carbon Copy
CCWC,Can't Cook Won't Cook
CD,Cross Dresser
CD9,Parents are around
CE,Creative Editing
CERT,Computer Emergency Response Team
CFD,Call For Discussion
CFN,Ciao for now
CFV,Call For Vote
CG,Cute Grin
CGI,Common Gateway Interface
CHUR,See How yoU aRe
CIAC,Computer Incident Advisory Capability
CIC,Christ I'm Confused
CICO,Coffee in, coffee out
CID,Consider it done
CIO,Cut It Out
CIS,CompuServe Information Service
CLAB,Crying Like A Baby
CLM,Career Limiting Move
CMF,Count My Fingers
CMIIW,Correct me if I'm wrong
CMIW,Correct Me if I'm Wrong
CMON,Come on
CNC,Consensual Non Consent
CNP,Continued in next post
CO,Clothing Optional
COB,Close of business
COD,Cash On Delivery
CofS,Church of Scientology
COTFLGUOAHAHA,Crawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out And Having A Heart Attack
COTS,Commercial Off The Shelf
CP,Corporal Punishment
CPF,Can Pigs Fly
CRAFT,Can't Remember A F***ing Thing
CRAP,Cheap Redundant Assorted Products
CRAT,Can't Remember A Thing
CRAWS,Can't Remember Anything Worth A Sh*t
CRB,Come right back
CRBT,Crying real big tears
CRC,Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRTLA,Can't Remember the Three-Letter Acronym
CS,Cop Shop
CSL,Can't Stop Laughing
CTA,Call To Action
CTC,Choking The Chicken
CTS,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
CTTD,Cute Things They Do
CTTOI,Come To Think Of It
CTTS,Cute Things They Say
CU,See you
CUA,See you around
CUL, See you later
CUL8ER,See you later
CUL8R,See you later
CUNS,See You In School!
CUOL,See you online
CW,Continuous Wave
CWYL,Chat with you later
CY,Calm Yourself
CYA,See ya
CYL,See You Later
CYO,See you online
CYT,See You Tomorrow
D&W,Ducking And Weaving
D/S,Dominance and Submission
DADS,day after drunk-sh*t
DADT,Don't Ask, Don't Tell
DAP,Parents Against Dyslexia :)
DARFC,ducking and running for cover
DBA,Doing business as
DBEYR,Don't Believe Everything You Read
DBG,dirty b*tch girl
DBT,Dialectical Behavior Therapy
DD,Due Diligence
DDD,Direct Distance Dial
DEB,Don't Even Bother
DEGT,Don't even go there
DETI,Don't Even Think It
DF,Dear Friend
DFLA,Disenhanced four-letter acronym
DFM,Don't Flame Me
DFU,Don't Forget Units
DGA,Don't Go Anywhere
DGT,Don't Go There
DH,Dear Hubby or Husband
DHYB,Don't Hold Your Breath
DID,Dissociative Identity Disorder *
DIIK,Damned If I Know
DIIN,Damned If I kNow
DIKU,Do I know you?
DILLIGAD,Do I Look Like I Give A Damn
DILLIGAFF,Do I Look Like I Give A Flying F**K
DILLIGAS,Do I Look Like I Give A Sh*t
DIM,Do It Myself
DITYID,Did I tell you I'm distressed?
DIY,Do It Yourself
DK,Don't Know
DKDC,Don't Know Don't Care
DKF,Dreaded Koosh Flogger
DL,Dead link
DLG,Devilish Little Grin
DLTBBB,Don't let the bed bugs bite
DLTDHYITAOYWO,Dont Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On Your Way Out
DLTM,Don't Lie To Me
DMI,Don't Mention It
DMQ,Do-Me Queen
DNA,Did Not Answer
DNC,Does Not Compute
DNDK,Don't Know, Don't Care
DNO,Do Not Open
DNPM,Damn Near Pissed Myself
DNS,Domain Name System
DOA,Dead On Arrival
DOB,Date Of Birth
DOM,Dirty old man
DoS,Denial of Service
DOS,Dozing off soon
DOYC,Deity Of Your Choice
DOYKB,Down On Your Knees, Bitch
DQMOT,Don't quote me on this
DQOTD,Dumb Question Of The Day
DQYDJ,Don't Quit Your Day Job
DRIB,Don't Read If Busy
DSW,Dick Size War
DTA,Don't Trust Anybody
DTOKAB,Drop To One Knee And Bow
DTP,DeskTop Publishing
DTRT,Do the right thing
DTS,Don't think so
DTTAH,don't try this at home
DTWT,Do The Wrong Thing
DTYD,Drink Till You Drop
DUCWIC,Do YoU See What I See
DUK,Dead Upon Keyboard
DUM,Do you masturbate
DUSL,Do you screen loud
DUST,Did You See That?*
DWAI,Don't Worry About It
DWB,Don't write back
DWIM,Do What I Mean
DWIMC,Do What I Mean Correctly
DWIMNWIS,Do What I Mean Not What I Say
DWISNWID,Do What I Say Not What I Do
DWIW,Do What I Want
DWYM,Does What You Mean
DWYW,Do What You Want
DYE,Damn Your Eyes
DYFM,Dude You Fascinate Me
DYHWIH,Do You Hear What I Hear
DYJHIW,Don't You Just Hate it When...
DYK,did you know
DYOFDW,Do Your Own F***ing Dirty Work
DYOHDo,your own homework
DYSTSOTT,Did You See The Size Of That Thing
DYSWIS,Do You See What I See
E&OE,Errors And Omissions Excepted
E123,Easy as One, Two, Three
E2EG,Ear to Ear Grin
EAD,east a d*ck
EAK,Eating at Keyboard
EANAB,Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverage
EBKAC,Error between keyboard and chair
ECP,Excessive Cross Posting
ED,Emotionally Disturbed
EDP,Emotionally Disturbed Person
EG,Evil grin
EGBOK,Everything is Going to Be OK
EIF,Exercise In Futility
EIP,Everything Is Permissible
EL,Evil Laugh
EM?,Excuse Me?
EMA,E-mail address
EMFBI,Excuse me for butting in
EMSG,E-mail message
EOB,End Of Business
EOD,End of day
EOF,End Of File
EOL,End Of Lecture
EOM,End of message
EOT,End of discussion
EPID,Every Person Is Different
ESO,Equipment Smarter than Operator
ESOSL,Endless Snorts Of Stupid Laughter
ETA,estimated time of arrival
ETD,estimated time of departure
ETLA,Extended three-letter acronym
ETOPS,Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim:powerboats
EULA,End-User License Agreement
EWAG,Experienced Wild-Ass Guess
EWI,E-mailing While Intoxicated
F2F,Face to face
F2T,Free to talk
FA,Fat Admirer - one who prefers a fat sexual/romantic partner
FAB,Features Attributes Benefits
FAIK,For All I Know
FAQ,Frequently asked questions
FAQL,Frequently Asked Questions List
FAWC,For Anyone Who Cares
FB,F*** Buddy
FBKS,Failure Between Keyboard and Seat
FBM,Fine by me
FC,Fingers crossed
FCFS,First Come First Served
FCOL,For Crying Out Loud
FDROTFL,Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing
FE,Fatal Error
FF&PN,Fresh Fields and Pastures New
FF,Friends Forever
FFR,For Future Reference
FGM,Female Genital Mutilation
FIAWOL,Fandom Is A Way Of Life
FICCL,Frankly I couldn't care a less
FIIK,F**K If I Know
FIIR,f**K If I Remember
FIL,Father In Law
FILF,Father I'd like to f**k
FIOFY,Figure It Out For Yourself
FIRST,Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
FISH,First in, still here
FITB,Fill in the blank
FLA,Four-letter acronym
FLEA,Four Letter Extended Acronym
FLT,Fermat's Last Theorem
FML,F**k my life
FMLTWIA,F*** me like the whore i am
FMTYEWTK,Far more than you ever wanted to know
FMUTA,f**k me up the a**
FO,F*** Off
FOAD,F**K Off And Die
FOAF,Friend Of A Friend
FOAFOAG,Father Of A Friend Of A Girlfriend
FOAG,Father Of A Girlfriend
FOC,Free of Charge
FOCL,fall off chair laughing
FOD,Finger Of Death
FOFA,friend of a friend
FOFL,Falling on Floor Laughing
FOL,Fond of leather
FOMCL,Falling off my chair laughing
FOP,f**king old person
FOS,Freedom Of Speech
FOT,Full Of Tripe
FOTCL,Falling Off The Chair Laughing
FRED,F***ing Ridiculous Electronic Device
frex,For Example
FRT,For real though
FRZ,Fruitin' Religious Zealot
FSD,Fools Seldom Differ
FSDO,For Some Definition Of
FSVO,For Some Value Of
FTASB,Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTBOMH,From the bottom of my heart
FTF,Face To Face
FTL,Faster Than Light
FTM,For That Matter
FTMP,For The Most Part
FTP,File Transfer Protocol
FTR,for the record
FTS,Fixin' To Start
FTSO,F**K The Skull Of
FTTB,For The Time Being
FUBAR,F***ed up beyond all repair or recognition
FUBB,F***ed Up Beyond Belief
FUD,Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
FUM,F***ed Up Mess
FURTB,Full Up Ready To Burst
FWB,Friends with benefits
FWIW,For what it's worth
FYA,For Your Amusement
FYEO,For your eyes only
FYI,For your information
FYIFV,F*** You I'm Fully Vested
FYIV,F**K You, I'm Vested
FYM,For Your Misinformation
G2CU,Good to see you
G2G,Got to go
G2R,Got to run
GA,Go ahead
GABI,grin and bear it
GAC,Get A Clue
GAFIA,Get Away From It All
GAFIATe,Get Away From It All
GAL,Get a life*
GALGAL,Give A Little Get A Little
GAP,Got a pic?
GBH&K,Great Big Hugs & Kisses
GBH&KB,Great Big Hugs & Kisses Back
GBH,Great Big Hug
GBU,God bless you
GCD,Greatest Common Divisor
GD&R,Grinning, ducking, and running
GD&RF,Grinning Ducking And Running Fast
GD&RVVF,Grinning Ducking And Running Very Very Fast
GD&W,Grinning Ducking And Weaving
GD/R,Grinning, ducking, and running
GDR,Grinning, ducking, and running
GFI,Go for it
GYFS,Go f**k yourself
GFN,Gone for now
GFR,Grim File Reaper
GG,Gotta Go or Good Game
GGN,Gotta Go Now
GGOH,Got to get out of here
GGP,Gotta go pee
GHOD,General Heuristic Organizing Device
GIAR,Give it a rest
GIF,Graphical Interchange Format
GIGO,Garbage in, garbage out
GIWIST,Gee, I wish I'd said that
GJP,Good Job Partner
GL,Good luck
GL/HF,Good luck, have fun
GLBT,Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans
GLG,Goofy Little Grin
GLGH,Good Luck and Good Hunting
GLNG,Good luck next game
GLYASDI,God Loves You And So Do I
GMAB,Give me a break
GMBO,giggling my butt off
GMT,Greenwich Mean Time, UK Time
GMTA,Great minds think alike
GMTFT,Great Minds Think For Themselves
GNBLFY,Got Nothing But Love For You
GNOC,Get naked on cam
GOAT,Go Away, Troll
GOI,Get over it
GOK,God Only Knows
GOL,Giggling out loud
GOOML,Get Out Of My Life
GOTFIA,Groaning On The Floor In Agony
GOWI,Get On With It
GPF,General Protection Fault
GR&D,Grinning, running and ducking
GRA,Go right ahead
GRQ,Get Rich Quick
GRRRR,it means Growling
GRUIT,Get Real yoU Impudent Thing
GS,Golden Shower
GSOAS,Go Sit On A Snake
GT,Good try
GTBOS,Glad To Be Of Service
GTFO,Get the f**k out
GTG,Got to go
GTGB,Got To Go, Bye
GTGN,Got To Go Now
GTGP,Got To Go Pee
GTH,Go To Hell
GTP,Got To Pee
GTR,got to run
GTRM,Going to read mail
GTSY,Glad to see you
GW,Good work
GYPO,Get Your Pants Off
H&K,Hug and kiss
H2,How To
H2CUS,Hope to see you soon
H4Y,Hot for you
HAGD,Have a Great Day
HAGN,Have a good night
HAGO,Have a good one
HAK,Hugs And Kisses
HAND,Have a nice day*
HB,Hurry Back
HCB,Holy Cow Batman
HF,Have fun
HHGTTG,Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy
HHIS,Hanging head in shame
HHO1/2K,Ha Ha, Only Half Kidding
HHOJ,Ha-Ha, Only Joking
HHOK,Ha Ha, Only Kidding
HHOS,Ha-Ha, Only Being Serious
HHTYAY,Happy Holidays To You And Yours
HHVF,Ha Ha, Very Funny
HICA,Here It Comes Again
HIG,How's it going
HIH,Hope It Helps
HIOOC,Help! I'm Out Of Coffee
HNG,Horny Net Geek
HOAS,Hold on a second
HOHA,HOllywood HAcker
HOMPR,Hang On Mobile Phone's Ringing
HOPR,Hang On Phone's Ringing
HOS,Husband Over Shoulder
HOUER,Hanging On yoUr Every Word
HOYER,Hanging On Your Every Word
HP,Home Page
HRU,How are you?
HSIK,How Should I Know
HSP,Highly Sensitive Person
HT,Hi there
HTH,Hope this helps
HTML,HyperText Markup Language
HTTP,HyperText Transfer Protocol
HUA,Heads Up Ace
HUB,Head up butt
HUYA,Head Up Your A**
HWNINS,He whose name is not spoken
HWP,Height and Weight Proportional, i.e.: normal build
HWSNBN,He Who Should Not Be Named
HWWNBN,He Who Will Not Be Named
HYH,hold your horses
I%I,intercourse and inebriation
IAAA,I Am An Accountant
IAAD,I Am A Doctor
IAAL,I Am A Lawyer
IAC,In any case
IAE,In any event
IAGFII,It's All Good Fun Isn't It
IAITS,It's All In The Subject
IAMFI,I Ask Merely For Information
IAMTA,I Ask Merely To Annoy
IANA,Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IANAA,I Am Not An Accountant
IANAC,I Am Not A Crook
IANAD,I Am Not A Doctor
IANAE,I Am Not an Expert
IANAL,I am not a lawyer (but)
IANALBIPOOTV,I Am Not A Lawyer But I Play One On TV
IANYM,In A New York Minute
IANYS,In A New York Second
IAP,Internet Access Provider
IARTPFWTSIOWIM,I Am Repeating This Parrot Fashion Without The Slightest Idea Of What It Means
IAT,I Am Tired
IAW,In Accordance With
IAWC,In A While Crocodile
IAYM,I am your master
IB,I'm back
IBC,Inadequate But Cute
IBM,Inadequate But Marketable
IBRB,I Will Be Right Back
IBT,In Between Technology
IBTC,Itty Bitty Titty Committee
IBTD,I Beg To Differ
IC,I see
ICB,I Care Because
ICBW,It could be worse
ICCL,I Couldn't Care Less
ICOCBW,I Could Of Course Be Wrong
ICP,Internet Content Provider
ICTYBTIHTKY,I Could Tell You But Then I'd Have To Kill You
ICUR,I See yoU aRe
ICYWC,In Case You Were Curious
IDC,I Don't Care
IDGAF,I Don't Give A F***
IDGI,I Don't Get It
IDIC,Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
IDK,I don't know
IDKY,I Don't Know You
IDM,It Does Not Matter
IDST,I Didn't Say That
IDTS,I don't think so
IDTT,I'll Drink To That
IDUNNO,I don't know
IEF,It's Esther's Fault
IERS,International Earth Rotation Service
IETF,Internet Engineering Task Force
IETGFTP,It's Easier To Get Forgiveness Than Permission
IFAB,I Found A Bug
IF/IB,In the front or in the back
IFU,I F***ed Up
IG2R,I got to run
IGGP,I Gotta Go Pee
IGP,I gotta pee
IGTP,I Get The Point
IHA,I hate acronyms
IHABICNRWTSF,I Hate Abbreviations Because I Can Never Remember What They Stand For
IHAFC,I Haven't A F**King Clue
IHAIM,I Have Another Instant Message
IHNFC,I have No F**King Clue
IHNO,I Have No Opinion
IHTBS,It Has To Be Shown
IHTFP,I Have Truly Found Paradise or I Hate This F***ing Place
IHU,I hear you
IIABDFI,If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It
IIANM,If I Am Not Mistaken
IIIO,Intel Inside, Idiot Outside
IIMAD,If It Makes An(y) Difference
IINM,If I'm Not Mistaken
IIR,If I Remember or If I Recall
IIRC,If I recall correctly
IIT,Is it tight
IITYWIMWYBMAD,If I Tell You What It Means Will You Buy Me A Drink
IITYWITIWHTKY,If I Tell You What It Means I Will Have To Kill You
IITYWYBAD,If I Tell You, Will You Buy Another Drink
IITYWYBMAB,If I Tell You, Will You Buy Me A Beer
IIWM,If It Were Me
IJLS,I Just Like Saying
IK,I know
IKWUM,I Know What yoU Mean
IKWYM,I Know What You Mean
ILBL8,I'll be late
ILI,I Like Ike
ILICISCOMK,I Laughed, I Cried, I Spat/Spilt Coffee/Crumbs/Coke On My Keyboard
ILFD,I love female dominance
ILIWAPCT,I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
ILMD,I love male dominance
ILTFP,I Love This Place
ILU,I love you
ILY,I love you
IMAO,In My Arrogant Opinion
IMBO,In My Biased Opinion
IMCDO,In My Conceited Dogmatic Opinion
IMCO,In my considered opinion
IME,In My Experience/Estimation
IMEZRU,I am easy are you
IMHO,In my humble opinion
IMing,Chatting with someone online usually while doing other things such as playing trivia or other interactive game
IMMOR,I Make My Own Rules
IMNSHO,In my not so humble opinion
IMO,In my opinion
IMOBO,In My Own Biased Opinion
IMPE,In My Personal/Previous Experience
IMPOV,In my point of view
IMS,I am sorry
IMSLTHO,In My Slightly/Somewhat Less Than Humble Opinion
IMVHO,In My Very Humble Opinion
IMX,In My eXperience
INAL,I'm not a lawyer
INGSI,I'm Not Going To Say It
INMP,It's Not My Problem
INNW,If Not Now, When
INPO,In No Particular Order
INT,I'll Never Tell
IOH,I'm Outta Here
IOTTMCO,Intuitively Obvious To The Most Casual Observer
IOU,I Owe You
IOW,In other words
IP,Internet Protocol
IPN,I'm posting naked
IR,Inter Racial
IRC,Internet Relay Chat
IRL,In real life, that is, when not chatting
IRMC,I rest my case
IROOC,I've Run Out Of Cigarettes
IRT,In Reply To, In Regard To
ISBAB,I Should Have Brought A Book
ISC,I Stand Corrected
ISDN,Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO,i've seen better
ISP,Internet Service Provider
ISS,I Said So
ISTM,It Seems to Me
ISTR,I Seem To Remember
ISWYM,I See What You Mean
ITAS,It Takes All Sorts
ITFA,In The Final Analysis
ITIGBS,I think I'm going to be sick
ITM,In The Money
ITMA,Its That Man Again
ITMT,In The MeanTime
ITPIR,If The Price Is Right
ITSFWI,If The Shoe Fits, Wear It
ITYM,I Think You Mean
IUM,If You Must
IUSS,If you say so
IUTHALORFH,I Used To Have A Lot Of Respect For Him/Her
IUTKATS,I Used To Know All That Stuff
IWALU,I will always love you
IWBNI,It Would Be Nice If
IWIK,I Wish I Knew
IWSN,I want sex now
IYF,In Your Face
IYFEG,Insert Your Favourite Ethnic Group
IYKWIM,If you know what I mean
IYKWIMAITYD,If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do
IYO,In your opinion
IYSS,If you say so
IYSWIM,If you see what I mean
J/C,Just Checking
J/K,Just Kidding!
J/W,Just Wondering
J4G,Just for grins
JAC,Just a sec
JAD,Just Another day
JAFO,Just Another F***ing Onlooker
JAM,Just a Minute
JAO,Just Another Observer
JAPH,Just A Perl Hacker
JAS,Just A Second
JBOD,Just a bunch of disks
JC,Just Curious
JEOMK,just ejaculated on my keyboard
JFF,Just For Fun
JFTR,just for the record
JFYI,Just For Your Information
JIC,Just in case
JJA,Just joking around
JK,Just kidding
JM2C,Just My 2 Cents
JMHO,Just My Humble Opinion
JMO,Just my opinion
JMOOC,Just My Opinion Of Course
JO,Jerking off
JOAMON,jack of all master of none
JOOC,Just Out of Curiosity
JOOTT,Just One Of Those Things
JP,Just playing
JPEG,Joint Photographic Experts Group
JSYK,Just So You Know
JT,Just Teasing
JTLYK,Just to let you know
JTUSK,Just Thought yoU Should Know
JTYWTK,Just Thought You Wanted To Know
K4Y,Kiss for you
KFY,Kiss For You
KHYF,Know How You Feel
KIA,Know It All
KIR,Keep It Real
KIS,Keep it simple
KISS,Keep it simple stupid
KIT,Keep in touch
KITA,kick in the ass
KLB,Known Lazy Bastard
KMA,Kiss My Ass
KMRIA,Kiss My Royal Irish Arse
KMWIH,Kick Me Where It Hurts
KMYF,Kiss Me You Fool
KNF,kernel normal form
KNIM,Know what I mean?
KOC,Kiss on cheek
KOS,Kids Over Shoulder
KOTC,Kiss on the cheek
KOTL,Kiss on the lips
KPC,Keeping Parents Clueless
KTCOOTN,Keep This Crap Out Of This Newsgroup
KWIM,Know What I Mean
KWSTA,kiss with serious tongue action
KWIM?,Know what I mean?
KYHOOTW,Keep Your Head Out Of The Water
KYHU,Keep Your Head Up
KYPO,Keep Your Pants On
l33t,leet "elite"
LAB&TYD,Life's A Bitch & Then You Die
LAB&TYMO,Life's A Bitch And Then You Marry One
LALL,Live And Let Live
LAN,Local Area Network
LAQ,Lame Ass Quote
LARP,Live Action Role Playing
LART,Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
LD,Later dude / long-distance
LDR,Long-distance relationship
LDTTWA,Let's Do The Time Warp Again
LERK,leaving easy reach of keyboard
LF,let's f**k
LHM,lord help me
LHO,Laughing head off
LHU,lord help us
LIFO,Last In First Out
LJBF,Let's Just Be Friends
LLAP,Live Long And Prosper
LLD,Leather Lifestyle Dork
LLTA,Lots and lots of thunderous applause
LMA,Leave Me Alone
LMAO,laughed my f**King ass off
LMBO,laugh my butt off
LMC,Lost My Connection
LMCOA,Lost My Connection Once Again
LMFAO,laughed my f**King ass off
LMIRL,lets meet in real life
LMK,Let Me Know
LMSO,Laughing my socks off
LNF,Late Night Food
LOL,Laughing out loud
LOLA,Laugh Out Loud Again
LOOL,Laughing Outragously Out Loud
LOPSOD,Long On Promises, Short On Delivery
LoTR,Lord of The Rings
LPOS,Losing Piece of Shi*t
LRF,Little Rubber Feet (the little pads on the bottom of displays and other equipment)
LSFIAB,Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel
LSHIPMP,Laughing So Hard I Peed My Pants
LSHIS,Laughed So Hard I Shi*t
LSHMBB,Laughing so hard my belly is bouncing
LSHMBH,Laughing so hard my belly hurts
LSP,Less Sensitive Person
LSV,Language, Sex, Violence
LTBF,Learn To Be Funny
LTIC,Laughing 'Til I Cry
LTIP,Laughing 'Til I Puke
LTM,Laugh to myself
LTMS,Laughing To MySelf
LTMSH,Laughing 'Til My Sides Hurt
LTNS,Long time no see
LTNT,Long Time No Type
LTR,Long-term relationship
LTS,laughing to self
LTUAE,Life, The Universe, And Everything
LULAB,Love you like a brother
LULAS,Love you like a sister
LUWAMH,Love you with all my heart
LWR,Launch When Ready
LY,Love ya
LY4E,Love ya forever
LYL,Love Ya Lots
LYLAB,Love You Like a Brother
LYLAS,Love you like a sis
M/F,Male or female
M4C,meet for coffee
MA,Mature Audience
MAY,Mad About You*
MAYB,Mad About You Baby
MB,Message Board
MBR,Master Boot Record
MCIBTY,My Computer Is Better Than Yours
MEU,Modern English Usage
MFD,Multi-Function Device
MfG,Mit freundlichen Gruessen
MFG,More Friendly Garbage
MFI,Mad for it
MHBFY,My Heart Bleeds For You
MHDC,My Hard Drive Crashed
MHM,Members Helping Members
MHOTY,My Hat's Off To You
MIHAP,May I Have Your Attention Please
MIL,Mother In Law
MILF,Mother I'd Like to F***
MIPS,Meaningless Information Per Second
MKOP,My Kind Of Place
ML,more later
MLIA,My life is average.
MLA,Multiple Letter Acronym
MM,Market Maker
MMF,Make Money Fast
MMHA2U,My Most Humble Apologies To You
MOF,Matter Of Fact
MOMN,Milk Out My Nose
MOMPL,One Moment Please
MOOS,Member Of The Opposite Sex
MORF,Male OR Female
MorF,Male or female?
MOS,Member of the Opposite Sex
MOS,Mother over shoulder
MOSS,Member of the same sex
MOTAS,Member Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTD,Message Of The Day
MOTIS,Member Of The Inappropriate Sex
MOTOPS,Member of the Oppositely-Plumbed Sex
MOTOS,Member of the opposite sex
MOTSS,Members Of The Same Sex
MPFB,My personal f*** buddy
MPD,Multiple Personality Disorder
MSCEA,My Southern Comfort's Empty Again
MSS,Member of the Same Sex
MTBF,Mean Time Between Failure
MTF,More to follow
MTFBWU,May the force be with you
MTFBWY,May The Force Be With You
MUBAR,Messed up Beyond All Recognition
MUNG,Mung Until No Good
MUSM,Miss you so much
MWBRL,More Will Be Revealed Later
MYOB,Mind your own business
N/A,Not Applicable -or- Not Affiliated
N/M,Never Mind
N/P,No Problem
N/T,No Text
N1,Nice one
N2M,Not To Mention
NADT,Not a darn thing
NAGI,Not A Good Idea
NAK,Nursing At Keyboard
NALOPKT,Not A Lot of People Know That
NAVY,Never Again Volunteer Yourself*
N-A-Y-L,In A While
NAYY,Not Affiliated, Yada-Yada
NAZ,Name, Address, Zip or Nasdaq
NB,Nota Bene, Latin for Note Well; i.e. what follows is important
NBD,No big deal
NBIF,No Basis In Fact
NBL,Not Bloody Likely
NBTD,Nothing Better To Do
NCG,New College Graduate
NDM,No Disrespect Meant
NERD,National Establishment for Real Dorks
NFC,No F**King Clue
NFG,No f*****g good
NFI,No F***ing Idea
NFM,None for me / Not for me
NFR,Not Flame Related
NFW,No feasible way or no f*****g way
NG,New Game
NHOH,Never Heard Of Her/Him
NICBDAT,Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes
NIDWTC,No I Don't Want To Chat
NIFOC,Naked in front of computer
NIH,Not Invented Here
NIM,No Internal Message
NIMBY,Not in my back yard
NIML,not in my lifetime
NIMQ,Not In My Queue
NIMTO,Not In My Term Of Office
NINO,Nothing In Nothing Out
NIT,Not In Therapy
NLA,National Leather Association
NLI,Not Logged In
NLT,No later than
NM,Nothing much / Never mind
NMH,Not much here
NMI,No Middle Initial
NMP,Not My Problem
NMU,Not much, you
NN,Night Night
NNTP,Network News Transfer Protocol
NO1,No one
NoCeM,No See 'eM
NOOTO,Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
NOYB,None of your business
NOYL,Not On Your Life
NP,No problem
NPF,No Problem Found
NPLU,Not People Like Us
NQA,No Questions Asked
NQOCD,Not Quite Our Class Dear
NQOS,Not Quite Our Sort
NRE,New Relationship Energy
NRFPT,not ready for prime time
NRN,No response necessary
NSFW,Not Safe For Work
NT,No thanks
NTG,Not Too Good
NTH,No Therapy Helpful
NTIBOA,Not That I'm Bitter Or Anything
NTIM,Not That It Matters
NTIMM,Not That It Matters Much
NTK,Nice To Know
NTL,None The Less/Never The Less
NTYMI,Now That You Mention It
NUFF,Enough Said
NUI,Network User Identification
NVM,Never mind
NW,No way
NW),No way out
NYCFS,New York City Finger Saluet
NYCTMI,Now You Come To Mention It
NYI,Not Yet Implemented
NYM,New York Minute
NYP,Not Your Problem
OATUS,On A Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUS,On An Unrelated Subject
OBE,Overtaken By Events
OBTW,Oh By The Way
OD,OverDose; Oh Dear
OEM,Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFS,One Finger Salute
OH,Off hand*
OIC,Oh I see
OL,old lady
OLL,Online love
OM,old man
OMDB,Over My Dead Body
OMG,Oh my God
OMIK,Open Mouth, Insert Keyboard
OMW,On my way
ONNA,Oh No, Not Again
ONNTA,Oh No, Not This Again
OO,Over and out
OOC,Out Of Character
OOF,Out Of Facility
OOH,Out of here
OOI,Out Of Interest
OOO,Out Of Office
OOSOOM,Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
OOTB,Out Of The Box -or- Out Of The Blue
OOTC,Obligatory On Topic Comment
OOTD,One of these days
OOTQ,Out Of The Question
OP,On phone
OS,Operating System
OSIF,Oh Sh*t I forgot
OT,Off Topic
OT1H,On The One Hand
OTB,Off to bed
OTBE,OverTaken By Events
OTC,Over The Counter
OTD,Out The Door
OTF,Off the floor
OTGH,On The Gripping Hand
OTK,Over The Knee
OTL,Out to lunch
OTOH,On the other hand
OTOOH,On The Other Other Hand
OTP,On the phone
OTT,Over the top
OTTH,On The Third Hand
OTTOMH,Off the top of my head
OTW,Off to work
OUSU,Oh, You Shut Up
OW,Oh Well
OWTTE,Or Words To That Effect
OZ,stands for: Australia
P&C,Private and Confidential
P&M,Posted & Mailed
P2P,Peer to peer
P911,Parents are coming
PA,parent alert
PABG,Pack A Big Gun
PAL,,Parents are listening
PANS,Pretty awesome new stuff
PAW,Parents are watching
PBM,Play By Mail (games)
PCB,Please Call Back
PCF,Puritanical Control Freaks
PCM,Please call me
PCMCIA,People can't master computer industry acronyms
PD,Public Domain
PDA,Public display of affection
PDG,Pretty Damn Good
PDN,Public Data Network
PDOMA,Pulled Directly Out Of My Ass
PDQ,Pretty darn quick
PDS,please dont shoot
PEBCAK,Problem exists between chair and keyboard
PEM,Privacy Enhanced Mail
PEST,Please Excuse Slow Typing
PFHOMW,Printed, Framed, and Hanging On My Wall
PFY,pimply faced youth
PGP,Pretty Good Privacy
PHB,Pointy-Haired Boss
PhD,Piled Higher and Deeper
PIBKAC,Problem is between keyboard and chair
PIMP,Peeing In My Pants
PIR,Parents in room
PITA,Pain in the ass
PKB,Pot calling the Kettle Black
PLMK,Please let me know
PLMKO,Please Let Me Know Ok
PLOKTA,Press Lots Of Keys To Abort
PLS,or PLZ Please
PMBI,Pardon My Butting In
PMFBI,Pardon Me For Butting In
PMFI,Pardon me for interrupting
PMFJI,Pardon me for jumping in
PMFJIB,Pardon me for jumping in but...
PMFJIH,Pardon Me For Jumping In Here
PMIGBOM,Put Mind In Gear Before Opening Mouth
PMJI,Pardon My Jumping In
PMYMHMMFSWGAD,Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn
PMP,peed my pants
PNG,Persona Non Grata
PO,Piss Off
POA,Power Of Attorney
POAHF,Put on a happy face
POC,Point of contact
POETS,Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday
POLA,Principle Of Least Astonishment
POM,Phase Of the Moon
PONA,Person Of No Account
POP,Point Of Presence*
POQADCB,Piss Off Quickly And Don't Come Back
POS,Parent Over Shoulder
POSSLQ,Person of the Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters
POTS,Plain old telephone service
POV,Point of view
PPP,Point-to-Point Protocol; Petty Pet Peeve
PPPP,Previous Paragraph was Polemical Position
PRW,People/parents are watching
PS,Post Script
PSA,Public Service Announcement
PTB,Powers That Be
PTL,Praise the Lord
PTMM,Please tell me more
PTMY,Pleased To Meet You
PTMYA,Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance
PU,That stinks!
PVFS,Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome
PW,Pathetic Wanker; PowWow
PXT,Please explain that
Q2C,Quick to cum
QED,Quid Erat Demonstrandum; Quite Easily Done
QEF,Quod Erat Faciendum
QL,Quit Laughing!
QPQ,Quid Pro Quo
QS,Quit Scrolling
R&D,Research & Development
R&R,Rest & Relaxation
RAT,Remotely Activated Trojan
RBAY,Right Back At Ya
RBTL,Read Between The Lines
RC,Remote Control
RE,Regards or Hello Again
REHI,hello again
RFC,Request For Comment
RFD,Request For Discussion
RFM,Reply To Flagged Message
RFR,Really F**king Rich
RFS,Really F***king Soon
RFT,Request For Thinking
RHIP,Rank Hath Its Privileges
RHPS,Rocky Horror Picture Show
RKBA,Right to Keep and Bear Arms
RL,Real life, that is, when not chatting
RLC,Rod Length Check
RLCO,Real Life COnference
RLF,Real Life Friend
RME,Rolling my eyes
RMLB,Read My Lips Baby
RMMM,Read My Mail Man!
RN,Right Now!
RNA,Ring No Answer
ROFFNAR,Rolling On the Floor For No Apparent Reason
ROFL,Rolling on floor laughing
ROFLASTC,Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat
ROFLMAOPMP,Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off Peeing My Pants
ROFLMHO,Rolling On Floor Laughing My Head Off
ROFLWPIMP,Rolling On Floor Laughing Whilst Peeing In My Pants
ROLF,Rolling on the floor laughing
ROR,Raffing out roud
ROTBA,Reality On The Blink Again
ROTF,Rolling On The Floor
ROTFL,Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLAS,Rolling On The Floor Laughing And Snorting
ROTFLMAAOBPO,Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass And Other Body Parts Off
ROTFLMAO,Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off
ROTFLMAOSTC,Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off And Scaring The Cat
ROTFLMAOWPIMP,Rolling on the floor laughing my a** off while peeing in my pants
ROTFLMBO,Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off
ROTFLOL,Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
ROTFLPMP,Rolling On The Floor Laughing, Peeing My Pants
ROTFLSHISMC,Rolling On The Floor Laughing So Hard I Spilt My Coffee
ROTFLUTS,Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak
ROTFLWM,Rolling On The Floor Laughing, Wetting Myself
ROTM,Right On The Money
RP,responsible person
RPG,Role-playing games
RSN,Real soon now
RT,Real time
RTBS,Reason To Be Single
RTFAQ,Read the FAQ File
RTFB,Read The F**king Book
RTFM,Read the f***ing manual
RTFMP,Read The F**king Man Page
RTFS,Read The F**king Source
RTFSA,Read the F**king Stock Answer
RTK,Return To Keyboard
RTM,Read The Manual
RTS,Read The Screen
RU,Are You?
RU/18,Are you over 18
RU18,Are you over 18
RUH,Are you horny
RUMF,Are yoU Male or Female
RUMORF,Are You Male Or Female
RUOK,Are you okay?
RUOK?,Are you okay?
RUUP4IT,Are You Up For It
RW,Real World
RYO,Roll your own
S^,S'up - what's up
S2R,Send to receive
S4L,Spam for life
SAD,Seasonal Affective Disorder*
SAL,Such a laugh
SAM,Smart Assed Masochist
SASS,Short Attention Span Society/Syndrome
SBTA,Sorry, Being Thick Again
SBUG,Small Bald Unaudacious Goal
SC,Stay cool
SCA,Society for Creative Anachronism
SCFTHI,Smiley Captioned for the Humor-Impaired
SCNR,Sorry, Could Not Resist
SD,Sensory Deprivation
SEC,wait a second
SED,Said Enough Darling
SEG,Sh*t-eating grin
SEP,Somebody Else's Problem
SETE,Smiling ear to ear
SFA,Sweet F**K All
SFAIAA,So Far As I Am Aware
SFDH,Sh*t Flows Down Hill
SFETE,Smiling From Ear To Ear
SFLA,Stupid Four Letter Acronym
SFP,Self-Fulfulling Prophecy
SFX,Sound Effects
SGML,Standardised Generalised Markup Language
SH,Sh*t Happens
SHAM,Stay At Home Mom
SHCOON,Shoot hot coffee out of nose
SHID,Slaps head in disgust
SHTSI,Somebody Had To Say It
SICNR,Sorry, I could not resist
SIG,Special Interest Group
SIG2R,Sorry, I got to run
SIIK,Stuffed If I Know
SIK,Society for Interactive Killing
SIL,Sister In Law
SIS,Snickering in silence
SIT,Stay in touch*
SITCOMs,Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage
SITD,Still In The Dark
SLAP,Sounds like a plan
SLIRK,Smart Little Rich Kid
SM,Sado-Masochism, Sex Magick
SMAIM,Send Me An Instant Message
SME,Subject Matter Expert
SMEM,Send Me E-Mail
SMHID,Scratching my head in disbelief
SMIM,Send Me and Instant Message
SMLSFB,So Many Losers, So Few Bullets
SMO,Serious Mode On
SMOF,Secret Master Of Fandom
SMOFF,Serious Mode OFF
SMOP,Simple Matter Of Programming
SMTP,Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SN,Screen Name
SNAFU,Situation normal, all f***ed up
SNAG,Sensitive New Age Guy*
SNERT,Snotty Nosed Egotistical Rotten Teenager
SNR,Signal to Noise Ratio
SO,Significant other*
SOB,Son Of a Bitch
SOHB,Sense Of Humour Bypass
SOHF,Sense Of Humor Failure
SOI,Stink On Ice
SOL,Smilling out loud or sh*t out of luck
SOML,Story Of My Life
SOMY,Sick of me yet?
SOP,Standard Operating Procedure
SORG,Straight or Gay?
SOT,Short on time
SOTMG,Short on time must go
SOVS,SomeOne Very Special
SOW,Speaking Of Which
SPAM,unsolicited commercial email
SPST,Same place, same time
SQO,Some Quantity Of
SRO,Standing Room Only
SS,So sorry
SSC,Safe, Sane, Consensual
SSDD,Same stuff, different day
SSEWBA,Someday Soon, Everything Will Be Acronyms
SSINF,So stupid it's not funny
ST,Such That; Star Trek
STBY,Sucks To Be You
STD,Sexually Transmitted Disease
STFU,Shut The F*** Up
STFW,Search the f*****g Web
STI,Sexually Transmitted Infection
STL,SomeThing Like
STM,Spank The Monkey
STR,Spot The Reference
STS,So To Speak
STW,Search the Web
STYS,Speak To You Soon
SU,Shut up
SUAKM,Shut up and kiss me
SUITM,See you in the morning
SUL,See you later
SUNOILTY,Shut Up No One Is Listening To You
SUP,What's up
SUS,stupid user syndrome
SUT,Stupid User Tricks
SUYF,Shut Up You Fool
SW,SoftWare; So What; Says Who
SWAG,Stupid wild-a** guess
SWAHBI,Silly, Wild-Assed Hare-Brained Idea
SWAK,Sealed with a kiss
SWALK,Sealed With A Loving Kiss
SWDY,So What Do You Think?
SWDYRTW,Since When Do You Rule The Web
SWDYT,So What Do You Think?
SWEIN,So What Else Is New
SWL,Screaming with laughter
SWMBO,She Who Must Be Obeyed
SWYP,So What's Your Problem
SYL,See you later
SYS,See you soon
SYSOP,SYStem OPerator
SYT,Sweet Young Thing
T+,Think positive
TA,Thanks again
TAF,That's All Folks
TAFN,That's all for now
TAH,Take A Hike
TAM,Tomorrow a.m.
TANJ,There Ain't No Justice
TANSTAAFL,There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TANSTASQ,There Ain't No Such Thing As A Stupid Question
TARFU,Things Are Really F***ed Up
TAS,Taking A Shower
TAW,teachers are watching
TAWIS,That Ain't What I Said
TBA,To be announced
TBC,To Be Continued
TBD,To be determined
TBE,To Be Expected
TBH,To be honest
TBYB,Try Before You Buy
TC,Take care
TCB,The Trouble Came Back!
TCD,The Cat's Dead
TCOB,Taking care of business
TCOY,Take care of yourself
TDD,The Dog's Dead
TDM,Too Darn Many
TDTM,Talk Dirty To Me
TENS,Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator
TEOTWAWKI,The End Of The World As We Know It
TFDS,That is For Darn Sure
TFH,Thread from hell,a discussion that just won't die and is often irrelevant to the purpose of the forum or group
TFN,Thanks For Nothing -or- Til Further Notice
TFS,Three Fingered Salute
TFTB,Topping From The Bottom
TFTHAOT,Thanks For The Help Ahead Of Time
TFTT,Thanks For The Thought
TGAL,Think Globally Act Locally
TGIF,Thank God it's Friday
TGTF,Thank God Tomorrow's Friday
THOK,Thundering Horde Of Kittens
TIA,Thanks in advance
TIAD,Tomorrow is another day
TIAIL,Think I Am In Love
TIATLG,Truly I Am The Living God
TIC,Tongue In Cheek
TILII,Tell it like it is
TIME,Tears In My Eyes*
TIMTOWTDI,There Is More Than One Way To Do It
TINALO,This Is Not A Legal Opinion
TINAR,This Is Not A Recommendation
TINC,There Is No Cabal
TINWIS,That Is Not What I Said
TIP,To Insure Promptness*
TIWTGLGG,This Is Where The Goofy Little Grin Goes
TJATAW,Truth Justice And The American Way
TK,To Come
TLA,Three-letter acronym
TLC,Tender Loving Care
TLG,The Living God
TLGO,The List Goes On
TLK2UL8R,Talk to you later
TLK-2-U-L-8-R,Talk to You Later
TM,Trust Me
TMA,Too Many Abbreviations
TMB,Text me back
TMI,Too much information
TMIKTLIU,The More I Know The Less I Understand
TMOT,Trust me on this
TMPTAWWTLO,The Missionary Position Twice a Week With the Lights Out
TMTOWTDI,There's More Than One Way To Do It
TMWFI,Take my word for it
TNA,Temporarily Not Available
TNC,Tongue In Cheek
TNOTVS,There's Nothing On TeleVision So
TNSTAAFL,There's no such thing as a free lunch
TNT,Till next time
TOBAL,There Oughta Be A Law
TOBG,This Oughta Be Good
TOCOTOX,TOo COmplicated TO eXplain
TOPCA,Til our paths cross again
TOS,Terms Of Service
TOT,Tons of Time
TOTBAL,There Ought To Be A Law
TOY,Thinking of you*
TP,Team Player
TPAE,The Possibilities Are Endless
TPC,The Phone Company
TPE,Total Power Exchange
TPM,Tomorrow p.m.
TPS,thats pretty stupid
TPTB,The powers that be
TRDMC,Tears Running Down My Cheeks
TRDMF,Tears running down my face
TS,Top Secret / Tough Sh*t
TSOHF,Total Sense Of Humour Failure
TSR,Totally Stuck in RAM
TSTB,The sooner, the better
TTBE,That's To Be Expected
TTBOMK,To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTFN,Ta ta for now
TTG,Time to Go
TTL4N,That's The Lot For Now
TTM,To The Moderator
TTS,Text to Speech
TTSP,This Too Shall Pass
TTT,Thought that, too
TTTT,These things take time
TTUL,Talk to You Later
TTYL,Talk to you later
TTYRS,Talk To You Real Soon
TTYS,Talk to you soon
TTYT,Talk To You Tomorrow
TTYTT,To Tell You The Truth
TU,Thank you
TVN,Thank You Very Much
TWAIN,Technology Without An Important Name
TWHAB,This Won't Hurt A Bit
TWIAVBP,The World Is a Very Big Place
TWIMC,To Whom it may Concern
TWIS,That's What I Said
TWIWI,That Was Interesting, Wasn't It?
TWYAS,That's What You All Say
TWYT,That's What You Think
TY,Thank you
TYT,Take your time
TYVM,Thank you very much
U-L,You will?
U-R,You Are
U2,You Too?
UAE,Unrecoverable Application Error
UALI,Used, Abused, and Loving It
UAPITA,You're a pain in the ass
UBE,Unsolicited Bulk Email
UCE,Unsolicited commercial e-mail
UFLA,Unidentified Four Letter Acronym
UGTBK,You've got to be kidding
UKTR,You know that's right
UN,User Name
unPC,unPolitically Correct
UPOD,Under Promise Over Deliver
URL,Uniform Resource Locator
URLCM,yoU aRe weLCoMe
URYY4M,You Are Too Wise For Me
UTC,Under The Counter
UTSL,Use The Source, Luke
UTT,Under The Table
UUCP,Unix-to-Unix CoPy
UV,Unpleasant visual
UW,You're welcome
VBG,Very big grin
VBS,Very Big Smile
VBSEG,Very big s***-eating grin
VC,Venture Capital
VEG,Very Evil Grin
VFM,Value For Money
VH,Virtual Hug
VM,Voice Mail
VR,Virtual Reality
VRBS,Virtual Reality Bull Sh*t
VRML,Virtual Reality Modelling Language
VSF,Very Sad Face
VT,Virtual Time
W/B,Write back
WAB,What Another Bill
WAD,Without A Doubt
WAEF,When All Else Fails
WAG,Wild a** guess
WAI,What An Idiot
WALOC,What A Load Of Crap
WAM,Wait a minute
WAMBAM,Web Application Meets Brick And Mortar
WAN,Wide Area Network
WAN2TLK,Want to talk
WAYD,What are you doing
WAYF,Where are you from?
WB,Welcome back
WBS,Write back soon
WC,Who Cares, Welcome
WCA,Who Cares Anyway
WCAGA,What Comes Around Goes Around
WDALYIC,Who died and left you in charge?
WDYMBT,What Do You Mean By That
WDYS,What Did You Say?
WDYT,What Do You Think?
WEG,Wicked evil grin
WEU,Whats wating you?
WF,Way Fun
WFM,Works for me
WG,Wicked Grin
WGAFF,Who Gives A Flying F***
WIBAMU,Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle
WIBNI,Wouldn't it be nice if
WIBNIF,Wouldn't It Be Nice IF
WIIFM,What's in it for me?
WIITWD,Whatever It Is That We Do
WIITWDH,Whatever It Is That We Do Here
WISP,Winning Is So Pleasureable
WIT,Wordsmith In Training
WITFITS,What in the F*** is this Sh*t
WLOG,without loss of generality
WMMOWS,Wash My Mouth Out With Soap
WNOHGB,Were No One Has Gone Before
WOA,Work Of Art
WOB,Waste of Bandwidth
WOFTAM,waste of f**King time and money
WOG,Wise Old Guy
WOM,Word Of Mouth
WOMBAT,Waste of money, brains and time
WRT,with regard to
WRUD,What are you doing?
WS,Water Sports
WT,Without Thinking
WT?,What/who the ?
WTB,Want To Buy
WTF,What the f**K
WTFO,What the F***! Over!
WTG,Way to go
WTGP?,Want to go private?
WTH,What the heck?
WTMI,Way Too Much Information
WTRN,What’s Your Real Name
WTSDS,Where The Sun Don't Shine
WTTM,Without Thinking To Much
WU?,What's up?
WUCIWUG,What you see is what you get
WUF,Where Are You From?
WUF?,Where are you from?
WWJD,What would Jesus do?
WWW,World Wide Web; World Wide Wait
WWWWW,Which Was What We Wanted
WWY?,Where Were You?
WWYC,Write when you can
WYCM,Will You Call Me?
WYCM?,Will You Call Me?
WYGIWYG,What You Got Is What You Get
WYGIWYPF,What You Get Is What You Pay For
WYLEI,When you least expect it
WYP,What's Your Problem?
WYRN,What's Your Real Name?
WYS,Whatever You Say
WYSBYGI,What You See Before You Get It
WYSIWYG,What you see is what you get
WYSLPG,What You See Looks Pretty Good
WYSOH,Where's Your Sense Of Humour?
WYT,Whatever You Think
WYTYSYDG,What You Thought You Saw, You Didn't Get
WYWH,Wish You Were Here
XME,Excuse Me
XOXO,Hugs and Kisses
XYZ,eXamine Your Zipper
Y2K,The Year 2000
YAA,Yet another acronym
YABA,Yet Another Bloody Acronym
YACC,Yet Another Calendar Company
YAFA,Yet Another F**King Abbreviation
YAFGE,Yet Another F**King Growth Experience
YAFIYGI,You Asked For It You Got It
YAOTM,Yet Another Off-Topic Message
YAP,Yet Another Ploy
YBS,You'll be sorry
YCLIU,You Can Look It Up
YCT,Your Comment To
YDKM,You Don't Know Me
YG,Young gentleman
YGBK,You Gotta Be Kiddin'
YGBKM,You've got to be kidding me
YGBSM,You gotta be s***tin' me!
YGGM,Your Guess is as Good as Mine
YGLT,You're Gonna Love This
YGTBK,You've Got To Be Kidding
YHB,You Have Been
YHBW,You Have Been Warned
YHL,You Have Lost
YHM,You Have Mail
YHTBT,You Had To Be There
YIC,Yours In Christ
YKINMK,Your Kink Is Not My Kink
YKINMKBTOK,You Kink Is Not My Kink But That's OK
YKINMKBYKIOK,Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK
YKINOK,Your Kink Is Not OK
YKIOK,Your Kink Is OK
YKIOKBINMK,Your Kink Is OK But It's Not My Kink
YKIOKIJNMK,Your Kink Is OK, It's Just Not My Kink
YKMV,Your Kilometrage May Vary
YKW?,You Know What?
YKWIM,You Know What I Mean
YKWYCD,You know what you can do
YKYATP,You Know You're A Tired Parent
YKYBHTLW,You Know You've Been Hacking Too Long When...
YKYBRUTLW,You Know You've Been Reading Usenet Too Long When...
YKYBSTWTLW,You Know You've Been Surfing The Web Too Long When
YKYWT,You Know You Want To
YL,Young lady
YM,Young man
YMBJ,You Must Be Joking
YMMV,Your mileage may vary.
YNK,You Never Know
YOYO,You're On Your Own
YOYOW,You Own Your Own Words
YS,You stinker
YSYD,Yeah, Sure You Do
YT,Yours Truly
YT?,You there?
YTTT,You Telling The Truth?
YW,You are welcome
YWIA,You're Welcome In Advance
YWSYLS,You Win Some You Lose Some
YYSSW,Yeah Yeah Sure Sure Whatever
ZZ, Sleeping, Bored, Tired
ZZZ,Sleeping, Bored, Tired
!-( Black eye
!-) Proud of black eye
#-) Wiped out partied all night
#:-o Shocked
$-) Won the lottery or money on the brain
%(|:-) ? Propeller-head
%(|:-)? Propeller-head
%*} Inebriated
%+{ Got beat up
%-( Confused
%-) Dazed or silly
-6% Brain-dead
%-\ Hung over
%-{ Ironic
%-| Worked all night
%-} Humorous or ironic
%\ Hangover
>>:-<< Furious
>-> Winking devil
>-< Furious
>-) Devilish wink
>:) Little devil
>:-> Very mischievous devil
>:-< Angry
>:-< Mad
>:-( Annoyed
>:-) Mischievous devil
>- Female
>=^P Yuck
<:> Devilish expression
<:-> Devilish expression
<:-( Dunce
<:-) Innocently asking dumb question
<:-| Dunce
<:| Dunce
<3 Heart
( 8(|) Homer
(8(|) Homer
(<>..<>) alienated
(( )):** Hugs and kisses
(()):** Hugs and kisses
((( Lots of hugging
() Hugging
(:& Angry
(:- Unsmiley
(:-& Angry
(:-( Unsmiley
(:-) Smiley variation
(:-* Kiss
(:-\ Very sad
(::()::) Bandaid, meaning comfort
(:| Egghead
(-: Left-handed smile or smiley from the southern hemisphere
*<:-) Santa Claus
*<|:-) Santa Claus or a clown
*-) Shot to death
+<:-) Religious leader
+<:-| Monk or nun
+<||-) Knight
+:-) Priest
+O:-) The Pope
-) Tongue in cheek
-=#:-) Wizard
-= Snuffed candle to end a flame message
/\/\/\ Laughter
0:-) Angel
12x@>--->--- A dozen roses
2B|^2B To be or not to be
5:-) Elvis
7:) Ronald Reagan
7:^) Ronald Reagan
8:-) Wizard
8) Wide-eyed or wearing glasses
8-# Death
8-) Wide-eyed or wearing glasses
8-o Shocked
8-O Astonished
8-P Yuck!
8-[ Frayed nerves; overwrought
8-] Wow!
8-| Wide-eyed surprise
: ( Sad
:( Sad
: ) Smile
:) Smile
: [ Bored sad
: | Bored sad
:[ Bored sad
:| Bored sad
:( ) Loudmouth talks all the time; or shouting
:() Loudmouth talks all the time; or shouting
:*) Clowning
:**: Returning kiss
:* Kiss
:+( Got punched in the nose
":,(" Crying
:-# My lips are sealed; or someone wearing braces
:-& Tongue-tied
:->< Puckered up to kiss
:-> Smile of happiness or sarcasm
:-< Very sad
:-( Frown
:-) Classic smiley
:-* Kiss
:-/ Wry face
:-6 Exhausted
:-9 Licking lips
:-? Licking lips or tongue in cheek
:-@ Screaming
:-C Astonished
:-c Very unhappy
:-D Laughing
:-d~ Heavy smoker
:-e Disappointed
:-f Sticking out tongue
:-I Pondering or impartial
:-i Wry smile or half-smile
:-J Tongue in cheek
:-j One-sided smile
:-k Puzzlement
:-l One-sided smile
:-M Speak no evil
:-O Open-mouthed surprised
:-o Surprised look or yawn
:-P Sticking out tongue
:-p~ Heavy smoker
:-p Sticking tongue out
:-Q~ Smoking
:-Q Tongue hanging out in disgust or a smoker
:-r Sticking tongue out
:-s What?!
:-t Unsmiley
:-V Shouting
:-X My lips are sealed; or a kiss
:-x Kiss, or My lips are sealed
:-Y Aside comment
:-[ Unsmiling blockhead; also criticism
:-\'| Sniffles
:-] Smiling blockhead; also sarcasm
:-{)} Smile with moustache and beard
:-{} Blowing a kiss
:-{) Smile with moustache
:-| :-| Deja vu
:-|| Very angry
:-| indifferent, bored or disgusted
:-} Mischievous smile
:-~) A cold
:-~| A cold
:.( Crying
:/) Not funny
:/i No smoking
:> What?
:@ What?
:C Astonished
:e Disappointed
:P Sticking out tongue
:X Hear no evil
:x Kiss
:\'-( Crying
:\'-) Tears of happiness
:\'( Crying
:\' Crying
:^D Happy, approving
:`-( Shedding a tear
:{ Having a hard time
:~-( Crying
:~/ Confused
:~) A cold
:- Smirk, Male
; ) Wink
;) Wink
; P Wink with a raspberry
;P Wink with a raspberry
;( Crying
;-( Angry or got a black eye
;-) Winkey
;-D Winking and laughing
= O Surprised
=O Surprised
= X My lips are sealed
=X My lips are sealed
=):-)= Abraham Lincoln
=:-) Punk or hosehead
=====:} Snake
=^* Kisses
=^D Big grin
?( Black eye
?-( Black eye
@>--->--- A long-stemmed rose
@== Atomic bomb
@}->-- Rose
B:-) Sunglasses on head
d:-o Hats off to you!
M-),:X,:-M See no evil,hear no evil, speak no evil
M:-) A salute
M-) See no evil
O8-) Starry-eyed angel
O :-) Angel
O+ Female
O-> Male
O8-) Starry-eyed angel
O:-) Angel
P* French kiss
Q:-) College graduate
X-( Just died
[:-) Wearing a Walkman
[:-] Square head
[:-| Frankenstein
[:] Robot
[:|] Robot
[:| Frankenstein
[[ Hug (name in brackets)
[] Hug
\') Winky
\'-) Winky
\_/ Empty glass
\~/ Full glass
]:-> Devil
]:-) Happy devil
][ Back to back
^ ^ ^ Giggles
^5 High five
`:-) Raised eyebrow
{{} Hug (name in brackets)
{} No comment
|( Sleepy (on late night email message)
|-<> Puckered up for a kiss
|-( Sleepy, struggling to stay awake or sleeping badly
|-D Big laugh
|-O Yawn
|-{ Good grief!
|-| Asleep
|I Asleep
|^o Snoring
}-) Wry smile
}: [ Angry frustrated
}{ Face to face
~ :-( Steaming mad
~:-( Flame message
~:-\ Elvis
~:o Baby
~:\ Elvis
~== Begins a flame (inflammatory message)
~= Lit candle indicating a flame (inflammatory message)
~~:-( Especially hot flame message
~~:[ Net flame
~~~~8} Snake
~~~~~8} Snake
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