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looking for contributors to sovereign!

S. Neuhaus neuhaus

looking for contributors to sovereign!
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# @OneLogicalMyth
function New-cPassword($unencryptedString) {
# encrypt string to known AES key used by cPassword
$AesObject = New-Object System.Security.Cryptography.AesCryptoServiceProvider
$AesObject.Mode = [System.Security.Cryptography.CipherMode]::CBC
$AesObject.IV = New-Object Byte[]($AesObject.IV.Length)
$AesObject.KeySize = 256
$AesObject.Key = @(0x4e,0x99,0x06,0xe8,0xfc,0xb6,0x6c,0xc9,0xfa,0xf4,0x93,0x10,0x62,0x0f,0xfe,0xe8,
$encryptor = $AesObject.CreateEncryptor()
neuhaus / sign-offline.js
Last active October 16, 2023 23:56
Ethereum: Sign an offline transaction with Node and web3
#!/usr/bin/env node
'use strict';
// ethereum: generate signed transactions
const fs = require('fs-extra');
const rls = require('readline-sync');
const Accounts = require('web3-eth-accounts');
const web3utils = require('web3-utils');
const accounts = new Accounts();