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Last active September 27, 2023 18:20
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dwm volume control
* config.h
* ALT + F11 | F12
static const char *upvol[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "3+", NULL };
static const char *downvol[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "3-", NULL };
static const char *mutevol[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "toggle", NULL };
static Key keys[] = {
{ MODKEY, XK_F12, spawn, {.v = upvol } },
{ MODKEY, XK_F11, spawn, {.v = downvol } },
{ MODKEY, XK_F9, spawn, {.v = mutevol } },
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thanks for sharing

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this is nice

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elbaulp commented Jan 2, 2015

Just what I was looking for. Thank you! I've also added an option to mute/unmute:

static const char *mutevol[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "toggle", NULL};

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Haha, I didn't realize people would check github gists.

Also thanks algui91, I've added yours.

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peko commented Aug 12, 2015

Спасибо братан!

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Great thanks.

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ghost commented Feb 18, 2018

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jcrcx commented May 15, 2018

Thanks brooo !!!! Nice work!

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This is exactly what I was looking for. On my system, the numeric range for the Master volume is large:

Limits: Capture 0 - 65536

So I needed to explicitly user percentages instead:

static const char *upvol[]   = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "10%+",     NULL };
static const char *downvol[] = { "amixer", "set", "Master", "10%-",     NULL };

(And with 10% increments, it's really speedy to adjust.)

Thanks for this!

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Thanks for share!

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ghost commented Jul 6, 2020

Thanks a lot for this!

A totally seperate issue,
my keys from F1 to F12 don't work in dwm, work in every other window manager/desktop environment

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I find it very surprising when people find seemingly simple things very useful. I'm happy that it's useful for others.

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agung-satria commented Jul 3, 2021

what if i login as non root user, the upvol and downvol didn't work for me
if i try sudo amixer set Master 3+ null, on terminal it worked,

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gssasank commented Jan 1, 2022

If anyone's wondering why the vol up and down aren't working for them, just use sudo amixer in place of amixer

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for people that use pamixer instead of amixer

 static const char *upvol[]   = { "pamixer", "--increase", "3", NULL };
 static const char *downvol[] = { "pamixer", "--decrease", "3", NULL };
 static const char *mutevol[] = { "pamixer", "-t",              NULL };

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