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Created June 14, 2021 17:55
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Session numbers and titles for WWDC 2021
101 Keynote
111 Keynote (ASL)
10321 Monday@WWDC21
102 Platforms State of the Union
112 Platforms State of the Union (ASL)
10049 Add intelligence to your widgets
10021 Add rich graphics to your SwiftUI app
10085 Apple’s privacy pillars in focus
10122 Bring accessibility to charts in your app
10005 Connect Bluetooth devices to Apple Watch
10176 Craft search experiences in SwiftUI
10076 Create 3D models with Object Capture
10045 Create custom audio experiences with ShazamKit
10036 Discover built-in sound classification in SoundAnalysis
10074 Dive into RealityKit 2
10149 Enhance your app with Metal ray tracing
10143 Explore HLS variants in AVFoundation
10165 Explore Nearby Interaction with third-party accessories
10044 Explore ShazamKit
10089 Explore Verifiable Health Records
10268 Explore Xcode Cloud workflows
10286 Explore bindless rendering in Metal
10150 Explore hybrid rendering with Metal ray tracing
10134 Explore structured concurrency in Swift
10261 Faster and simpler notarization for Mac apps
10260 Focus on iPad keyboard navigation
10096 Get ready for iCloud Private Relay
10236 Host and automate your DocC documentation
10265 Immerse your app in spatial audio
10166 Meet DocC documentation in Xcode
10183 Meet Group Activities
10294 Meet MusicKit for Swift
10104 Meet Safari Web Extensions on iOS
10232 Meet Shortcuts for macOS
10114 Meet StoreKit 2
10170 Meet TestFlight on Mac
10267 Meet Xcode Cloud
10132 Meet async/await in Swift
10131 Meet declarative device management
10171 Meet in-app events on the App Store
10123 Meet the Screen Time API
10064 Meet the UIKit button system
10317 Out of this world... on to Mars
10133 Protect mutable state with Swift actors
10279 Simplify sign in for your tvOS apps
10057 Take your iPad apps to the next level
10081 Tap into virtual and physical game controllers
10275 The practice of inclusive design
10304 The process of inclusive design
10142 Transition media gaplessly with HLS
10309 Tuesday's Mindful Cooldown for Coding… brought to you by Fitness+
10322 Tuesday@WWDC21
10181 Ultimate application performance survival guide
10276 Use the camera for keyboard input in your app
10290 What's new in AVKit
10012 What's new in App Clips
10054 What's new in AppKit
10086 What's new in CloudKit
10109 What's new in Foundation
10018 What's new in SwiftUI
10059 What's new in UIKit
10002 What's new in watchOS 8
10192 What‘s new in Swift
10066 What’s new in Game Center: Widgets, friends, and multiplayer improvements
10130 What’s new in managing Apple devices
10259 Your guide to keyboard layout
10078 AR Quick Look, meet Object Capture
10308 Accessibility by design: An Apple Watch for everyone
10264 Adopt Quick Note
10212 Analyze HTTP traffic in Instruments
10009 Build a workout app for Apple Watch
10037 Build dynamic iOS apps with the Create ML framework
10196 Build interfaces with style
10013 Build light and fast App Clips
10160 Capture and process ProRAW images
10039 Classify hand poses and actions with Create ML
10225 Coordinate media experiences with Group Activities
10223 Create accessible experiences for watchOS
10190 Create audio drivers with DriverKit
10250 Create custom symbols
10063 Customize and resize sheets in UIKit
10269 Customize your advanced Xcode Cloud workflows
10022 Demystify SwiftUI
10283 Design great actions for Shortcuts, Siri, and Suggestions
10040 Detect people, faces, and poses using Vision
10087 Diagnose Power and Performance regressions in your app
10157 Discover Metal debugging, profiling, and asset creation tools
10136 Discover account-driven User Enrollment
10019 Discover concurrency in SwiftUI
10079 Discover geometry-aware audio with the Physical Audio Spatialization Engine (PHASE)
10126 Discoverable design
10167 Elevate your DocC documentation in Xcode
10145 Evaluate videos with the Advanced Video Quality Tool
10159 Explore Core Image kernel improvements
10027 Explore Safari Web Extension improvements
10084 Explore UWB-based car keys
10032 Explore WKWebView additions
10075 Explore advanced rendering with RealityKit 2
10140 Explore dynamic pre-rolls and mid-rolls in HLS
10158 Explore low-latency video encoding with VideoToolbox
10288 Explore the SF Symbols 3 app
10291 Explore the catalog with the Apple Music API
10295 Get ready to optimize your App Store product page
10141 Improve global streaming availability with HLS Content Steering
10252 Make blazing fast lists and collection views
10297 Manage devices with Apple Configurator
10174 Manage in-app purchases on your server
10287 Measure health with motion
10058 Meet AsyncSequence
10061 Meet TextKit 2
10102 Meet the Location Button
10256 Meet the Swift Algorithms and Collections packages
10106 Move beyond passwords
10053 Qualities of a great Mac Catalyst app
10056 Qualities of great iPad and iPhone apps on Macs with M1
10205 Review code and collaborate in Xcode
10349 SF Symbols in SwiftUI
10251 SF Symbols in UIKit and AppKit
10105 Secure login with iCloud Keychain verification codes
10091 Send communication and Time Sensitive notifications
10098 Showcase app data in Spotlight
10194 Swift concurrency: Update a sample app
10119 SwiftUI Accessibility: Beyond the basics
10211 Symbolication: Beyond the basics
10203 Triage TestFlight crashes in Xcode Organizer
10095 Use async/await with URLSession
10310 Wednesday's Mindful Cooldown for Coding… brought to you by Fitness+
10323 Wednesday@WWDC21
10052 What's new in Mac Catalyst
10092 What's new in Wallet and Apple Pay
10097 What’s new in SF Symbols
10047 What’s new in camera capture
10298 Add support for Matter in your smart home app
10118 Automate CloudKit tests with cktool and declarative schema
10017 Bring Core Data concurrency to Swift and SwiftUI
10168 Build Mail app extensions
10187 Build custom experiences with Group Activities
10235 Build interactive tutorials using DocC
10247 Capture high-quality photos using video formats
10153 Create image processing apps powered by Apple Silicon
10191 Deliver a great playback experience on tvOS
10184 Design for Group Activities
10245 Design for spatial interaction
10180 Detect and diagnose memory issues
10030 Develop advanced web content
10296 Diagnose unreliable code with test repetitions
10023 Direct and reflect focus in SwiftUI
10031 Discover Web Inspector improvements
10197 Discover and curate Swift Packages using Collections
10229 Discover compilation workflows in Metal
10101 Discover rolling clips with ReplayKit
10204 Distribute apps in Xcode with cloud signing
10231 Donate intents and expand your app’s presence
10207 Embrace Expected Failures in XCTest
10073 Explore ARKit 5
10208 Explore Digital Crown, Trackpad, and iPad pointer automation
10161 Explore HDR rendering with EDR
10041 Extract document data using Vision
10137 Improve MDM assignment of Apps and Books
10046 Improve access to Photos in your app
10220 Localize your SwiftUI app
10129 Manage software updates in your organization
10316 Meditation for fidgety skeptics
10257 Meet ClassKit for file-based apps
10033 Meet privacy-preserving ad attribution
10148 Optimize high-end games for Apple GPUs
10048 Principles of great widgets
10120 Support Full Keyboard Access in your iOS app
10175 Support customers and handle refunds
10254 Swift concurrency: Behind the scenes
10182 Sync files to the cloud with FileProvider on macOS
10003 There and back again: Data transfer on Apple Watch
10314 Thursday's Mindful Cooldown for Coding… brought to you by Fitness+
10324 Thursday@WWDC21
10258 Understand and eliminate hangs from your app
103 WWDC21 Apple Design Awards
113 WWDC21 Apple Design Awards (ASL)
10115 What's new in App Analytics
10146 What’s new in AVFoundation
10216 ARC in Swift: Basics and beyond
10152 Accelerate machine learning with Metal Performance Shaders Graph
10094 Accelerate networking with HTTP/3 and QUIC
10067 Bring Recurring Leaderboards to your game
10068 Build a research and care app, part 1: Setup onboarding
10069 Build a research and care app, part 2: Schedule tasks
10282 Build a research and care app, part 3: Visualize progress
10015 Build apps that share data through CloudKit and Core Data
10189 Coordinate media playback in Safari with Group Activities
10077 Create 3D workflows with USD
10293 Cross reference content with the Apple Music API
10029 Design for Safari 15
10202 Detect bugs early with the static analyzer
10318 Developer spotlight: Accessibility
10209 Discover breakpoint improvements
10210 Explore advanced project configuration in Xcode
10315 Friday's Mindful Cooldown for Coding… brought to you by Fitness+
10325 Friday@WWDC21
10117 Meet CloudKit Console
10244 Mitigate fraud with App Attest and DeviceCheck
10103 Optimize for 5G networks
10147 Optimize for variable refresh rate displays
10278 Practice audio haptic design
10239 Reduce network delays for your app
10110 Safeguard your accounts, promotions, and content
10221 Streamline your localized strings
10062 SwiftUI on the Mac: Build the fundamentals
10289 SwiftUI on the Mac: The finishing touches
10121 Tailor the VoiceOver experience in your data-rich apps
10038 Tune your Core ML models
10233 Use Accelerate to improve performance and incorporate encrypted archives
10253 Write a DSL in Swift using result builders
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