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WWDC 2016 Video Titles and URLs
101 Keynote
102 Platforms State of the Union
103 Apple Design Awards
201 Internationalization Best Practices
202 What's New in Accessibility
203 What's New in Cocoa
204 iMessage Apps and Stickers Part 1
205 What's New in Cocoa Touch
206 What's New in tvOS
207 What's New in Foundation for Swift
208 What's New in watchOS 3
209 Getting the Most out of HealthKit
210 Mastering UIKit on tvOS
211 Quick Interaction Techniques for watchOS
212 Developing tvOS Apps Using TVMLKit Part 1
213 Improving Existing Apps with Modern Best Practices
214 Extending Your App with Safari App Extensions
215 Focus Interaction on tvOS
216 Advances in UIKit Animations and Transitions
217 Introducing SiriKit
218 Keeping Your Watch App Up To Date
219 What's New in UICollectionView in iOS 10
220 Leveraging Touch Input on iOS
221 Optimizing On-Demand Resources
222 Making Apps Adaptive Part 1
223 Making the Most of Search APIs
224 iMessage Apps and Stickers Part 2
225 Extending Your Apps with SiriKit
226 What's New with CloudKit
227 Architecting for Performance on watchOS 3
228 A Peek at 3D Touch
229 Developing tvOS Apps Using TVMLKit Part 2
230 Enhancing VoIP Apps with CallKit
231 CloudKit Best Practices
232 What's New in International User Interfaces
233 Making Apps Adaptive Part 2
234 What's New in ResearchKit
235 Building Great Workout Apps
236 What's New in Auto Layout
237 Getting Started with CareKit
238 Measurements and Units
239 Crafting Modern Cocoa Apps
240 Increase Usage of Your App with Proactive Suggestions
241 Public Transit in Apple Maps
242 What's New in Core Data
301 Introducing Expanded Subscriptions in iTunes Connect
302 Introducing Search Ads
303 What's New in Apple Device Management
304 Best Practices for Building Apps Used in Business and Education
305 What's New in iTunes Connect
401 What's New in Xcode App Signing
402 What's New in Swift
403 Swift API Design GUIdelines
404 Getting Started with Swift
405 What's New in LLVM
406 Optimizing App Startup Time
407 Auditing Your Apps for Accessibility
408 Introducing Swift Playgrounds
409 Advanced Testing and Continuous Integration
410 Visual Debugging with Xcode
411 System Trace in Depth
412 Thread Sanitizer and Static Analysis
413 Introduction to Xcode
414 Using and Extending the Xcode Source Editor
415 Going Serverside with Swift Open Source
416 Understanding Swift Performance
417 Debugging Tips and Tricks
418 Using Time Profiler in Instruments
419 Protocol and Value Oriented Programming in UIKit Apps
420 Optimizing Web Content in Your App
501 Advances in iOS Photography
502 Getting Published in Apple News
503 Advances in AVFoundation Playback
504 What's New in HTTP Live Streaming
505 Live Photo Editing and Raw Processing with Core Image
506 AVKit on tvOS
507 Delivering an Exceptional Audio Experience
508 Using Apple News Format to Create Rich and Responsive Stories
509 Speech Recognition API
510 Validating HTTP Live Streams
511 AVCapturePhotoOutput - Beyond the Basics
601 Go Live with ReplayKit
602 Adopting Metal Part 1
603 Adopting Metal Part 2
604 What's New in Metal Part 1
605 What's New in Metal Part 2
606 Advanced Metal Shader Optimization
607 Controlling Game Input for Apple TV
608 What's New in GameplayKit
609 Advances in SceneKit Rendering
610 What's New in SpriteKit
611 What's New in Game Center
612 Game Technologies for Apple Watch
701 Introducing Apple File System
702 Using Store Kit for In-App Purchases with Swift 3
703 Apple Pay on the Web
704 What's New with Wallet and Apple Pay
705 How iOS Security Really Works
706 What's New in Security
707 Introduction to Notifications
708 Advanced Notifications
709 Engineering Privacy for Your Users
710 What's New in HomeKit
711 NSURLSession New Features and Best Practices
712 Working with Wide Color
713 Health and Fitness with Core Motion
714 Networking for the Modern Internet
715 Neural Networks and Accelerate
716 Core Location Best Practices
717 Beyond Dictation - Enhanced Voice-Control for macOS Apps
719 Optimizing IO for Performance and Battery Life
720 Concurrent Programming with GCD in Swift 3
721 Unified Logging and Activity Tracing
722 Developing CarPlay Systems Part 1
723 Developing CarPlay Systems Part 2
724 What's New in the Apple Push Notification Service
725 Deploying AirPrint in Enterprise
801 Inclusive App Design
802 Designing for tvOS
803 Typography and Fonts
804 Designing Great Apple Watch Experiences
805 Iterative UI Design
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