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simple ruby console histogram generator
# Pass in an enumeration of data and
# (optionally) a block to extract the grouping aspect of the data.
# Optional: sort_by lambda (operates on group key and count)
def puts_hist(data, sort_by:nil, &blk)
data = if blk
counts = data.each_with_object( {|k,h| h[k]+=1}
max = counts.values.max
width = Pry::Terminal.size!.last
width0 ={|k|k.to_s.length}.max
width1 = width - width0 - 3
div = [1, max / width1.to_f].max
puts "max: %d; widths: %d, %d; divisor: %0.3f" % [max, width0, width1, div]
counts = counts.sort_by(&sort_by) if sort_by
counts.each do |k,c|
puts "%#{width0}s: %-#{width1}s" % [k, "#"*((c/div).round)]
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