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Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
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nevercast / gist:3d2c8d64b707bc05b0ff
Created Nov 15, 2014
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didInsertElement: function() {
.on('mouseup.fndtn.slider touchend.fndtn.slider pointerup.fndtn.slider', function(e) {
console.log('HAVE CAKE');
nevercast /
Created Jan 27, 2012
Test HDD speeds
public class test {
/* Tests:
* 1. Time to create 2000 files
* 2. Time to list them
* 3. Time to delete all of them
* 4. Time to create 2000 files of 1kB each
* 5. Time to list them
* 6. Time to delete all of them
* This file is part of Vanilla (
* Vanilla is licensed under the SpoutDev License Version 1.
* Vanilla is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
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[10:09:14] [INFO] Failed to poll device: Failed to poll device (8007000c)
[10:09:14] [INFO] Failed to poll device: Failed to poll device (8007000c)
[10:09:14] [INFO] Failed to poll device: Failed to poll device (8007000c)
... Repeated for about 1000 lines
[10:09:14] [INFO] Failed to poll device: Failed to poll device (8007000c)

Google Speech To Text API

Base URL:
It accepts POST requests with voice file encoded in FLAC format, and query parameters for control.

Query Parameters

The client's name you're connecting from. For spoofing purposes, let's use chromium

Speech language, for example, ar-QA for Qatari Arabic, or en-US for U.S. English

nevercast / index.js
Created Jan 25, 2016
Creating routes from aurelia features
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import {AppRouter, RouterConfiguration} from "aurelia-router";
export function configure(config) {
const router = config.container.get(AppRouter);
const routerConfig = config.container.get(RouterConfiguration);
.map([{ route: "foo", moduleId: "features/foo/foo", name: "foo", nav: true, title: "foo" }])
nevercast / babel.js
Created Jun 7, 2018
Babel Polyfill loader for Azure Functions "only one instance of babel-polyfill is allowed"
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* Azure Functions can sometimes share a global scope to save memory (More than one function runs in the same interpreter).
* When this occurs, babel will try to load twice. This is bad.
* This file acts as a mediator to prevent it loading twice and always logs the result for my interest.
* Inside my webpack.config.js, instead of 'babel-polyfill', I have 'src/polyfill/babel' (this file).
if (global._babelPolyfill) {
/* Polyfill is already loaded */
if (console && console.warn) {
nevercast /
Created Aug 10, 2020
Check Python file for side effects on import
#!/usr/bin/env python
#### MIT Licence
# Copyright 2020 Josh "nevercast" Lloyd
# This notice must remain intact for all copies or substantial portions of the Software
# First release: 2020-08-10
from __future__ import print_function
import ast
import sys
nevercast / dump-css.js
Created Aug 13, 2020
Dumps the Computed CSS stylesheet of an element and it's children for diff use.
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/* Simmer.js */
var $jscomp=$jscomp||{};$jscomp.scope={},$jscomp.owns=function(t,e){return,e)},$jscomp.ASSUME_ES5=!1,$jscomp.ASSUME_NO_NATIVE_MAP=!1,$jscomp.ASSUME_NO_NATIVE_SET=!1,$jscomp.defineProperty=$jscomp.ASSUME_ES5||"function"==typeof Object.defineProperties?Object.defineProperty:function(t,e,n){t!=Array.prototype&&t!=Object.prototype&&(t[e]=n.value)},$jscomp.getGlobal=function(t){return"undefined"!=typeof window&&window===t?t:"undefined"!=typeof global&&null!=global?global:t},$$jscomp.getGlobal(this),$jscomp.polyfill=function(t,e,n,r){if(e){for(n=$,t=t.split("."),r=0;r<t.length-1;r++){var o=t[r];o in n||(n[o]={}),n=n[o]}(e=e(r=n[t=t[t.length-1]]))!=r&&null!=e&&$jscomp.defineProperty(n,t,{configurable:!0,writable:!0,value:e})}},$jscomp.polyfill("Object.assign",function(t){return t||function(t,e){for(var n=1;n<arguments.length;n++){var r=arguments[n];if(r)for(var o in r)$jscomp.owns(r,o)&&(t[o]=r[o])