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public function loadRepository(RepositoryInterface $repo)
foreach ($repo->getPackages() as $package) { /** @var PackageInterface $package */
if ($package instanceof AliasPackage) {
switch ($package->getType()) {
case 'composer-plugin':
$requiresComposer = null;
foreach ($package->getRequires() as $link) { /** @var Link $link */
if ($link->getTarget() == 'composer-plugin-api') {
$requiresComposer = $link->getConstraint();
if (!$requiresComposer) {
throw new \RuntimeException("Plugin ".$package->getName()." is missing a require statement for a version of the composer-plugin-api package.");
// if the required Plugin API version is exactly "1.0.0", convert it to "^1.0", to keep BC
if ($requiresComposer->matches(new VersionConstraint('==', $this->versionParser->normalize('1.0.0')))) {
$requiresComposer = $this->versionParser->parseConstraints('^1.0');
$currComposerPluginApiConstraint = new VersionConstraint('==', $this->versionParser->normalize(PluginInterface::PLUGIN_API_VERSION));
if (!$requiresComposer->matches($currComposerPluginApiConstraint)) {
$this->io->writeError('<warning>The "'.$package->getName().'" plugin was skipped because it requires a Plugin API version ("'.$requiresComposer->getPrettyString().'") that does not match your Composer installation ("'.PluginInterface::PLUGIN_API_VERSION.'"). You may need to run composer update with the "--no-plugins" option.</warning>');
continue 2;
case 'composer-installer': // Backward compatibility
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nevvermind commented May 30, 2015

Note that incompatible (version mismatch) plugins are not registered anymore. (line 33)

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