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Atom Editor Cheat Sheet (Sweetmeat)

Use these rapid keyboard shortcuts to control the GitHub Atom text editor on Mac OSX.

Key to the Keys

  • ⌘ : Command key
  • ⌃ : Control key
  • ⌫ : Delete key
  • ← : Left arrow key
  • → : Right arrow key
  • ↑ : Up arrow key
  • ↓ : Down arrow key
  • ⌥ : Option or Alt key
  • : Return or Enter key
  • ⇧ : Shift key


The Command Palette

Task Keystrokes
Open Command Palette ⌘-⇧-p


| Task | Keystrokes | | --------| --------- | | **Open Configuration Editor** | ⌘-, |

Application Tasks

Task Keystrokes
Hide Application ⌘-h
Hide Other Applications ⌥-⌘-h
Minimize Application ⌘-m
New File ⌘-n
New Window ⌘-⇧-n
Open Application ⌘-o
Open Dev ⇧-⌘-o
Quit ⌘-q


Task Keystrokes
Toggle Autocomplete ⌃-space


Task Keystrokes
Toggle Bookmark ⌘-F2
View All Bookmarks ⌃-F2
Jump to Next Bookmark F2
Jump to Previous Bookmark ⇧-F2
Clear All Bookmarks ⌘-⇧-F2


Task Keystrokes
Find Matching Bracket ⌃-m

Code Folding

Task Keystrokes
Fold Code ⌥-⌘-[
Unfold Code ⌥-⌘-]
Fold at Indentation Level (N) ⌘-k cmd-N
Fold Selected Text ⌥-⌘-⌃-f
Unfold All Code ⌥-⌘-}

Code Navigation & Management

Task Keystrokes
Cut to End of Line ⌃-k
Delete to Beginning of Word ⌥-⌫
Delete to End of Word ⌥-d
Delete Line ⌃-⇧-k
Duplicate Line ⌘-⇧-d
Go to Line ⌃-g
Go to Matching Bracket ⌃-m
Indent Selected Text ⌘-]
Outdent Selected Text ⌘-[
Join Lines ⌘-j
Move to Beginning of Word ⌥-b
Move to End of Word ⌥-f
Move to Beginning of Line ⌃-a
Move to End of Line ⌃-e
Move Line Up ⌘-⌃-↑
Move Line Down ⌘-⌃-↓
Move to Top of File ⌘-↑
Move to Bottom of File ⌘-↓
Move to First Character of Line ⌘-←
Move to Last Character of Line ⌘-→
Select Left Character ⌘-⌃-b
Select Right Character ⌘-⌃-f
Select to Beginning of Word ⌥-⇧-b
Select to End of Word ⌥-⇧-f
Select Entire Word ⌃-⇧-w
Select to First Character of Line ⌥-⇧-a
Select to Last Character of Line ⌥-⇧-e
Select to Same Position, Next Line ⌥-⇧-n
Select to Same Position, Previous Line ⌥-⇧-p
Select to Top of File ⌘-⇧-↑
Select to Bottom of File ⌘-⇧-↓
Select All ⌘-a
Select Next ⌘-d
Select Line ⌘-L
Toggle Line Comments ⌘-/
Multiple selections - Ignore Current Selection ⌘-/
Multiple selections - Go To Last Selection ⌘-k ⌘-d

Character Transformations

Task Keystrokes
Convert Tabs to Spaces ⌥-⌘-[
Convert Spaces to Tabs ⌥-⌘-]
Convert to Upper Case ⌘-k-u
Convert to Lower Case ⌘-k-L


| Task | Keystrokes | | --------| --------- | | **Toggle Comment** | ⌘-/ |

Editor View Tasks

| Task | Keystrokes | | --------| --------- | | **Split Panes Vertically** | ⌘-k-↓ | | **Split Panes Horizontally** | ⌘-k-→ | | **Vertical Navigation Panes** | ⌘-k ⌘-↓ | | **Horizontal Navigation Panes** | ⌘-k ⌘-→ | | **Toggle Full Screen** | ⌃-⌘-f | | **Toggle Tree View** | ⌘-\ | | **Switch Previous Tab** | ⌘-Shift-[ | | **Switch Next Tab** | ⌘-Shift-] |

File Tasks

Task Keystrokes
Fuzzy Find Files ⌘-t
Find Open File ⌘-b
Find Modified, Untracked (git) File ⌘-⇧-b
Open Tree View ⌃-0
Toggle Tree View ⌘-\
Add a File a
Move a File m
Delete a File
Reopen Last File ⌘-⇧-t

Find & Replace

| Task | Keystrokes | | --------| --------- | | **Find String in Current File** | ⌘-f | | **Find String in All Project Files** | ⇧-⌘-f | | **Find Next Matching String** | ⌘-g | | **Find Previous Matching String** | ⇧-⌘-g | | **Select Next Matching String** | ⌘-d | | **Select All Matching Strings** | ⌃-⌘-g | | **Replace String in Current File** | ⌥-⌘-f |

Font Tasks

Task Keystrokes
Increase Font Size cmd-+
Decrease Font Size cmd--


Task Keystrokes
Select Grammar ⌃-⇧-L
Task Keystrokes
Search for Symbol ⌘-r
Search for Symbol Across Project ⌘-⇧-r

Terminal Plus

Task Keystrokes
Create a new terminal instance. ⌃-⇧-T or ⌘-⇧-T
Toggle the last active terminal instance. ⌃-`
Switch to the terminal left of the last active terminal. ⌃-⇧-J or ⌘-⇧-J
Switch to the terminal right of the last active terminal. ⌃-⇧-K or ⌘-⇧-K
Run the selected text as a command in the active terminal. ⌃-⌫
Close the active terminal. ⌃-⇧-X or ⌘-⇧-X

Git Plus

Task Keystrokes
Show current status. ⌘-⇧-A S
Add the current file. ⌘-⇧-A
Commit currently open file and push to a remote repo. ⌘-⇧-A p
Commit every changed file and push to a remote repo. ⌘-⇧-A P
Commit the staged changes. Git-Plus shows a commit message editor. To make the commit, save the file. To cancel the commit, close the tab. ⌘-⇧-C
Add all changed files and show the commit message file. Similar to Git add all and Git commit run in succession. ⌘-⇧-A c
Add all changed files and show the commit message file. Similar to Git add all and Git commit in succession. ⌘-⇧-A a
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