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Kotlin Enum with Custom Property and Converter
abstract class EnumConverter<in V, E: Enum<E>>(
private val valueMap: Map<V, E>
) {
fun fromValue(value: V): E? = valueMap[value]
fun fromValue(value: V?, default: E): E = valueMap[value] ?: default
inline fun <V, reified E: Enum<E>> buildValueMap(keySelector: (E) -> V): Map<V, E> =
inline fun <V, reified E> buildValueMap(): Map<V, E> where E: Enum<E>, E: HasValue<V> =
enumValues<E>().associateBy { it.value }
interface HasValue<out T> {
val value: T
enum class Size(override val value: Int): HasValue<Int> {
companion object : EnumConverter<Int, Size>(buildValueMap())
// println(Size.fromValue(0)) // SMALL
// println(Size.fromValue(10, Size.LARGE)) // LARGE
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