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configure multiple github accounts on the same

SSH keys


ssh-keygen -o

You can view the created files (one without extension and one with .pub) under ~/.ssh/. When creating several of them, you may want to rename them appropriately (e.g. work, pers...).

Add them

to the relevant github account:


The configuration file for ssh is usually not created by default so we create it:

touch ~/.ssh/config

Now paste in the config file the following:

# work account
 User git
 IdentityFile ~/.ssh/work

 # personnal account
 User git
 IdentityFile ~/.ssh/pers


Usually, the ssh clone url looks like this:<account>/<project>.git

To link the right ssh key, prepend to <account> either pers. or work depending on who should be committing. This results in the following git clone command:

git clone<account>/<project>.git

Now you can commit as you want and work on your cloned project with the right user.

Next steps

  • what is keychain parameter in config file
  • why is the commit user kinda ugly looking in github when looking at the commit history?


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