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Dmyto Naumov nezed

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nezed / ingress.yaml
Created Apr 23, 2020
Helm basic auth with Kubernetes Ingress
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apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
annotations: basic my-basic-auth "Authentication Required - ok"
name: my-ingress
nezed /
Created Dec 25, 2018
Run any clickhouse built-in util from its docker image
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest local
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest client
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest benchmark
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest server
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest performance-test
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest extract-from-config
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest compressor
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest format
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest copier
docker run --rm --entrypoint /usr/bin/clickhouse yandex/clickhouse-server:latest obfuscator
nezed /
Created Dec 25, 2018
Runs clickhouse-obfuscator from docker image, which randomizes your dataset to make its data not sensetive
docker run --rm \
--volume "$(pwd)"/seeds:/tmp/seeds \
--entrypoint bash \
yandex/clickhouse-server:latest \
-c '/usr/bin/clickhouse obfuscator --seed "$(head -c16 /dev/urandom | base64)" --input-format TSV --output-format TSV --structure "date Date, datetime DateTime, ab_tag String, client_name String" < /tmp/seeds/rows.tsv' \
> obfuscated_rows.tsv
# 1. stdin pipe was created inside container to prevent "Input must be seekable file (it will be read twice)." error
# 2. UUID, LowCardinality(…) and Enum8/16 data-types are not supported in `--structure`.
# Use FixedString(36) or String instead (See
nezed / EXIF image orientation CSS transform fix.js
Created Aug 21, 2016
EXIF image orientation CSS transform fix / fix orientation of image picked from local FS without canvas
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* This gist will help you to fix orientation
* of image picked from local FS
* without canvas.
* CSS-only!
* @expample
* const img = document.createElement('img')
* img.src = URL.createObjectURL(file)
* = ORIENT_TRANSFORMS[ getOrientation(file) ]
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В локальной директории своего репозитория нужно добавить как дополнительный ремоут основной репозиторий, куда ты отправляешь задания на проверку

$ git remote add upstream <тут https ссылка на основной репозиторий>

пример ссылки на основной репозиторий:

Так, в проекте будет 2 ремоута:

nezed / gist:6086fd74db2b5b9d1a2d
Created Jan 19, 2016 — forked from afilhodaniel/gist:09a1df8eafeabe1584c6
Upload photos to Instagram via private API with Ruby
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class InstagramPrivateController < ApplicationController
def initialize(username, password, photo, caption)
@username = username
@password = password
@photo = photo
@caption = caption
@cookiepath ='cookies').path
@user_agent = generate_user_agent()

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  • I am nezed on github.
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