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Created May 12, 2021 04:42
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listing_url TEXT,
scrape_id TEXT,
last_scraped VARCHAR(10),
name VARCHAR(20),
summary TEXT,
space TEXT,
description TEXT,
experiences_offered TEXT,
neighborhood_overview TEXT,
notes TEXT,
transit TEXT,
access TEXT,
interaction TEXT,
house_rules TEXT,
thumbnail_url TEXT,
medium_url TEXT,
picture_url TEXT,
xl_picture_url TEXT,
host_id INT,
host_url TEXT,
host_name VARCHAR(30),
host_since VARCHAR(10),
host_location TEXT,
host_about TEXT,
host_response_time TEXT,
host_response_rate VARCHAR(5),
host_acceptance_rate TEXT,
host_is_superhost VARCHAR(5),
host_thumbnail_url TEXT,
host_picture_url TEXT,
host_neighbourhood TEXT,
host_listings_count INT,
host_total_listings_count INT,
host_verifications TEXT,
host_has_profile_pic VARCHAR(5),
host_identity_verified VARCHAR(5),
street TEXT,
neighbourhood VARCHAR(50),
neighbourhood_cleansed VARCHAR(50),
neighbourhood_group_cleansed VARCHAR(50),
city VARCHAR(50),
state VARCHAR(2),
zipcode VARCHAR(5),
market VARCHAR(50),
smart_location TEXT,
country_code VARCHAR(2),
country VARCHAR(15),
latitude VARCHAR(10),
longitude VARCHAR(10),
is_location_exact VARCHAR(5),
property_type TEXT,
room_type TEXT,
accommodates INT,
bathrooms VARCHAR(5),
bedrooms VARCHAR(5),
beds INT,
bed_type TEXT,
amenities TEXT,
square_feet INT,
price VARCHAR(10) ,
weekly_price VARCHAR(10),
monthly_price VARCHAR(10),
security_deposit VARCHAR(10),
cleaning_fee VARCHAR(10),
guests_included INT,
extra_people VARCHAR(10),
minimum_nights INT,
maximum_nights INT,
minimum_minimum_nights INT,
maximum_minimum_nights INT,
minimum_maximum_nights INT,
maximum_maximum_nights INT,
minimum_nights_avg_ntm VARCHAR(5),
maximum_nights_avg_ntm VARCHAR(5),
calendar_updated TEXT,
has_availability VARCHAR(5),
availability_30 VARCHAR(5),
availability_60 VARCHAR(5),
availability_90 VARCHAR(5),
availability_365 VARCHAR(5),
calendar_last_scraped VARCHAR(10),
number_of_reviews INT,
number_of_reviews_ltm INT,
first_review VARCHAR(10),
last_review VARCHAR(10),
review_scores_rating INT,
review_scores_accuracy INT,
review_scores_cleanliness INT,
review_scores_checkin INT,
review_scores_communication INT,
review_scores_location INT,
review_scores_value INT,
requires_license VARCHAR(10),
license TEXT ,
jurisdiction_names TEXT ,
instant_bookable VARCHAR(5),
is_business_travel_ready VARCHAR(5),
cancellation_policy TEXT,
require_guest_profile_picture VARCHAR(5) ,
require_guest_phone_verification VARCHAR(5),
calculated_host_listings_count INT,
calculated_host_listings_count_entire_homes INT,
calculated_host_listings_count_private_rooms INT,
calculated_host_listings_count_shared_rooms INT,
reviews_per_month VARCHAR(5));
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