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Created April 14, 2021 02:15
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Sample movie data that comes from mongodb
"original_title": "Delusion",
"belongs_to_collection": "",
"homepage": "",
"_event_time": "2021-04-01T18:34:08.119000Z",
"overview": "In this fast-paced, noirish road movie, a computer expert embezzles half a million dollars and races off to Reno to start anew. Unfortunately, en route, he picks up a pair of hitchers and ends up entangled with a crazed couple who commandeer his car and leave him alone in the desert to die. As soon as he can, he hits the road to get revenge and to find his money before they do.",
"poster_path": "/g2o1J0ulttuwovqLc0ho910MR95.jpg",
"status": "Released",
"vote_average": 4.8,
"_id": "5fd124fd5b85548af6a3938a",
"budget": 1000000,
"video": "False",
"imdb_id": "",
"genres": "[{'id': 80, 'name': 'Crime'}]",
"tagline": "She only wanted love. But money's better than nothing.",
"runtime": 100,
"original_language": "en",
"_meta": { "mongodb": { "database": "netflix", "collection": "movies" } },
"production_countries": "[{'iso_3166_1': 'US', 'name': 'United States of America'}]",
"adult": "False",
"spoken_languages": "[{'iso_639_1': 'en', 'name': 'English'}]",
"vote_count": 3,
"production_companies": "[{'name': 'Cineville', 'id': 2832}]",
"revenue": 0,
"popularity": 0.156722,
"release_date": "1991-06-07",
"id": 36337,
"title": "Delusion"
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