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Mercurial.ini / .hgrc - HG configuration file
# Mercurial configuration.
#host =
username = Nick Freear <>
# Editor - I'll use vi for now!
;;editor = /Applications/
# Bundled extensions.
progress =
color =
;;keyword =
# External extensions.
hgext.bookmarks =
hggit = /Users/Nick/workspace/hg-git/hggit
intree = true
# Like Git-describe (hg log -l 1 ..{rev}:)
describe = tip --template "{latesttag}-{latesttagdistance}-{node|short}\n"
;;update = hg parents >./hg-revision
;;Was: 'cloudengine2/..'
; update: Peace of mind (eg. Live server) - check every PHP file.
update = php ~/workspace/cloudengine/system/application/cli/update-hook.php
; pre-update, pre-commit: Speed - just check the files that changed, and assume a CI file-structure (I think).
pre-update=php ~/workspace/cloudengine/system/application/cli/lint.php --hgstatus --ci
pre-commit=php ~/workspace/cloudengine/system/application/cli/lint.php --hgstatus --ci
ignore = ~/workspace/cloudengine/.hg/hgignore
HGpath = {path}
HGdate = {date|rfc822date}
lastlog= {desc}
checked= {author}
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