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Last active Mar 7, 2018
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Dynamically generate a 'pa11y-ci' JSON configuration object, using an environment variable |
Pa11y-ci Configuration.
Dynamically generate a '.pa11yci' JSON config object, using an environment variable.
© Nick Freear, 07-March-2018.
export TEST_SRV= # Or, set via Travis-CI UI.
pa11y-ci -c .pa11yci.conf.js
var config = {
defaults: {
screenCapture: './_pa11y-screen-capture.png',
standard: 'WCAG2AA',
ignore: [ 'notice' ],
timeout: 5000,
wait: 1500
urls: [
function myPa11yCiConfiguration (urls, defaults) {
console.error('Env:', process.env.TEST_SRV);
for (var idx = 0; idx < urls.length; idx++) {
urls[ idx ] = urls[ idx ].replace('${TEST_SRV}', process.env.TEST_SRV);
return {
defaults: defaults,
urls: urls
// Important ~ call the function, don't just return a reference to it!
module.exports = myPa11yCiConfiguration (config.urls, config.defaults);
// End config.

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@nfreear nfreear commented Mar 7, 2018

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