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View LocationManager.h
@interface LocationManager
// the block should return NO to keep trying to get a better location (i.e. the location wasn't accurate enough)
// return NO to stop trying
-(void)waitForLocation:(BOOL(^)(CLLocation * currentBestLocation, BOOL timedOut, NSError * error))block timeout:(NSTimeInterval)timeout ;
View keywords.c
builtin_define_with_value ("__SIZE_TYPE__", SIZE_TYPE, 0);
builtin_define_with_value ("__PTRDIFF_TYPE__", PTRDIFF_TYPE, 0);
builtin_define_with_value ("__WCHAR_TYPE__", MODIFIED_WCHAR_TYPE, 0);
builtin_define_with_value ("__WINT_TYPE__", WINT_TYPE, 0);
builtin_define_with_value ("__INTMAX_TYPE__", INTMAX_TYPE, 0);
builtin_define_with_value ("__UINTMAX_TYPE__", UINTMAX_TYPE, 0);
builtin_define_with_value ("__CHAR16_TYPE__", CHAR16_TYPE, 0);
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View profiler.h
// profiler.h
// Quick and dirty profiler
// Created by Niels Gabel on 9/1/08.
// Copyright 2010 Niels Gabel
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.