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# This controller's job is to exchange twitter credentials for Shortmail credentials
class TwitterReverseAuthController < ApplicationController
# First, let's make our own subclass of RuntimeError
class Error < RuntimeError; end
def api_key_exchange
# Here are our required parameters. If any are missing we raise an error
screen_name = params.fetch(:screen_name) { raise'screen_name required') }
token = params.fetch(:oauth_token) { raise'oauth_token required') }
secret = params.fetch(:oauth_secret){ raise'oauth_secret required') }
# OK now let's authenticate that user. If we can't find a valid user, raise an error
@user = User.by_screen_name(screen_name).where(
:oauth_token => token,
:oauth_secret => secret
).first or raise'user not found')
# Now we'll build a device. I'm not catching an exception on create! here because
# It should never fail. (I.e. a failure is actually a 500 because we don't expect it)
@device = Device.find_or_create_by_token!(
params.slice(:token, :description).merge(:user_id =>
render :json => { :api_key => @device.api_key }
# Now I can simply catch any of my custom exceptions here
rescue Error => e
# And render their message back to the user
render :json => { :error => e.message }, :status => :unprocessable_entity
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