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Golang timeout and tick loop
// keepDoingSomething will keep trying to doSomething() until either
// we get a result from doSomething() or the timeout expires
func keepDoingSomething() (bool, error) {
timeout := time.After(5 * time.Second)
tick := time.Tick(500 * time.Millisecond)
// Keep trying until we're timed out or got a result or got an error
for {
select {
// Got a timeout! fail with a timeout error
case <-timeout:
return false, errors.New("timed out")
// Got a tick, we should check on doSomething()
case <-tick:
ok, err := doSomething()
// Error from doSomething(), we should bail
if err != nil {
return false, err
// doSomething() worked! let's finish up
} else if ok {
return true, nil
// doSomething() didn't work yet, but it didn't fail, so let's try again
// this will exit up to the for loop

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@jcbritobr jcbritobr commented Jul 21, 2020

If doDomething() waits more than timeout, this example will not be timeouted. Channel must be buffered, for non blocking processing.

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