View SQLiteDateRoundTripTests.cs
using System;
using System.Globalization;
using NUnit.Framework;
namespace UnitTestProject1
public class SQLiteDateRoundTripTests
private int _optionToStringInSqLite = 1; // Currently implemented in System.Data.SQLite
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"use strict";
* This source code is licensed under the BSD-style license.
* Portions of code derived from "babel-jest", copyrighted by
* Facebook, Inc. and released under a BSD-style license.
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import {PUSH, REPLACE} from "redux-little-router";
import defaultCreateLocation from "redux-little-router/lib/util/create-location.js";
// Adapted from
// specifically the Link component (
const normalizeHref = ({ basename, pathname, search }) =>
`${basename || ''}${pathname}${search || ''}`;
const normalizeLocation = href => {
View FormatterExtensions.cs
using System;
using System.IO;
using Nancy;
namespace WebService.Extensions
public static class FormatterExtensions
public static Response AsPartialFile(this IResponseFormatter formatter, string applicationRelativeFilePath, string contentType)
View AboutFramework.cs
using System;
using Microsoft.Win32;
namespace AboutFramework
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
View BowlingKata.cs
namespace BowlingKata02
public class Scorer
private readonly IList<int> rolls = new List<int>();
private int currentRoll;
private int score;
public int CalculateScore()
View [WIP] NH-3807 Pull

[WIP] NH-3807 Support for .NET Core 1.0 #504

This is currently a work in progress. It does compile and I have ran simple programs against it.

A majority of the changes were done to the mainline .NET version so all the mainline tests could be used during development. There are no tests ported to .NET Core yet, and this may be difficult without the dynamic schema support.

By necessity, it includes #241/NH-3431 - Replace System.Data with System.Data.Common and NH-3853 - Switch binary-serialization to an implementation that is supported by CoreClr.

There are a number of compromises that have to take place on .NET Core, chief among them is that there is no GetSchemaTable(). Without this, none of the dynamic schema generation or updates works. The tests, when implemented, will need a static schema c

View GenericEqualityComparer.cs
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
namespace Helpers
public class GenericEqualityComparer
public static IEqualityComparer<T> Create<T>(params Func<T, object>[] Param1)
View database_spaceused.sql
-- Determine table row count and sizes of full database
-- Inspired from
DECLARE @TableInfo TABLE (tablename varchar(128), [rows] int, reserved varchar(18), [data] varchar(18), index_size varchar(18), unused varchar(18))
DECLARE @cmd1 varchar(200)
SET @cmd1 = 'exec sp_spaceused ''?'''
INSERT INTO @TableInfo (tablename,[rows],reserved,[data],index_size,unused)
EXEC sp_msforeachtable @command1=@cmd1
View gist:953502517ccabd5bd264
Function IIf($If, $IfTrue, $IfFalse) {
If ($If -IsNot "Boolean") {$_ = $If}
If ($If) {If ($IfTrue -is "ScriptBlock") {&$IfTrue} Else {$IfTrue}}
Else {If ($IfFalse -is "ScriptBlock") {&$IfFalse} Else {$IfFalse}}
Get-ChildItem -include *.js -exclude *.min.js -recurse | ?{$_.fullname -notmatch "\\node_modules\\?"}
Get-ChildItem -include *.js -recurse | select-string . | Group-Object Path -NoElement | ForEach-Object {IIf($_.Count -le 50) "a. <=50" {IIf($_.Count -le 100) "b. <=100" {IIf($_.Count -le 200) "c. <=200" {IIf($_.Count -le 500) "d. <=500" "e. >500"}}}} | Group-Object -NoElement | Sort-Object Name