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var etherWalletLib = require('ethereumjs-wallet');
var ethUtil = require('ethereumjs-util');
var BN = require('bn.js')
const Peer_Secret = ethUtil.keccak256('ABC');
const wallet = etherWalletLib.generate();
console.log(`Peer Original PrivateKey: ${wallet.getPrivateKeyString()}`);
console.log(`Peer Original PublicKey: ${wallet.getPublicKeyString()}`);
let _privateKey = new BN(wallet.getPrivateKey());
let _mSecret = new BN(Peer_Secret);
let seed_newPk = ethUtil.keccak256(
let newWallet = etherWalletLib.fromPrivateKey(seed_newPk);
console.log(`Peer New PrivateKey: ${newWallet.getPrivateKeyString()}`);
console.log(`Peer New PublicKey: ${newWallet.getPublicKeyString()}`);
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