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Ussd with varying questions and responses
* Collaborated with
$text = $_GET['text'];
//$questions = "How was is it? # Was it enjoyable?# Did you have fun? # Will you come back?";
$questions = "";
//we use array filter to remove indices whose values are empty
$questionsArray = array_filter(explode('#', $questions));
$responseArray = array_filter(explode('*', $text));
if (count($questionsArray) < 1) {
echo "We don't have questions for you today!";
} else {
$currentQuestion = null;
for ($i = 0; $i < count($questionsArray); $i++) {
if (isset($responseArray[$i + 1])) {
//question has been answered
} else {
//question not answered
$currentQuestion = $i;
if (is_null($currentQuestion)) {
//if the current question is null, they've answered everything
echo "You've answered everything";
} else {
//show that question now!
echo $questionsArray[$currentQuestion];
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