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showing :value in laravel validation errors
//in controller
$validator = Validator::make(['one','two','three'], [
'*' => 'exists:table,name',
], [
'exists' => '`:value` does not exist.',
//in service provider boot
$this->app->validator->resolver(function($translator, $data, $rules, $messages, $attributes)
return new CustomValidator($translator, $data, $rules, $messages, $attributes);
use Illuminate\Validation\Validator;
class CustomValidator extends Validator
* Replace all place-holders for the view_exists rule.
* @param string $message
* @param string $attribute
* @param string $rule
* @param array $parameters
* @return string
protected function replaceExists($message, $attribute, $rule, $parameters)
return str_replace(':value', $this->getValue($attribute), $message);
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