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@nh2 nh2/SocketUtils.hs
Created Jul 13, 2019

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Check whether a port is open in Haskell
module SocketUtils
( isPortOpen
, simpleSockAddr
) where
import Data.Word (Word8)
import Foreign.C.Error (Errno(..), eCONNREFUSED)
import GHC.IO.Exception (IOException(..))
import Network.Socket (PortNumber, socket, connect, close', Family(AF_INET), SocketType(Stream), SockAddr(SockAddrInet), tupleToHostAddress)
import UnliftIO.Exception (try, bracket, throwIO)
-- | Checks whether @connect()@ to a given TCPv4 `SockAddr` succeeds or
-- returns `eCONNREFUSED`.
-- Rethrows connection exceptions in all other cases (e.g. when the host
-- is unroutable).
isPortOpen :: SockAddr -> IO Bool
isPortOpen sockAddr = do
bracket (socket AF_INET Stream 6 {- TCP -}) close' $ \sock -> do
res <- try $ connect sock sockAddr
case res of
Right () -> return True
Left e ->
if (Errno <$> ioe_errno e) == Just eCONNREFUSED
then return False
else throwIO e
-- | Creates a `SockAttr` from host IP and port number.
-- Example:
-- > simpleSockAddr (127,0,0,1) 8000
simpleSockAddr :: (Word8, Word8, Word8, Word8) -> PortNumber -> SockAddr
simpleSockAddr addr port = SockAddrInet port (tupleToHostAddress addr)
-- Example usage:
-- > isPortOpen (simpleSockAddr (127,0,0,1) 8000)
-- True
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