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Forked from rmarchei/
Last active Dec 4, 2018
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route53 hook for dehydrated - python2 / python3 + boto2 version. Tested on Ubuntu 16.04
#!/usr/bin/env python
# How to use:
# Ubuntu 16.04: apt install -y python-boto OR apt install -y python3-boto
# Specify the default profile on aws/boto profile files or use the optional AWS_PROFILE env var:
# AWS_PROFILE=example ./dehydrated -c -d -t dns-01 -k /etc/dehydrated/hooks/
# Manually specify hosted zone:
# AWS_PROFILE=example ./dehydrated -c -d -t dns-01 -k /etc/dehydrated/hooks/
# More info about dehaydrated and dns challenge:
# Using AWS Profiles:
# This hook also works with dehydrated's HOOK_CHAIN="yes", which passes all domains in one invocation.
# It is recommended to use this hook with HOOK_CHAIN="yes" because it is faster to challenge domains in batch.
# This hook also works with wildcard certificates.
import os
import sys
from boto.route53 import *
from time import sleep
def get_zone_id(conn, domain):
if 'HOSTED_ZONE' in os.environ:
hosted_zone = os.environ['HOSTED_ZONE']
if not domain.endswith(hosted_zone):
raise Exception("Incorrect hosted zone for domain {0}".format(domain))
zone = conn.get_hosted_zone_by_name("{0}.".format(hosted_zone))
zone_id = zone['GetHostedZoneResponse']['HostedZone']['Id'].replace('/hostedzone/', '')
zones = conn.get_all_hosted_zones()
candidate_zones = []
domain_dot = "{0}.".format(domain)
for zone in zones['ListHostedZonesResponse']['HostedZones']:
if domain_dot.endswith(zone['Name']):
candidate_zones.append((domain_dot.find(zone['Name']), zone['Id'].replace('/hostedzone/', '')))
if len(candidate_zones) == 0:
raise Exception("Hosted zone not found for domain {0}".format(domain))
zone_id = candidate_zones[0][1]
return zone_id
def wait_for_dns_update(conn, response, time_elapsed=0):
timeout = 300
sleep_time = 5
st = status.Status(conn, response['ChangeResourceRecordSetsResponse']['ChangeInfo'])
while st.update() != 'INSYNC' and time_elapsed <= timeout:
print("Waiting for DNS change to complete... ({0}; elapsed {1} seconds)".format(st, time_elapsed))
time_elapsed += sleep_time
if st.update() != 'INSYNC' and time_elapsed > timeout:
raise Exception("Timed out while waiting for DNS record to be ready. Waited {0} seconds but the last status was {1}".format(time_elapsed, st))
print("DNS change completed")
return time_elapsed
def route53_dns(domain_challenges_dict, action):
action = action.upper()
assert action in ['UPSERT', 'DELETE']
conn = connection.Route53Connection()
responses = []
for domain, txt_challenges in domain_challenges_dict.items():
print("domain: {0}".format(domain))
print("txt_challenges: {0}".format(txt_challenges))
zone_id = get_zone_id(conn, domain)
name = u'_acme-challenge.{0}.'.format(domain) # note u'' and trailing . are important here for the == below
# Get existing record set, so we can add our challenges to it.
# It's important that we add instead of override, to support dehydrated's HOOK_CHAIN="no",
# (in which case we as the hook can't see all changes to make upfront).
record_set = conn.get_all_rrsets(zone_id, name=name)
record_exists = False
existing_quoted_txt_challenges = [] # include "" quotes already; not a set because 'DELETE' may care about order
for record in record_set:
if == name and record.type == "TXT":
record_exists = True
existing_quoted_txt_challenges += record.resource_records
if action == 'UPSERT':
needed_quoted_txt_challenges = set('"{0}"'.format(c) for c in txt_challenges)
all_quoted_txt_challenges = set(existing_quoted_txt_challenges) | needed_quoted_txt_challenges
change = record_set.add_change('UPSERT', name, type='TXT', ttl=60)
for txt_challenge in all_quoted_txt_challenges:
response = record_set.commit()
elif action == 'DELETE':
if record_exists:
change = record_set.add_change('DELETE', name, type='TXT', ttl=60)
for txt_challenge in existing_quoted_txt_challenges:
response = record_set.commit()
# We don't block the hook to wait for deletion to complete.
# responses.append(response)
print("Challenge record " + name + " is already gone!")
if responses != []:
print("Waiting for all responses...")
time_elapsed = 0
for response in responses:
time_elapsed = wait_for_dns_update(conn, response, time_elapsed)
def deploy_hook_args_to_domain_challenge_dict(hook_args):
assert len(hook_args) % 3 == 0, "wrong number of arguments, hook arguments must be multiple of 3; " + USAGE_TEXT
domain_dict = {}
for i in xrange(0, len(hook_args), 3):
domain = hook_args[i]
txt_challenge = hook_args[i+2]
domain_dict.setdefault(domain, []).append(txt_challenge)
return domain_dict
if __name__ == "__main__":
assert len(sys.argv) >= 2, "wrong number of arguments, need at least 1; " + USAGE_TEXT
hook = sys.argv[1]
print("hook: {0}".format(hook))
if hook == "deploy_challenge":
hook_args = sys.argv[2:]
domain_challenges_dict = deploy_hook_args_to_domain_challenge_dict(hook_args)
route53_dns(domain_challenges_dict, action='upsert')
elif hook == "clean_challenge":
hook_args = sys.argv[2:]
domain_challenges_dict = deploy_hook_args_to_domain_challenge_dict(hook_args)
route53_dns(domain_challenges_dict, action='delete')
elif hook == "startup_hook":
print("Ignoring startup_hook")
elif hook == "exit_hook":
print("Ignoring exit_hook")
elif hook == "deploy_cert":
print("Ignoring deploy_cert hook")
elif hook == "unchanged_cert":
print("Ignoring unchanged_cert hook")
print("Ignoring unknown hook %s", hook)

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@niall-byrne niall-byrne commented Jun 20, 2018

Recommend changing xrange to range, allowing python3 compatibility.


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@patrakov patrakov commented Sep 7, 2018

I have forked this, to support the case when _acme-challenge is a CNAME. This is good for security reasons - you can put the CNAME target into a separate Route53 zone, and restrict the write permissions for the AWS account to that zone only. In other words, limit the damage if the credentials are stolen - the thieves will not be able to zero out your main zone.

The fork is at


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@tomchiverton tomchiverton commented Dec 4, 2018

Fork here removes some of the output to keep it cleaner :

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