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Grabbing all lesson videos from justinguitar's beginner course
#!/usr/bin/env python
import requests
import re
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from subprocess import call, check_output
import string
def fetch_html(links):
returns = []
for link in links:
link = "" + link
print link
return returns
# Return a tuple: (lesson_title, youtube_video_code)
def parse_info(page):
soup = BeautifulSoup(page)
title_raw = soup.find('title').string.split('|')[0]
title = filter(lambda x: x in string.printable and x != '\n', title_raw)
title = remove_double_space(title)
pat = re.compile(u'watch\?v=(.+?)"')
matches = pat.findall(page)
if len(matches) == 0:
return title, None
return title, matches[0]
# Just for pretty lesson names
def remove_double_space(input_str):
output = re.sub(' +', ' ', input_str)
if output == input_str:
return output
return remove_double_space(output)
# Fetch index pages which has links to all beginner lessons
r = requests.get('')
start_page = r.text
# Search for all links to lessons
pat = re.compile('<a href="(BC-[0-9]{3}-.+?)"')
pages = pat.findall(start_page)
# Fetch html for each lesson
pages_html = fetch_html(pages)
# Crawl each lesson page, pull out lesson names and youtube link code
youtube_codes = []
for html in pages_html:
code = parse_info(html)
print code
if code not in youtube_codes:
# Leech the hell out of them
for lesson in youtube_codes:
# Ignore if lesson has no video
if lesson[1] is None:
call(['touch', lesson[0]])
# Use youtube-dl to get fresh download link and file extension
command = ['youtube-dl', lesson[1], '--skip-download', '--get-url',
'--get-filename', '-f', '35/34/82/44/43/100']
shell_output = str(check_output(command))
direct_link, fname = shell_output.splitlines()
file_ext = fname[fname.rfind('.'):]
file_name = lesson[0] + file_ext
# Then aria2 for serious multi-part download acceleration
print 'Downloading ' + file_name + '...'
command = ['aria2c', "-o", file_name, '-x2',
"%s" % direct_link]
shell_output = check_output(command)
print shell_output
print 'All done! :)'

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@d4rkn d4rkn commented May 24, 2018

Hi! is this still working? I'm having errors when running it :( this is python 2 right?

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