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Last active January 4, 2017 01:25
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ASGARDIA Code of Conduct

ASGARDIA.SPACE Forums Code of Conduct

This document was created at January 4th, 2017 by Matthias Kaschubowski with intention to improve the environments for an extremely large community. This document incorporates proven community standards, internet standards and laws orchestrated to a normalized formal Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is intended to supersede the former Posting Rules of the ASGARDIA.SPACE Forums.


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to guarantee a welcoming, inclusive, barrier-free and safe environment to all Asgardians. The Code of Conduct is enforced by all administrators and responsible moderators of the ASGARDIA.SPACE Forums.

General Agreement

When using the forums, no matter if you read, participate or create own topics, you agree to communicate in English at all forums that are not explicitely defined as being localized to any other language, unconditionally. When using the forums, you agree to alert bugs and security issues concerning the entire website to the bug forums or by using the enlisted contact mechanisms (Forms, Email Addresses, Personal Messages).

The General Agreement is mandatory, you accept them when using our forums. Topics might be closed and replies might be deleted when you violate the General Agreement.

Unsocial Behavior

When using the forums, you have to be inclusive, tolerant about other opinions and free of trollism. You have to act social, regardless of what reason may lead you to don't do so. Our forums require a equal standard of social behavior to guarantee an environment where as many people as possible can participate on as many as possible problems, concepts, ideas or directions at the same time.

When using the forums, discrimination of any kind will be punished. Topics, posts and communications in the orbit of our forums (Facebook, Twitter, Private Messages) containing inappropriate remarks based on one's race, sex, nationality, age, culture, religion, political belief and sexuality will result in a permanently removal of the privilege to write on our forums and/or to participate at other ASGARDIA.SPACE related channels without further notice.

Peaceful Environment

Personal attacks against other members of the community (this includes administrators, moderators and other staff members) are forbidden and will be punished. This includes (and is not limited to) insults, inappropriate remarks and excessive aggressive behavior towards other members. You have to apply common sense and you have to respect other people as you want get handled by them. In case of a disagreement, keep the debate amicable. Escalation of a discussion may result in your post being removed or the thread being locked.

Ads-free Environment

Advertising of any kind is forbidden. Topics containing links to unsanctioned Asgardia content, or to any kind of unrelated content, might be locked and deleted without prior notice. If you get something that might be important for a specific topic for Asgardia and you are not sure if it might be misunderstood as an advertising, feel invited to contact the administrators and moderators for clarification.

Supportive Environment

Excessive and aggressive criticism towards Asgardia will not be tolerated. We are open for constructive criticism aimed at any aspect of Asgardia, but we will not accept constant criticism and negativity clearly aimed at disrupting the activities of this forum. Inappropriate content in this regard will be hidden from the forums and accounts involved might be temporary suspended.

Legal Environment

Any violation against copyrights or laws will be handled. We will forward copyright issues to be handled by the copyright owner. We will formally record law issues to the responsible authorities.

Terror-Free Environment

We oversee all channels of Asgardia and will track situations that might emerge as terrorism honeypots or preperations of acts of terrorism. We will immediatily forward them to the responsible authorities and support them by all costs.

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