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Last active Dec 17, 2015
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PHP simple IoC example
class Container
protected $registry = [];
// Typehint Closure to show expected object
public function bind($name, Closure $closure)
// Populate $registry array with passed-in $closure
$registry[$name] = $closure;
// Pass in the array key which corresponds to a closure in this case (can return object instances etc. too)
public function make($name)
if (isset($registry[$name])) {
return $registry[$name]();
// Implementation example
// Create a new container object
$container = new Container;
// The bind() method on Container expects to be passed a key/name for the array and a closure.
// Bind the closure (new Cat object).
$container->bind('cat', function() {
// return a new instance of a Cat object (class not provided in this example) after
// passing in an array with the cat's temper attribute (string, associative array, whatever).
return new Cat('Angry Cat');
// Pass 'cat' as the key/name into make() to resolve the object from the container.
$cat = $container->make('cat');
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