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A self-hosted backend platform for front-end developers to easily create sophisticated, realtime web applications.
Bonfire will be a node.js backend platform for developing a realtime API. It also provides common integrations that sophisticated realtime web applications require. Bonfire is being developed so that your typical front-end developer will rarely have to touch backend code.
Bonfire will sit on top of Sails.js (node.js, Express & and will use MongoDB.
It will allow front-end developers to perform CRUD operations via websockets upon the backend data. Security restrictions will be written & enforced server-side. This will closely model Firebase in this regard.
What Else?
As a front-end developer, there’s only so much you can do before you will need your own backend (even when using something like Firebase). Since we will already have a backend running for you to deploy, we’ll also include common (opinionated) integrations and features common to most web apps (as discussed above). Such features will include: user registration via social media, user authentication & authorisation, file uploads & storage, transactional email, scheduled emails, payment gateway support (eg. Stripe) etc.
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