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Created October 8, 2013 01:50
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Axlsx line break
require 'axlsx' do |package|
workbook = package.workbook
workbook.add_worksheet do |sheet|
wrap = workbook.styles.add_style alignment: {wrap_text: true}
sheet.add_row ["Foo\r\nBar", "Foo\rBar", "Foo\nBar", "Foo\n\r\nBar"], style: wrap
package.serialize "linebreak.xlsx"
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The same code doesn't give a new line in my mac OSX. Then i added this line and it works
package.use_shared_string = true

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Re: Mac OSX, please note it's use_shared_strings (with an S at then end), not use_shared_string.

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Thanks, works great in Excel

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