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##apocalypse log
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[11:16:14 pm] --> nisa ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:16:15 pm] * Topic for ##apocalypse is "<rasengan> foss is forking. foss is building. foss is collaboration. <letty> foss is taking a lot of cocaine :: <girst> fuck you rasengan for destroying freenode <3"
[11:16:15 pm] * Topic set by Jigsy! on 2021-06-15 21:11:55 UTC
[11:16:15 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +ns by
[11:16:15 pm] * Channel ##apocalypse created on 2021-06-15 20:52:40 UTC
[11:16:23 pm] <aeth> 17:16:05 [capone] -!- 51 57630 Current global users 51, max 57630
[11:16:25 pm] --> HeTo ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:16:31 pm] <-> ChanServ is now known as Global
[11:16:31 pm] --> ar ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:16:33 pm] <-> Irydacea is now known as root
[11:16:35 pm] <@itisnigh> <BluRaf@pissnet> yeah, with walkover xD
[11:16:36 pm] <rasengan> root: we are enjoying this, right? like the old days
[11:16:37 pm] <rak> aeth: Yeah, it's been increasing :-)
[11:16:40 pm] <aeth> let's make capone larger than new freenode
[11:16:41 pm] <root> hi guys rasengan here
[11:16:42 pm] <Aighearach> If I set up my own server there would be a lot of rules.
[11:16:47 pm] <rasengan> here too
[11:16:50 pm] <@gerard> oh, good point. Global is another services nick - that's another user accounted for :>
[11:16:51 pm] <-- OperServ ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[11:16:51 pm] <root> the real king lee
[11:16:55 pm] <root> um
[11:17:00 pm] <root> smash or pass
[11:17:02 pm] --> OperServ ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:17:03 pm] --> girst_ ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:17:04 pm] --> Lambdadelta (~ursatempe@ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:17:17 pm] <Lambdadelta> good morning
[11:17:18 pm] <+HostServ> root: pass the coke already
[11:17:20 pm] <Lambdadelta> are we dead yet?
[11:17:22 pm] <girst_> \o
[11:17:23 pm] <@crschmidt> yes
[11:17:26 pm] -*- OperServ slaps HostServ around a bit with a wet trout
[11:17:26 pm] <gibby_> sadly, no.
[11:17:28 pm] <Lambdadelta> how dead are we?
[11:17:29 pm] <root> we are gonna build a HUGE wall of coke
[11:17:31 pm] <-> rak is now known as alis
[11:17:31 pm] <@crschmidt> Lambdadelta: quite
[11:17:32 pm] <ar> this is purgatory
[11:17:32 pm] <root> it's gonna be huge i tell you
[11:17:36 pm] -*- HostServ slaps OperServ around a bit with a vhost
[11:17:37 pm] <-> eris-berkeleyedu is now known as eris
[11:17:38 pm] <agrecascino> can anyone /topic without services
[11:17:39 pm] <@crschmidt> root: millions!
[11:17:41 pm] <@Jigsy> Yes.
[11:17:42 pm] -*- gibby_ starts passing out 8-balls
[11:17:43 pm] <+HostServ> root: YUGE
[11:17:44 pm] <+HostServ> BIGLY
[11:17:45 pm] <@Jigsy> +t isn't set.
[11:17:47 pm] <+HostServ> MILLIONS (OF PEOPLE)
[11:17:48 pm] <@crschmidt> this channel is not +t, so yes
[11:17:50 pm] <root> it's gonna be the best wall of coke anyone's ever built and people are going to love it
[11:17:51 pm] <@itisnigh> <SylvesterStalin@pissnet> is freenode completely dead?
[11:17:52 pm] <agrecascino> damn ok
[11:17:55 pm] <nisa> this is insane…
[11:17:56 pm] <Aighearach> You're not in Heaven until you see Peorth or Belldandy
[11:17:57 pm] <@itisnigh> <BluRaf@pissnet> SylvesterStalin: one server left, capone
[11:17:58 pm] <+HostServ> root: MILLIONS OF COCAINES
[11:17:58 pm] <nisa> It really is
[11:18:02 pm] <@itisnigh> <BluRaf@pissnet> services down
[11:18:03 pm] <nisa> damn I can't get over it
[11:18:03 pm] <@itisnigh> <SylvesterStalin@pissnet> ALL ON CAPONE
[11:18:06 pm] <lorimer> WE ARE NOT DEAD YET.
[11:18:07 pm] <@gwillen> 14:17 < root> we are gonna build a HUGE wall of coke
[11:18:08 pm] --> fosco ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:18:10 pm] <-> ar is now known as chanserv
[11:18:11 pm] <root> freenode is freedom. freenode is foss. freenode is WHITE POWDER
[11:18:12 pm] <@gwillen> are we gonna make rasengan pay for it
[11:18:20 pm] <Selicre> we're drifting on a piece of wood waiting for it to go down
[11:18:20 pm] <nisa> yeah we're still alive here…
[11:18:21 pm] <eris> White Powder Christmas
[11:18:24 pm] <@gerard> so how is everyone finding out about capone? lots of people still joining here
[11:18:30 pm] <flyback> root stfu
[11:18:30 pm] <-- Lambdadelta (~ursatempe@ has quit (Client Quit)
[11:18:31 pm] <eris> ##apocalypse
[11:18:34 pm] <agrecascino> rasengan is a person with a name and address
[11:18:35 pm] <@Jigsy> It's part of the list.
[11:18:35 pm] <lorimer> apocalypse-watchers
[11:18:37 pm] <root> i came from libera ##freenode
[11:18:38 pm] <Selicre> I found out about it in the libera mirror
[11:18:38 pm] <flyback> it's bad enough this is happening we don't need trolling here
[11:18:39 pm] <-> chanserv is now known as ChanServ
[11:18:39 pm] <@itisnigh> <crschmidt@libera> gerard: ##freenode on libera
[11:18:48 pm] <@itisnigh> <UrsaTempest@libera> someone posted the IP for capone
[11:18:52 pm] <@gerard> ack, that makes sense
[11:18:55 pm] <@gerard> ty
[11:18:55 pm] <aeth> so weird seeing ChanServ not opped in the user list
[11:18:56 pm] <root> also i don't wanna be root anymore, makes me feel dirty
[11:18:57 pm] <@gwillen> I mean, 52 users is not.... really a lot
[11:18:58 pm] <@itisnigh> <BluRaf@pissnet> some people are tracking which servers are dead
[11:19:00 pm] <-> root is now known as Irydacea
[11:19:00 pm] <@itisnigh> <UrsaTempest@libera> going directly to get newnode instead
[11:19:01 pm] <@gwillen> by the usual standards
[11:19:02 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v ChanServ by gerard
[11:19:04 pm] <@itisnigh> <BluRaf@pissnet>
[11:19:07 pm] <@Jigsy> Beat me too it.
[11:19:07 pm] <@Jigsy> :P
[11:19:09 pm] <nisa> gerard: I feel like this is going to turn into a libera server somehow... just like hitchcock
[11:19:09 pm] <aeth> do we have a MemoServ?
[11:19:13 pm] --> CalimeroTeknik (~calimero@ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:19:13 pm] <@itisnigh> <crschmidt@libera> UrsaTempest:
[11:19:14 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> Literally of them are dead now, so.
[11:19:16 pm] <agrecascino> there's no way like
[11:19:20 pm] <agrecascino> if they cnamed it out
[11:19:22 pm] <@gerard> nisa: ah, that would be neat
[11:19:25 pm] <lorimer> my DNS actually had the old IP cached, luckily
[11:19:25 pm] <nisa> yeah
[11:19:26 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vv NlCKSERV OperServ by Jigsy
[11:19:29 pm] <@gerard> lorimer: same
[11:19:30 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> nisa: "somehow" as in the sponsor likely pulled out
[11:19:30 pm] <agrecascino> there's no way they have access here
[11:19:32 pm] <+OperServ> aww thanks
[11:19:39 pm] <gibby_> lorimer: same here too
[11:19:47 pm] <Selicre> give me voice too, for no apparent reason
[11:19:50 pm] <@itisnigh> <BluRaf@pissnet>
[11:19:50 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Selicre by gerard
[11:19:51 pm] <Global> can i have +v
[11:19:53 pm] <+Selicre> thank you
[11:19:56 pm] <Arrowmaster> me too!
[11:19:56 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Global by crschmidt
[11:19:56 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Global by Jigsy
[11:19:58 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv kwpolska Aighearach Larkin agrecascino by gerard
[11:19:58 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv nisa matthias Guest3452 q3k by gerard
[11:19:58 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv Irydacea alis gibby_ fosco by gerard
[11:19:58 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv HeTo girst_ bs338 Arrowmaster by gerard
[11:19:58 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv rasengan Vultyre shikadibot aeth by gerard
[11:19:59 pm] <eris> I just made reenode
[11:20:00 pm] <+Global> god bless
[11:20:00 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv flyback lorimer eris jacekowski by gerard
[11:20:01 pm] <+nisa> I think mister lee does not even have access to this IRC anymore
[11:20:02 pm] <+agrecascino> BLUE
[11:20:02 pm] <+Vultyre> \o/
[11:20:03 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vv Armanelgtronchat CalimeroTeknik by gerard
[11:20:03 pm] <+eris> ##reenode
[11:20:04 pm] <+Global> BLUE
[11:20:04 pm] <@Jigsy> EVERYBODY GETS A VOICE!
[11:20:05 pm] <+Irydacea> !hug aeth
[11:20:05 pm] -*- shikadibot hugs aeth
[11:20:05 pm] <+lorimer> i think they might have lost this server :)
[11:20:05 pm] <@gwillen> I don't think capone is cnamed
[11:20:06 pm] <+gibby_> thanks :)
[11:20:08 pm] <+Selicre> if everyone's voiced, nobody is!
[11:20:10 pm] <+eris> aaaayy thanks
[11:20:12 pm] <+lorimer> WE CAN ALL THE SPEAK MAKE
[11:20:12 pm] <+Selicre> but I like the hat.
[11:20:15 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> amazing
[11:20:15 pm] <+eris> u da real mvp
[11:20:15 pm] <@gwillen> I think capone's DNS is still the real capone
[11:20:16 pm] <+alis> thanks gerard
[11:20:19 pm] <+nisa> I think mister lee does not even have access to this IRC anymore
[11:20:21 pm] <+Irydacea> aeth: oh my god shikadibot's shitty perl still works
[11:20:24 pm] <+eris> gwillen: correct
[11:20:28 pm] <+agrecascino> gwillen, ah someone said up here it was cnamed out
[11:20:29 pm] <+eris> I am joined using dns capone
[11:20:29 pm] <@gerard> lorimer: speak the tru tru
[11:20:33 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> graziemille alla mafia
[11:20:34 pm] <+Irydacea> aeth: it's been untouched for 11 years
[11:20:41 pm] <+aeth> Irydacea: wow
[11:20:41 pm] <+agrecascino> it worked for me about 20 minutes ago
[11:20:46 pm] <+aeth> !hug shikadibot
[11:20:46 pm] -*- shikadibot hugs shikadibot
[11:20:49 pm] <@itisnigh> <BluRaf@pissnet> hey, seriously, who is the owner of capone? wasn't it one of the servers linked after Lee took over the network?
[11:20:57 pm] <+agrecascino> !help
[11:20:57 pm] <+shikadibot> agrecascino: Available topics: !, 8, ?, D, HELP, HUG, MATH, NAMEGEN, NETNAME, NETPROTO, PING, TIME, VERSION, WHATIS
[11:21:00 pm] <+aeth> and yet it's still running
[11:21:01 pm] [+HostServ] Your vhost of RIP.FREENODE is now activated.
[11:21:04 pm] <+agrecascino> !math 232+3
[11:21:04 pm] <+shikadibot> agrecascino: 235
[11:21:04 pm] <@gerard> BluRaf: fwiw the ircd uptime is about 7 days
[11:21:06 pm] <+nisa> what
[11:21:09 pm] <+agrecascino> I GOT A VHOST
[11:21:10 pm] <+Irydacea> HostServ: woo
[11:21:10 pm] <+nisa> I got a vhost
[11:21:17 pm] <+HostServ> EVERYONE GETS A VHOST
[11:21:17 pm] <+Aighearach> Long Live Little Toot! Now, when is the pizza supposed to get here???
[11:21:19 pm] <+HostServ> but i only have one
[11:21:20 pm] <@gwillen> nisa: I don't really know how ircop stuff works.... if this server is no longer connected to services, and they don't have root on the box, then uh
[11:21:21 pm] <+HostServ> so you have to share
[11:21:22 pm] <+Irydacea> i should've brought wine instead of tea
[11:21:25 pm] <+eris> waaaaaow
[11:21:27 pm] <@gwillen> is it ours now
[11:21:34 pm] <@gerard> gwillen: presumably they'll have an O-line and can just /die it
[11:21:34 pm] <+alis> BluRaf: Organization: Nexeon Technologies, Inc. (NT-63)
[11:21:35 pm] <+lorimer> [17:08:25] * Your host is[], running version ircd-seven-1.1.9
[11:21:35 pm] <+lorimer> [17:08:25] * This server was created Wed Jun 9 2021 at 00:29:28 EDT
[11:21:35 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse -s by Jigsy
[11:21:41 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +s by gerard
[11:21:41 pm] <@Jigsy> Might as well get people in here.
[11:21:45 pm] -*- Vultyre breaks Larkin's finger
[11:21:46 pm] <+Selicre> who tf fingered me
[11:21:49 pm] <+HostServ> Larkin pls don't finger me
[11:21:50 pm] <@gerard> yes but also let's try to avoid detection a little ;)
[11:21:51 pm] <+Aighearach> "tea," right, like anybody would drink that on IRC?
[11:21:53 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +C by MooServ
[11:21:53 pm] <+Selicre> I'll finger your ass
[11:21:54 pm] <@Jigsy> Fair enough.
[11:21:55 pm] <+Global> are there any ops still online?
[11:21:55 pm] <+HostServ> Global pls don't VERSION me
[11:21:58 pm] <@gerard> MooServ: ty
[11:21:59 pm] <@Jigsy> Opers?
[11:21:59 pm] <@Jigsy> No.
[11:22:02 pm] <+matthias> 55 users
[11:22:03 pm] <+Global> HostServ: just checking for zombies
[11:22:03 pm] <+alis> BluRaf: check the output of whois
[11:22:03 pm] <+aeth> this server is 54/55... one under the high in /lusers, and it's always one under its high
[11:22:05 pm] <@MooServ> why +s?
[11:22:08 pm] <+Global> then why are we +sing
[11:22:08 pm] <+aeth> nobody used this server but now it's all that's left
[11:22:08 pm] <+Global> lmao
[11:22:10 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> come one come all
[11:22:10 pm] <+Irydacea> NO OPERS. ONLY MAN
[11:22:11 pm] <+HostServ> Global: braaaaaains
[11:22:16 pm] <-> Jigsy is now known as JigsServ
[11:22:17 pm] <+Global> ye gods
[11:22:23 pm] -*- Global blam blam blam
[11:22:25 pm] <@itisnigh> nick change by balrog_ to balrog on freenode_new
[11:22:28 pm] <+Irydacea> THIS IS WHAT IRC IS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE
[11:22:28 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse -s by crschmidt
[11:22:36 pm] <@gerard> I guess anarchy wins
[11:22:37 pm] <@gerard> :)
[11:22:37 pm] <+Irydacea> not fucking kline central
[11:22:38 pm] --> BluRaf ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:22:45 pm] <+OperServ> this server was 7 users 30 minutes ago fwiw
[11:22:48 pm] <+Vultyre> Irydacea: This is foss?
[11:22:55 pm] <+agrecascino> let's start a new freenode but it's just capone
[11:22:57 pm] <+lorimer> 800% growth rate
[11:22:57 pm] <BluRaf> without nickserv registration, but fuck it, I've dropped in on Monday already
[11:22:59 pm] <+Irydacea> Vultyre: the real foss. the good foss
[11:22:59 pm] <BluRaf> \m/
[11:23:02 pm] <+Vultyre> Caponode
[11:23:02 pm] <+rasengan> This is freedom.
[11:23:03 pm] <@itisnigh> <balrog@freenode_new> where's the old server now?
[11:23:06 pm] <+aeth> I'm just glad that I won't get killed or klined for what I say here
[11:23:06 pm] <+eris> "chghost: denied"
[11:23:06 pm] <@gerard> lorimer: hockeystick growth
[11:23:06 pm] <@itisnigh> <balrog@freenode_new> (what hostname)
[11:23:08 pm] <@gerard> up and to the right
[11:23:13 pm] <+eris> you are not an irc operator
[11:23:14 pm] <+HostServ>
[11:23:18 pm] <@itisnigh> <aeth@freenode_new> balrog: no hostname anymore only IP
[11:23:19 pm] <+lorimer> #ircstonks
[11:23:21 pm] * gerard has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "<rasengan> foss is forking. foss is building. foss is collaboration. <letty> foss is taking a lot of cocaine :: <girst> fuck you rasengan for destroying freenode <3 :: capone is FOSS"
[11:23:22 pm] <@crschmidt> balrog: no hostname now, just
[11:23:22 pm] <+HostServ> oh
[11:23:24 pm] <@itisnigh> <aeth@freenode_new> capone the name is dead now
[11:23:24 pm] <BluRaf> balrog, only by ip:
[11:23:27 pm] <+HostServ> they removed the hostname?
[11:23:28 pm] * crschmidt has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: " || <rasengan> foss is forking. foss is building. foss is collaboration. <letty> foss is taking a lot of cocaine :: <girst> fuck you rasengan for destroying freenode <3 :: capone is FOSS"
[11:23:28 pm] <+eris> too bad, i wanted to be from
[11:23:35 pm] <@crschmidt> HostServ: they cnamed it to
[11:23:42 pm] <@crschmidt> (Which is also what they did with all the others)
[11:23:46 pm] <-> NlCKSERV is now known as Serv-Chan
[11:23:48 pm] <+HostServ> crschmidt: ??? that's not what i'm seeing
[11:23:49 pm] <@itisnigh> <BluRaf@pissnet> gerard: can you put capone IP in /topic here?
[11:23:54 pm] <+HostServ> i just did a dig +trace
[11:23:56 pm] <+eris> as of 20 mins ago i connected via hostname
[11:23:56 pm] <@crschmidt> HostServ: DNS propogation delays
[11:23:59 pm] <+HostServ> i just did a dig +trace
[11:24:00 pm] --> mornfall (~mornfall@ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:24:05 pm] <+HostServ> should that not be authoritative?
[11:24:06 pm] <@crschmidt> i dunno, i'm reporting what other people said
[11:24:11 pm] <@gerard> BluRaf: yes, hold on
[11:24:16 pm] <@crschmidt> I don't think dig +trace is authoritative but I don't know
[11:24:19 pm] <+OperServ> A 4m52s
[11:24:24 pm] <+HostServ> crschmidt: it is
[11:24:28 pm] <@itisnigh> nick change by paulo_ to paulo on libera
[11:24:29 pm] <+HostServ> it starts at the DNS root and works from there
[11:24:30 pm] <@itisnigh> <balrog@freenode_new> and someone is squatting nickserv there
[11:24:37 pm] <@itisnigh> topic change by gerard on pissnet: freenode_new:, freenode_old_a: (, libera:, and pissnet: | This is pissnet
[11:24:38 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> yeah, they can't take down this server because of the gre tunnels
[11:24:39 pm] <@itisnigh> nick change by paulo to paulo_ on libera
[11:24:45 pm] <@gwillen> authoritative is {dina,noah}
[11:24:46 pm] -*- Vultyre updates his configuration
[11:24:59 pm] <+HostServ> >> dig +short
[11:25:00 pm] <@gwillen> both of which appear to continue to tell me the real capone
[11:25:01 pm] <+HostServ>
[11:25:01 pm] <-- flyback ( has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[11:25:02 pm] <+Irydacea> fuck it i'm bringing all my clients up
[11:25:03 pm] <+HostServ> or just check the authoritative nameservers
[11:25:10 pm] --> Irydesktop (~iris@ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:25:10 pm] <@gerard> Dick_Nachos: no no no it's because of bgp
[11:25:14 pm] --> ljl ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:25:21 pm] <+Irydacea> gonna inflate some numbers in this shit
[11:25:26 pm] <+HostServ> god wtf was lee even talking about re: gre tunnels
[11:25:29 pm] <+HostServ> wtf are they using those for
[11:25:31 pm] <+Aighearach> Bring them, but tell them to bring the pizza
[11:25:35 pm] <+agrecascino> gre tunnels?
[11:25:39 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> gerard: these are both valid reasons that this server is so awesome
[11:25:39 pm] --> CodeGeek ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:25:45 pm] <@gerard> Dick_Nachos :)
[11:25:46 pm] <@crschmidt> HostServ: i dunno then, other people are seeing it differently, maybe cloudflare fucked up :)
[11:25:49 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> gre and bgp
[11:25:51 pm] <CodeGeek> I just connected to capone
[11:25:56 pm] <@JigsServ> Yo.
[11:25:57 pm] --> flyback ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:26:04 pm] <+Selicre> this feels like the last bastion of people of old faith that are desperately trying to avoid converting to a new faith
[11:26:05 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv BluRaf CodeGeek flyback Irydesktop by JigsServ
[11:26:05 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vv ljl mornfall by JigsServ
[11:26:13 pm] <+nisa> #keep-capstone-alive <- I made this
[11:26:22 pm] <+Armanelgtronchat> capstone??
[11:26:23 pm] <@MooServ> it's capone, not capstone lol
[11:26:28 pm] --> Irydacea2 ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:26:29 pm] <+Selicre> lmao nisa
[11:26:29 pm] <+Vultyre> lol
[11:26:33 pm] <+HostServ> rekt
[11:26:35 pm] <+nisa> oh shit
[11:26:36 pm] <@JigsServ> lol.
[11:26:38 pm] <+Aighearach> They promised pizza, why would I still convert when I'm still hungry? In the old days we had pizza.
[11:26:41 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> worse tattoo ever, nisa
[11:26:41 pm] <@gerard> crschmidt: caching is hard?
[11:26:44 pm] <@gerard> (re: cloudflare)
[11:26:46 pm] <+Selicre> I am eating pizza rn
[11:26:46 pm] <-> ljl is now known as LjLServ
[11:26:52 pm] <+nisa> #keep capone-alive <- this one instead! lol
[11:26:53 pm] <@gerard> eventual consistency is consistent eventually
[11:26:56 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> Nisa it's Capone
[11:26:57 pm] <+Selicre> I would share but I don't have pizza-over-IPv4 yet :<
[11:27:01 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> Capstone is just a shitty boomer shooter company
[11:27:02 pm] <+nisa> #keep-capone-alive <- this one instead! lol
[11:27:03 pm] <+Vultyre> /msg LjLServ identify Vultyre hunter2
[11:27:05 pm] <+Vultyre> oops
[11:27:05 pm] <+OperServ> cloudflare DNS is generally like super up to date IME
[11:27:10 pm] <-> eris is now known as WyattServ
[11:27:11 pm] <+OperServ> like, ~15 seconds
[11:27:12 pm] <@itisnigh> <UrsaTempest@libera> I wonder what happened with those guys at techrights
[11:27:14 pm] <+Aighearach> There are Demons among us. There Are Birds Upon The Lawn!
[11:27:19 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> UrsaTempest: Moving here.
[11:27:20 pm] <+nisa> it litterally took me 3 tries
[11:27:25 pm] <+CodeGeek> Vultyre: don't worry, we only saw *******
[11:27:27 pm] <@itisnigh> <UrsaTempest@libera> moving to libera
[11:27:27 pm] <+Armanelgtronchat> I don't know why I find this all so interesting
[11:27:30 pm] <@itisnigh> <UrsaTempest@libera> ? huh
[11:27:36 pm] <@gerard> Armanelgtronchat: it's good drama
[11:27:39 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> Irydacea: <immibis> <schestowitz> if they don't sort out their network by midnight, I will start migrating over all the remaining bots, there will be bugs at first though
[11:27:41 pm] <+BluRaf> amogus
[11:27:45 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> UrsaTempest: ^
[11:27:46 pm] <+nisa> Who has got a topic for #keep-capone-alive?
[11:27:48 pm] <@gerard> Armanelgtronchat: and, unlike the covid drama of the last year or so, at least this is fairly harmless
[11:27:50 pm] <@itisnigh> <UrsaTempest@libera> I half-expected they be on new freenode
[11:27:59 pm] <+Aighearach> We have to send a rescue team to new freenode, they've captured Amishguy2006
[11:28:12 pm] <+HostServ> i'm seeing 0 evidence that the capone subdomain's DNS record has changed tbh
[11:28:15 pm] <-> WyattServ is now known as CompuServ
[11:28:21 pm] <+LjLServ> hey can i have voice? i swear allegiance to the prince, uh, actually, to whomever it may concern?!
[11:28:22 pm] <@JigsServ> Now that's an old name.
[11:28:24 pm] <+Selicre> lmao
[11:28:26 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v LjLServ by gerard
[11:28:27 pm] <+CompuServ> :)
[11:28:32 pm] <+LjLServ> this is freedom
[11:28:33 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Irydacea2 by JigsServ
[11:28:34 pm] --> Tat ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:28:35 pm] <+LjLServ> asking, and getting!
[11:28:36 pm] <+HostServ> /msg CompuServ pls give internet
[11:28:37 pm] <+rasengan> LjLServ: emperor please
[11:28:38 pm] <@crschmidt> HostServ: yeah, reasonable
[11:28:39 pm] <@itisnigh> <immipiss@pissnet> there's still a freenode_old_a? the #freenode relay wass shut down because val thought there were no more servers
[11:28:41 pm] <+Irydacea> ladies and gentlemen, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight, the longest night on freenode
[11:28:42 pm] <+Selicre> capone is FOSS
[11:28:45 pm] <+LjLServ> rasengan: i'm sorry
[11:28:51 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> UrsaTempest: Even ol' Tech Boy Roy has standards apparently
[11:28:52 pm] --> wowStillAlive ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:28:54 pm] --> kongr45gpen ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:28:54 pm] <@crschmidt> immipiss: one remaining server,
[11:28:55 pm] <+aeth> freenode_old_a is just one server, it's not the one that's part of the services
[11:28:57 pm] <+alis> HostServ: Yeah, it's still unchanged AFAICT
[11:28:57 pm] <+CompuServ> /msg HostServ pls give money
[11:28:58 pm] <@itisnigh> <gerard@pissnet> immipiss: there's one lost server
[11:29:03 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> freedom as it is the most precious - when you fear you might lose it at any moment
[11:29:03 pm] <@MooServ> the remaining server has #freenode +q anyway
[11:29:05 pm] <@MooServ> so nobody can talk
[11:29:09 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvv kongr45gpen Tat wowStillAlive by JigsServ
[11:29:10 pm] <+aeth> I mean, freenode_old_a is no longer bridging to the part of old freenode that had access to the services
[11:29:19 pm] <@itisnigh> <gerard@pissnet> immipiss: we're massively inflating its user numbers as a going away party
[11:29:25 pm] <+agrecascino> MooServ, wait what
[11:29:26 pm] <+Arrowmaster> freenode_old_a is where the party is
[11:29:27 pm] <+agrecascino> which server
[11:29:27 pm] <+rasengan> LjLServ: accepted
[11:29:28 pm] <+wowStillAlive> this
[11:29:33 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> what other servers than this one work?
[11:29:34 pm] <@MooServ> agrecascino: this one ??
[11:29:34 pm] [+HostServ] CompuServ's vhost has been changed to I.AM.BROKE
[11:29:36 pm] <+aeth> < crschmidt> is the old capone IP
[11:29:36 pm] <@JigsServ> This is the last server.
[11:29:44 pm] <+Vultyre> aeth: there's a new one?
[11:29:44 pm] <+mornfall> CompuServ: what did you do to dolores?
[11:29:47 pm] <@gerard> JigsServ: that we know {of,how to connect to}
[11:29:48 pm] <-> OperServ is now known as a
[11:29:52 pm] <+CodeGeek> Freenode is dead, long live Freenode
[11:29:53 pm] <@JigsServ> Well, yeah, that we know of.
[11:29:56 pm] <+kongr45gpen> So there are really only ~50 people in here? that's fun
[11:29:59 pm] <+HostServ> CompuServ: get your own money
[11:29:59 pm] <@crschmidt> we looked pretty hard!
[11:30:01 pm] <@JigsServ> Shame is down.
[11:30:02 pm] <+aeth> Vultyre: I think it means the former capone can be accessed through that IP
[11:30:04 pm] <+aeth> but we're here
[11:30:06 pm] <@gerard> crschmidt: oh I agree!
[11:30:06 pm] <+Vultyre> ah, got it
[11:30:10 pm] --> Togra (~Togra@ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:30:12 pm] <+agrecascino> MooServ, oh i'm an idiot i thought this was #freenode
[11:30:16 pm] <+agrecascino> for a sec
[11:30:16 pm] <@gerard> crschmidt: y'all did some excellent work there <3
[11:30:17 pm] <@MooServ> lol
[11:30:17 pm] <-> a is now known as \______{^-_-^}
[11:30:17 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Togra by JigsServ
[11:30:22 pm] <+nisa> that situation is pretty damn damned
[11:30:23 pm] <+Togra> thanks!
[11:30:27 pm] [@MooServ] MOOS ARE BEING DISPERSED
[11:30:30 pm] [@MooServ] moooooooooooooooooooo
[11:30:31 pm] --> Disconsented (~quassel@ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:30:32 pm] <+matthias> If this is really hosted somehwere without direct access then this will make a funny social experiment.
[11:30:32 pm] -*- Vultyre pets \______{^-_-^}
[11:30:32 pm] <+Selicre> moo
[11:30:36 pm] <+LjLServ> agrecascino: shut up you're not an idiot
[11:30:37 pm] <+Armanelgtronchat> nananana batmoo?
[11:30:37 pm] <+matthias> An IRC server without opers.
[11:30:38 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Disconsented by JigsServ
[11:30:40 pm] <+HostServ> so how has this server avoided getting shut down?
[11:30:42 pm] <+LjLServ> the whole notion of idiocy has been redefined
[11:30:42 pm] <+CompuServ> mornfall: I wish i were old enough to know what that's referencing
[11:30:48 pm] <+Selicre> HostServ: general incompetency
[11:30:49 pm] <+Disconsented> o/
[11:30:51 pm] <+LjLServ> you need to be a GODDAMN FRIGGING IDIOT now to be an idiot
[11:30:52 pm] [+HostServ] MooServ is a cow
[11:30:58 pm] <+Togra> no services, no ops, it's all us now
[11:31:00 pm] <+HostServ> Selicre: that would do it
[11:31:02 pm] <+mornfall> CompuServ: your previous nick was WyattServ
[11:31:02 pm] [@MooServ] LIES, i AM A POTATO
[11:31:03 pm] <@crschmidt> HostServ: This server was disconnected on its own by a netsplit before anything went down earlier yesterday
[11:31:03 pm] -*- \______{^-_-^} purrs
[11:31:04 pm] <+Tat> Lol. Not incompetnce. Self forced destruction.
[11:31:04 pm] <@itisnigh> <moony@pissnet> nice bonfire you all have going
[11:31:07 pm] <+jacekowski> Disconsented: hello
[11:31:10 pm] <+nisa> HostServ: I think it has o-lined the others so it's not able to get /die 'ed
[11:31:11 pm] <+CompuServ> mornfall: yeah my reall name is wyatt
[11:31:12 pm] <@crschmidt> HostServ: So our assumption is that they accidentally missed it
[11:31:12 pm] <+BluRaf> no services, no ops, just some piss
[11:31:15 pm] <+mornfall> CompuServ: oh
[11:31:20 pm] <+aeth> honestly, this ##apocalypse thing couldn't have turned out better. they forgot a server and left us with an old school IRC party
[11:31:21 pm] <+CompuServ> :)
[11:31:28 pm] <@itisnigh> <gerard@pissnet> moony: pass the marshmellows?
[11:31:30 pm] <+mornfall> CompuServ: it's not a very common name
[11:31:31 pm] <+Disconsented> So was it malice or stupidity that finally killed it?
[11:31:32 pm] <+Tat> Nickserv and Chanserv here are people pretending to nickserv and chanserv.
[11:31:35 pm] <+CompuServ> true
[11:31:39 pm] <+LjLServ> Disconsented: yes
[11:31:43 pm] <@JigsServ> No idea who owns it.
[11:31:43 pm] <+\______{^-_-^}> no opers, no chanops, no services, no consequences
[11:31:46 pm] <@JigsServ> /admin wasn't any help.
[11:31:49 pm] <+Tat> If you somehow logged in in the last 20 minutes your passwords are compromised.
[11:31:49 pm] <+mornfall> CompuServ: it's a character on westworld… (i'm not gonna spoil tho)
[11:31:52 pm] --> IronDeHavilland ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:31:52 pm] [+Selicre] Thank you for noticing this notice.
[11:31:53 pm] <+CompuServ> ohh, a westworld reference
[11:31:54 pm] <@itisnigh> <moony@pissnet> "<people screaming at rasengan>" Here's the people screaming:
[11:31:54 pm] --> Irydacea_ ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:31:55 pm] <+HostServ> >no opers
[11:31:57 pm] <+HostServ> \______{^-_-^}: rude
[11:31:58 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Irydacea_ by JigsServ
[11:32:00 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v IronDeHavilland by JigsServ
[11:32:00 pm] <+BluRaf> aeth: this reminds me of better times when I was spending New Year's Eve with other microblog users on (Polish Digg clone)
[11:32:02 pm] <+HostServ> >no services
[11:32:03 pm] <+BluRaf> just casually chatting
[11:32:04 pm] <+HostServ> RUDE
[11:32:06 pm] <+HostServ> I AM THE SERVICE
[11:32:08 pm] <+CompuServ> i was wondering if it was wyatt earp or something
[11:32:08 pm] <-> Irydacea_ is now known as ShikadiQueen
[11:32:10 pm] <+BluRaf> B)
[11:32:14 pm] <+Togra> also- SSL doesn't work?
[11:32:16 pm] <-> ShikadiQueen is now known as Iris
[11:32:17 pm] <+Togra> lol
[11:32:17 pm] <+Vultyre> 😎
[11:32:20 pm] <@gerard> Togra: worked for me I think?
[11:32:22 pm] <+Togra> oh
[11:32:24 pm] <+CodeGeek> SSL worked for me
[11:32:26 pm] <@JigsServ> I forgot to connect via SSL.
[11:32:27 pm] <@gerard> yeah, worked for me too
[11:32:29 pm] <+Iris> oh yeah i forgot there's no services and no impostor using my real name
[11:32:29 pm] <+Togra> well if I get DC'd, I'll flip it back on and try again
[11:32:40 pm] <@MooServ> I'm using default (non-ssl) port
[11:32:42 pm] <+BluRaf> no services, no tls, no impostors
[11:32:43 pm] <+Togra> when I tried it straight up didn't even try, just said "naw, no handshake for you"
[11:32:44 pm] <+BluRaf> just amogus
[11:32:46 pm] <-> Tat is now known as LiberaSaves
[11:32:52 pm] <+Togra> well my client tried, but yeah
[11:32:54 pm] <+Larkin> Togra: you have to add IP to your /etc/hosts as so you can validate the cert
[11:33:00 pm] <+Togra> oooh
[11:33:03 pm] <+HostServ> BluRaf: well don't ask me for a vhost then
[11:33:05 pm] <+Togra> wild
[11:33:05 pm] <@gerard> Larkin: only if your client does cert validation
[11:33:08 pm] <-> CodeGeek is now known as FuckRasengan
[11:33:10 pm] <+Larkin> yeah well, mine does :P
[11:33:11 pm] <@gerard> and really who worries about irc mitm...
[11:33:12 pm] <+Togra> yeah I could tell mine to let that slide
[11:33:17 pm] <-> HostServ is now known as root
[11:33:20 pm] <+root> FuckRasengan: rude
[11:33:20 pm] <@crschmidt> ( may also still work for some people without editing hosts)
[11:33:22 pm] <-> root is now known as HostServ
[11:33:24 pm] <+agrecascino> bored some i'm pulling up a raw log for the last moments of freenode
[11:33:24 pm] <@gerard> (also is resolving for plenty of folks)
[11:33:26 pm] <@crschmidt> (the story on that has been inconsistent)
[11:33:31 pm] <+Selicre> lmao I disabled host validation because I was too lazy to get a real cert for my own server
[11:33:33 pm] <+FuckRasengan> root: let's do cocaine
[11:33:33 pm] <+Togra> I'd care if I logged into nickserv, but well, I dropped my account early on
[11:33:37 pm] <+Larkin> it's resolving to new network sometimes isn't it?
[11:33:38 pm] <+LjLServ> crschmidt: that's because DNS sucks! we need to decentralize DNS! MAKE DNS GREAT AGAIN
[11:33:38 pm] <-- Global ( has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[11:33:39 pm] <+HostServ> Selicre: like, universally?
[11:33:42 pm] <+CompuServ> selicre: me too
[11:33:43 pm] <+agrecascino> caponne should become a pissnet node
[11:33:49 pm] <+Larkin> Togra: also there's no services left
[11:33:50 pm] <+Selicre> yes
[11:33:51 pm] <+CompuServ> but per-channel because xchat lets me
[11:33:53 pm] <+Serv-Chan> does SASL use nickserv?
[11:33:53 pm] <+Togra> yeah lol
[11:33:56 pm] <+CompuServ> *per server
[11:33:57 pm] <+Vultyre> C O L D W E T C H A T S
[11:33:59 pm] <+HostServ> Selicre: that's pretty dumb tbh
[11:34:00 pm] <@crschmidt> Larkin: it has been reported that is the case, but it does not seem like it should be because authoritative servers are still giving this IP
[11:34:00 pm] <@itisnigh> nick change by twilight_ to twilight on pissnet
[11:34:01 pm] <+Irydacea> YES WE NEED TO BUY CAPONE
[11:34:01 pm] <+Selicre> I do not use IRC so this does not matter to me
[11:34:01 pm] <+CompuServ> cold wet chats
[11:34:03 pm] <@gwillen> I haven't seen any examples of capone resolving to the new network
[11:34:10 pm] <@gwillen> I think that was an error or a misunderstanding
[11:34:11 pm] <-- wowStillAlive ( has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[11:34:11 pm] <+Irydacea> can we find out who's sponsoring capone?
[11:34:16 pm] <@gwillen> but if someone's personally seen one do tell
[11:34:17 pm] <+LjLServ> i don't get it guys. i think this is the right place to say it. piss is warm, not cold.
[11:34:21 pm] <+HostServ> Irydacea: possibly
[11:34:21 pm] <+LjLServ> it is, admittedly, wet.
[11:34:22 pm] -*- kongr45gpen is anyone still using the /me command?
[11:34:25 pm] <+BluRaf> HostServ: I need no cloaks, I'm a proud man with my own tilde linux server and a domain B)
[11:34:26 pm] -*- gwillen is
[11:34:27 pm] <+Aighearach> I don't care if you spilled "tea" on the pizza, we still have to eat it
[11:34:27 pm] <+Togra> LjLServ ha! yeah!
[11:34:28 pm] -*- nisa does
[11:34:40 pm] <@gwillen> W A R M W E T C H A T S
[11:34:40 pm] --> Noisytoot (~noisytoot@ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:34:41 pm] <+HostServ> OrgName: Nexeon Technologies, Inc.
[11:34:44 pm] <+CompuServ> whois tells me nothing
[11:34:45 pm] <+HostServ> them maybe?
[11:34:46 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Noisytoot by JigsServ
[11:34:57 pm] <+alis> CompuServ: Yeah, whois the ip
[11:34:58 pm] <+Vultyre> LjLServ: /!\ C O L D W E T C H A T S /!\
[11:35:05 pm] <+flyback> you know what
[11:35:11 pm] <-> kongr45gpen is now known as alezakos
[11:35:17 pm] <@itisnigh> <SylvesterStalin@pissnet> WARM DRY CHATS
[11:35:19 pm] <+CompuServ> ah duh
[11:35:19 pm] <+flyback> some of us would like to spend some time here with the last of a network
[11:35:28 pm] <+Selicre> so is pissnet solely about piss or is it about other tangental things
[11:35:31 pm] <+flyback> and would you KINDLY SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH YOUR STUPID CHATS SPAM
[11:35:34 pm] <+CompuServ> hi flyback
[11:35:37 pm] <+flyback> OR JUST KILL YOUSELF
[11:35:41 pm] <+CompuServ> i'm wyatt8740 from #electronics
[11:35:43 pm] <+nisa> this is the biggest single-server irc I have ever seen lol
[11:35:44 pm] <+BluRaf> well, Nexeon is hosting the physical server or VPS, but who has access to this server?
[11:35:45 pm] <+mornfall> This server was created Wed Jun 9 2021 at 00:29:28 EDT
[11:35:46 pm] <+Iris> SQUISH SQUISH
[11:35:47 pm] <+Noisytoot> Selicre, it's also about other stuff
[11:35:51 pm] <+Noisytoot> #hamradio is about spam
[11:35:53 pm] <+aeth> CompuServ: if you're from #electronics then your nick makes sense
[11:35:54 pm] <@gerard> flyback: I would recommend a properly formed /ignore line
[11:35:55 pm] <+Serv-Chan> n
[11:35:55 pm] <+Serv-Chan> n.
[11:35:57 pm] <+Noisytoot> actually, it is spam
[11:35:59 pm] <@JigsServ> By the look of it, nobody.
[11:36:03 pm] <+Noisytoot> #cheeseradio is about ham radio
[11:36:04 pm] --> canton7 ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:36:05 pm] <+CompuServ> aeth: I'm from all over
[11:36:05 pm] <+aeth> let's salute old freenode. o7
[11:36:07 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v canton7 by gerard
[11:36:08 pm] <@JigsServ> No opers, nothing.
[11:36:10 pm] <+Selicre> o7
[11:36:11 pm] <@gerard> o7
[11:36:11 pm] <+Irydacea> oh i should take a look at hamradio
[11:36:11 pm] <+Togra> o7
[11:36:12 pm] <+Irydacea> brb
[11:36:14 pm] <+gibby_> o7
[11:36:15 pm] <+CompuServ> i wish i could get my a500 hooked up to irc quickly enough
[11:36:17 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> bring your friends
[11:36:17 pm] <+LiberaSaves> This final server should implode at somepoint but they are doing a shitty job killing the last server.
[11:36:17 pm] <+Vultyre> o7
[11:36:18 pm] <@JigsServ> o7
[11:36:20 pm] <@crschmidt> o7
[11:36:21 pm] <+alezakos> o7
[11:36:22 pm] <+mornfall> nisa: it's only got a few dozen users
[11:36:23 pm] <+Serv-Chan> o7
[11:36:23 pm] <+flyback> CompuServ, why not
[11:36:24 pm] <+Irydacea> o7
[11:36:26 pm] <+alezakos> why are we saying o7 again?
[11:36:29 pm] <+FuckRasengan> o7
[11:36:30 pm] <+canton7> o7
[11:36:30 pm] <+Togra> saluting the fallen
[11:36:31 pm] <+Iris> o7
[11:36:33 pm] <@crschmidt> saluting old freenode
[11:36:34 pm] <@gerard> alezakos: we are saluting the last freenode host
[11:36:35 pm] <@itisnigh> nick change by twilight__ to twilight on pissnet
[11:36:35 pm] --> Espio ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:36:36 pm] <+fosco> o7
[11:36:37 pm] <+shikadibot> o7
[11:36:37 pm] <@itisnigh> <argonel@libera> o7
[11:36:38 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> o7
[11:36:38 pm] <+HostServ> o7
[11:36:40 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Espio by JigsServ
[11:36:42 pm] <@itisnigh> <johnlage@pissnet> o7
[11:36:43 pm] <+Irydacea2> o7
[11:36:45 pm] --> mst ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:36:45 pm] <+Aighearach> o7
[11:36:48 pm] <+agrecascino> o7
[11:36:50 pm] <@itisnigh> <CodeGeek@libera> o7
[11:36:51 pm] <+nisa> mornfall: yeah but still…
[11:36:51 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v mst by JigsServ
[11:36:51 pm] <-> Irydacea2 is now known as shadowm
[11:36:52 pm] <+CompuServ> flyback: mainly because I need to get software on it and figure out how to actually network it over the rs232 port
[11:36:53 pm] <+Disconsented> o7
[11:36:55 pm] <+LiberaSaves> "<+aeth> let's salute old freenode. o7"
[11:36:56 pm] <@gwillen> o7
[11:36:57 pm] <+mst> END OF THE WORLD PARTY
[11:36:58 pm] <+\______{^-_-^}> o7
[11:36:59 pm] <+nisa> this was part of freenode once
[11:37:00 pm] --> thelounge19 ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:37:00 pm] -*- mst raises glass
[11:37:03 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> press F to pay respects
[11:37:03 pm] <+\______{^-_-^}> when lee killed the previous server he directly said it's the last client server, so I assume he just went off to find more cocaine or similar after killing it
[11:37:04 pm] <thelounge19> heheeeeeeeee
[11:37:06 pm] <+flyback> CompuServ, that's easy slip or PPP
[11:37:07 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v thelounge19 by JigsServ
[11:37:07 pm] <@gwillen> F
[11:37:08 pm] --> rctgamer3 (~rctgamer3@ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:37:09 pm] --> lame___ ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:37:10 pm] <+mst> I came to the pub to IRC from here
[11:37:10 pm] <+Vultyre> F
[11:37:13 pm] <+kwpolska> bye and thanks for all the fish
[11:37:13 pm] <+CompuServ> flyback: as it is i can hook up my IBM 3161 terminal :D
[11:37:15 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v rctgamer3 by JigsServ
[11:37:16 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v lame___ by JigsServ
[11:37:17 pm] <+mst> so I has beer while watching everything burn
[11:37:18 pm] <+fosco> F
[11:37:20 pm] <+lorimer> o7 \~/
[11:37:21 pm] <+aeth> F
[11:37:23 pm] <+CompuServ> and watch freenode die on an amber CRT
[11:37:23 pm] <+flyback> you can probably use a esp8266 as a wifi to rs232 bridge
[11:37:24 pm] <@JigsServ> F
[11:37:26 pm] <@itisnigh> nick change by \n to Nay on pissnet
[11:37:32 pm] <@gerard> 21:37 [freenode_old_a] -!- There are 0 users and 77 invisible on 1 servers
[11:37:32 pm] <+Iris> this is beautiful
[11:37:32 pm] <+alezakos> In these final moments, i invite you all to listen to my mixtapes:
[11:37:33 pm] <@gerard> lol
[11:37:38 pm] <+FuckRasengan> this is the IP of
[11:37:41 pm] <+lame___> is this The restaurant at the end of the universe
[11:37:48 pm] <-> lame___ is now known as seo`
[11:37:55 pm] * gerard has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: " (<- IP) || <rasengan> foss is forking. foss is building. foss is collaboration. <letty> foss is taking a lot of cocaine :: <girst> fuck you rasengan for destroying freenode <3 :: capone is FOSS"
[11:37:56 pm] <+agrecascino> seo`, ye
[11:37:57 pm] --> Sgeo ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:37:59 pm] <+seo`> :D
[11:38:00 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Sgeo by JigsServ
[11:38:02 pm] <+IronDeHavilland> the restaurant at the end of old freenode
[11:38:06 pm] <+Iris> !hug everyone
[11:38:06 pm] <+shikadibot> Iris: everyone is not here. :(
[11:38:13 pm] <+alezakos> :(
[11:38:14 pm] <+Iris> shikadibot: goddammit i hate you
[11:38:14 pm] <-- kwpolska ( has quit (Quit: fuck rasengan)
[11:38:15 pm] <+thelounge19> !hug *
[11:38:15 pm] <+shikadibot> thelounge19: * is not here. :(
[11:38:16 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> bring everyone
[11:38:18 pm] <+mst> o/ Daisy, Daisy, Give me your answer do o/
[11:38:19 pm] --> foobar ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:38:22 pm] --> rbraun ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:38:24 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v foobar by JigsServ
[11:38:27 pm] <+agrecascino> alezakos,
[11:38:28 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v rbraun by JigsServ
[11:38:30 pm] <+rbraun> are we still up in this bitch
[11:38:32 pm] <+Iris> worst child to ever come out of my keyboard
[11:38:34 pm] <@JigsServ> I wonder what happened with the NickServ/Dogecoin situation.
[11:38:37 pm] <+CompuServ> yes
[11:38:42 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> Welcome, Welcome, to the End of Evang… Freenode
[11:38:44 pm] <+foobar> I'm
[11:38:44 pm] <@crschmidt> rbraun: indeed
[11:38:45 pm] --> artart78 ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:38:46 pm] <+BluRaf> is anyone recording the last moments of freenode here?
[11:38:47 pm] <+Aighearach> From the Awesome Mixtape
[11:38:48 pm] <+CompuServ> wait, there was a nickserv/dogecoin situation?
[11:38:50 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v artart78 by JigsServ
[11:38:53 pm] <@JigsServ> Yeah.
[11:38:58 pm] <+CompuServ> i must know the deets
[11:39:01 pm] --> McD^ ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:39:01 pm] <@crschmidt> CompuServ: there was apparently an IRC bot that let people store dogecoin, identified with nickserv
[11:39:03 pm] <+HostServ> i mean, i have logging enabled
[11:39:03 pm] <@JigsServ> [20:34:45] <CalimeroTeknik> >14:37:50 < palasso> rasengan: There is a problem with at least one bot (specifically the bot named Wallet) which relies on NickServ identification (thus classic database). This bot is basically a bank for cryptocurrencies.
[11:39:05 pm] <+HostServ> so sure
[11:39:07 pm] <+FuckRasengan> walletbot
[11:39:07 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v McD^ by JigsServ
[11:39:09 pm] <+BluRaf> as a video, I mean
[11:39:11 pm] <+aeth> crschmidt: Wallet, in #dogecoin
[11:39:14 pm] <@crschmidt> there you go
[11:39:15 pm] <+Noisytoot> BluRaf, most clients log
[11:39:27 pm] <@MooServ> oh I thought that bot was about storing bitcoin. But yeah, I heard about Wallet
[11:39:30 pm] <@MooServ> how do they even solve that?
[11:39:31 pm] <+CompuServ> lol
[11:39:32 pm] <+agrecascino> holy shit
[11:39:33 pm] <@itisnigh> nick change by orkim` to orkim on pissnet
[11:39:35 pm] <+Togra> wow really hope people got their doge out of there before today lol
[11:39:36 pm] <@MooServ> do they just give up and take all the money?
[11:39:39 pm] <+agrecascino> people just lost all their money lmao
[11:39:39 pm] <+Togra> really got bamboozled
[11:39:45 pm] <+aeth> Wallet does bitcoin too but it doesn't do ethereum because it's apparently a pain to host
[11:39:46 pm] <+LiberaSaves> So the guy who stole Mt GOX coins wants nickserv to store cryptocurrencies? Whaaaaaaaa?
[11:39:48 pm] --> AlexZ (sid12766@gateway/web/ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:39:52 pm] <+artart78> 😢
[11:39:52 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> I hope ChanServ uses my password wisely
[11:39:54 pm] <+aeth> this definitely reminds me about mtgox
[11:39:56 pm] <+FuckRasengan> what is pissnet?
[11:39:56 pm] <+Iris> LiberaSaves: wait really?
[11:39:58 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v AlexZ by JigsServ
[11:40:02 pm] <@crschmidt> LiberaSaves: this wasn't a rasengan plan
[11:40:03 pm] <+agrecascino> FuckRasengan, modern a-net
[11:40:04 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> I mean NickServ
[11:40:05 pm] <@crschmidt> this was a thing that already existed
[11:40:07 pm] <+aeth> the last time there was really drama of this magnitude on freenode was mtgox, early 2014, afaik
[11:40:09 pm] <@crschmidt> but it was using nickserv as an identity store
[11:40:11 pm] <+Iris> oh my god
[11:40:11 pm] <+aeth> I was in those mtgox channels
[11:40:13 pm] <@MooServ> the bot was by #dogecoin users, not freenode
[11:40:14 pm] --> gradator ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:40:16 pm] <@crschmidt> but now that identity store is gone
[11:40:18 pm] <@MooServ> it was just using freenode accounts for authentication
[11:40:18 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v gradator by JigsServ
[11:40:20 pm] <+fosco> gradator: !!!
[11:40:21 pm] <@MooServ> which is all gone now
[11:40:23 pm] <+CompuServ> crschmidt, this wasn't a plan
[11:40:27 pm] <+aeth> funny how the same mtgox people are bhind this drama too
[11:40:28 pm] <+Iris> why on earth would you use someone else's server to store your crypto pii
[11:40:28 pm] <+gradator> fosco: !!!
[11:40:31 pm] <+Iris> or whatever
[11:40:31 pm] <+CompuServ> ftfy
[11:40:38 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> they seem to have ported the registrations DB to neonode
[11:40:38 pm] <@MooServ> I used to have 1000 dogecoin in doger
[11:40:41 pm] <+aeth> MooServ: but the bot used nickserv/etc. to authenticate users
[11:40:43 pm] --> Sol-test ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:40:45 pm] --> rasendork (b9dc66f7@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:40:46 pm] <@MooServ> would have been worth a few hundred today. It was all donated dogecoin
[11:40:48 pm] <@crschmidt> Iris: i mean, you could ask the same thing about people who have wallets on mtgox or whatever. people do shit
[11:40:49 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> anyone else feel like spamming /msg nickserv identify GOFUCKYOURSELF
[11:40:52 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Sol-test by JigsServ
[11:40:53 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v rasendork by JigsServ
[11:40:55 pm] <@crschmidt> I don't think teh amount of money is huge
[11:40:56 pm] <+FuckRasengan> press F to pay respects
[11:40:57 pm] <@crschmidt> it just sucks
[11:40:59 pm] <@gerard> so apparently they're planning to use 2fa tokens to verify identity for the people who had 2fa enabled
[11:41:05 pm] <@itisnigh> <Adran@libera> MooServ? lol
[11:41:05 pm] --> Guest25 (Guest25@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:41:06 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> F
[11:41:07 pm] <+LiberaSaves> Apparently yeah, Wallet. As if that guy could be trusted with money when his money comes from "hackers" stealing money and he runs away and is suddenly buying shit he never had money for.
[11:41:09 pm] <+Togra> F
[11:41:09 pm] <+fosco> F
[11:41:10 pm] <+gradator> F
[11:41:11 pm] <+Iris> crschmidt: they gave andrew lee free money
[11:41:12 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Guest25 by JigsServ
[11:41:13 pm] --> Liskni_si ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:41:13 pm] <+rasendork> F
[11:41:16 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Liskni_si by JigsServ
[11:41:18 pm] <+Iris> F
[11:41:21 pm] <+Irydacea> F
[11:41:23 pm] <@JigsServ> That was his true objective.
[11:41:26 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> F
[11:41:29 pm] <+shadowm> F
[11:41:30 pm] <@JigsServ> Seizing freenode to steal Dogecoin.
[11:41:34 pm] <+aeth> F
[11:41:35 pm] <+shikadibot> F
[11:41:41 pm] <+Irydesktop> F
[11:41:43 pm] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> I'm surprised I haven't been banned yet
[11:41:44 pm] <+mornfall> Liskni_si: o/~
[11:41:44 pm] <+artart78> F
[11:41:47 pm] <+nisa> F
[11:41:48 pm] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> actively telling people to go elsewhere
[11:41:51 pm] <+Liskni_si> mornfall: o/
[11:41:52 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> "Seizing freenode to steal Dogecoin." hard lol
[11:41:54 pm] <-> Noisytoot is now known as MemoServ
[11:41:55 pm] <+Aighearach> F
[11:41:58 pm] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> also, F
[11:42:05 pm] <@gerard> JigsServ: it all makes sense now
[11:42:10 pm] <@gerard> JigsServ: from the former mtgox ceo...
[11:42:11 pm] <+lorimer> F
[11:42:16 pm] <-> Sol-test is now known as Solbux
[11:42:23 pm] <@JigsServ> Poor guy.
[11:42:26 pm] <@gerard> (which, I will remind you all once again, stands for magic the gathering online exchange)
[11:42:27 pm] <@JigsServ> Probably needs the money for cocaine.
[11:42:39 pm] <@crschmidt> Iris: Nah, the person who ran the bot took it down and now has no way to identify who can access it, but the money hasn't gone away (yet)
[11:42:45 pm] <+Aighearach> That's why they call him Price Little Toot
[11:42:47 pm] <+CompuServ> poor bastards
[11:42:49 pm] <+LiberaSaves> Yeah, putting your bitcoin in magic the gathering makes as much sense as IRC.
[11:42:52 pm] <+Aighearach> Prince Little Toot
[11:43:14 pm] <+Iris> crschmidt: oh no i meant the whole mt gox situation. people claim andrew was involved
[11:43:15 pm] <+FuckRasengan> trusting an IRC bot with your money makes total sense
[11:43:23 pm] <+Iris> crschmidt: that sounds sucky though
[11:43:29 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> for those who think they have lost money, check whether your account has been ported to freenode_new/neonode
[11:43:35 pm] <+aeth> FuckRasengan: I mean, it usually has like $5 in it, the problem is that that $5 can become $500 in a year
[11:43:43 pm] <+alezakos> Dick_Nachos: I get an error that I need to be identified to talk to nickserv
[11:43:46 pm] <@gerard> aeth: but also $0
[11:43:50 pm] <@crschmidt> oh, sure
[11:43:54 pm] <@crschmidt> mtgox was a shitshow
[11:43:55 pm] <@crschmidt> whatever
[11:43:56 pm] <+Iris> i wonder how many people are watching us from libera but can't join because of K-lines
[11:43:57 pm] <+aeth> gerard: that actually isn't a problem
[11:43:58 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> lol
[11:44:04 pm] <+alezakos> which is amazing because i need nickserv to identify to nickserv
[11:44:04 pm] <+CompuServ> heh that's true
[11:44:05 pm] <+aeth> gerard: I too can make a bot that keeps track of a currency worth $0
[11:44:08 pm] <+aeth> aethbux
[11:44:09 pm] <+Sgeo> Do the K-Lines transfer to newfreenode?
[11:44:10 pm] <@gerard> aeth: :D
[11:44:13 pm] -*- aeth tips gerard 27 aethbux
[11:44:14 pm] <+Iris> Sgeo: no
[11:44:16 pm] <@crschmidt> Sgeo: no
[11:44:16 pm] <@gerard> aww yisss
[11:44:19 pm] -*- gerard rich now
[11:44:23 pm] <+agrecascino> caponebux
[11:44:23 pm] <+Iris> Sgeo: the bad news is they are dishing them out like free candy anyway
[11:44:26 pm] <+aeth> if you assert that 1 aethbux = $1 then you just made $27, gerard
[11:44:29 pm] --> josh ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:44:33 pm] <+jacekowski> somebody said that they have migrated nick registrations
[11:44:33 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v josh by JigsServ
[11:44:34 pm] <@gerard> aeth: fiat currency WOO
[11:44:39 pm] <+CompuServ> hmm, today i will go get myself k-lined again
[11:44:39 pm] <+LjLServ> I reached the end of freenode without being k-lined (well, not forever). Wasn't positive that would happened.
[11:44:45 pm] <+aeth> gerard: no, not fiat, "stablecoin"
[11:44:49 pm] <+Selicre> guys while we're at it, do y'all wanna test a game I'm working on?
[11:44:55 pm] [+HostServ] alezakos doesn't get a vhost because they can't identify themselves
[11:44:58 pm] <@gerard> aeth: as long as we're not calling it crypto I'm happy
[11:44:58 pm] <+Selicre>
[11:44:58 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> I really don't think the "plan" was to make off with wallet bot
[11:44:59 pm] <+CompuServ> I've never been k-lined anywhere actually
[11:45:10 pm] <-> Irydacea is now known as Irydacea_vps
[11:45:12 pm] <+aeth> gerard: no need to crypto, it's more efficient to use postgresql
[11:45:13 pm] <+Selicre> I made it to the end without any kicks or k-lines
[11:45:14 pm] <+Aighearach> K Line transfers anything, anywhere.
[11:45:14 pm] <@JigsServ> I got G-lined a lot in my youth.
[11:45:16 pm] <-> shadowm is now known as Irydacea
[11:45:20 pm] <+\______{^-_-^}> hey all so I'm going to bed and I assume this server will be gone when I wake up so it was nice chatting with yall on the last ever what-we-knew-as-freenode server
[11:45:20 pm] <-> Irydacea_vps is now known as shadowm
[11:45:26 pm] <-- Solbux ( has quit (Quit: leaving)
[11:45:27 pm] <+HostServ> \______{^-_-^}: same to you <3
[11:45:27 pm] <+nisa> CompuServ: I got g-lined 6 times today, in "new" freenode
[11:45:30 pm] <+FuckRasengan> I don't think there was a plan, just a copious amount of drugs
[11:45:31 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> Sure it's an opportunity to seize on stealing walletbot now
[11:45:33 pm] <+agrecascino> Selicre, the power of <canvas>
[11:45:34 pm] <+Irydacea> \______{^-_-^}: o7
[11:45:34 pm] --> enyc ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:45:34 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> So now they're bringing the nickserv db back?
[11:45:37 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v enyc by JigsServ
[11:45:39 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> But I doubt it was at all planne
[11:45:40 pm] <+LiberaSaves> Fuck, I lost.
[11:45:40 pm] <+CompuServ> selicre: i got kicked from #freenode for saying praise helix earlier today
[11:45:42 pm] <+HostServ> Dick_Nachos: what?
[11:45:42 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> planned*
[11:45:42 pm] <+CompuServ> that's my only kick
[11:45:46 pm] <@itisnigh> <ircfan@libera> FuckRasengan LOOOOOL
[11:45:47 pm] <+Selicre> agrecascino: indeed!
[11:45:49 pm] <+\______{^-_-^}> o7
[11:45:49 pm] <+Irydacea> also much 💜
[11:45:49 pm] <+LjLServ> Dick_Nachos: are they?
[11:45:53 pm] <+LiberaSaves> Pretty cool tho
[11:45:55 pm] <-- \______{^-_-^} ( has quit (Quit: \______{^-_-^})
[11:45:55 pm] <+HostServ> Dick_Nachos: source pls
[11:45:56 pm] <@gerard> Dick_Nachos: you're joking
[11:45:58 pm] <+Selicre> technically this can be done without canvas though
[11:46:03 pm] <+aeth> oh no we lost our ASCII cat
[11:46:04 pm] <+nisa> Dick_Nachos: the services are offline anyways
[11:46:06 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> \______{^-_-^}: Be well
[11:46:07 pm] -*- enyc meows
[11:46:07 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> No, that's what I heard
[11:46:08 pm] <+LiberaSaves> No space = Jump was weird.
[11:46:14 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> I thought I heard it in here
[11:46:15 pm] <+HostServ> where did you hear this
[11:46:17 pm] -*- CompuServ servs compu
[11:46:21 pm] <+enyc> brrb
[11:46:21 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> my bad I'm confused I thin
[11:46:22 pm] <-- enyc ( has quit (Client Quit)
[11:46:24 pm] -*- HostServ starts host
[11:46:24 pm] <+MemoServ> When will this server be shut down?
[11:46:24 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> *think
[11:46:27 pm] <+agrecascino> it's kinda like emulator controls
[11:46:28 pm] <@gerard> MemoServ: we do not know
[11:46:28 pm] <+HostServ> MemoServ: no idea
[11:46:29 pm] <+Selicre> LiberaSaves: it's for compatibility with emulator controls mostly
[11:46:30 pm] <+agrecascino> MemoServ, nobody knows
[11:46:35 pm] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> The new ircd is incompatible with the old ircd, porting the db would take actual work & basic competence
[11:46:35 pm] <+aeth> MemoServ: we're here until it shuts down, that's the point of the ##apocalypse watch party
[11:46:40 pm] --> saucyfox ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:46:41 pm] <@JigsServ> It'll happen when it happens (if it happens - which it probably will)...
[11:46:42 pm] <-> josh is now known as BotServ
[11:46:43 pm] <saucyfox> o7
[11:46:43 pm] <+aeth> MemoServ: tbh I am surprised that ##apocalypse has lasted almost 24 hours now
[11:46:45 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v saucyfox by JigsServ
[11:46:47 pm] <-- foobar ( has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[11:46:49 pm] <+BotServ> heh
[11:46:52 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> El. Psy. Congroo.
[11:46:53 pm] <@gerard> fnlol: all surmountable with the right amount of work/planning though
[11:46:54 pm] <+CompuServ> imma start drawing something in deluxepaint
[11:46:58 pm] <+CompuServ> might be a freenode tribute
[11:47:00 pm] <+nisa> MemoServ: I hope it won't ever… I hope this turns into a libera server or something
[11:47:01 pm] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> aeth: happy birthday
[11:47:03 pm] <+CompuServ> we'll see
[11:47:06 pm] <+BluRaf> Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down
[11:47:06 pm] --> enyc ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:47:11 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v enyc by JigsServ
[11:47:12 pm] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> gerard: no, those prerequisites are too high
[11:47:15 pm] <+nisa> Hi enyc
[11:47:16 pm] <+MemoServ> nisa, It's unlikely that the domain name will be kept
[11:47:16 pm] <+alezakos> Yeah someone on reddit claimed that the tools existent to transfer the databases cannot really support the amount of data present on freenode
[11:47:22 pm] <+alezakos> so it would take a lot of work
[11:47:24 pm] <@gerard> fnlol: yeah...
[11:47:27 pm] <@itisnigh> <aeth@freenode_new> fnlol: ty
[11:47:27 pm] <+nisa> MemoServ: It's gone already
[11:47:28 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> and the world goes on turning and turning… turning and falling ♪
[11:47:34 pm] <+agrecascino>
[11:47:40 pm] <+aeth> I think most people here are using the IP to connect now
[11:47:41 pm] <+CompuServ> al capone will have to be in the picture
[11:47:41 pm] <@gerard> alezakos: "a lot" #doubt
[11:47:42 pm] <@JigsServ> I dropped my account before HappyTree died.
[11:47:45 pm] <+MemoServ> Is it?
[11:47:45 pm] <@gerard> alezakos: it would take work, sure
[11:47:46 pm] <@JigsServ> Was 7y old.
[11:47:48 pm] <@gerard> alezakos: but seriously...
[11:47:54 pm] <+Selicre> btw did lee just claim people wanted classic to go?
[11:47:58 pm] <+Aighearach> "it would take a lot of work" so like, 15 minutes to rewrite the buffers to use a disk?
[11:47:59 pm] <+enyc> hrrm fun cannot join new hannel etc
[11:48:01 pm] <+Selicre> or did anyone actually want it
[11:48:03 pm] <@Dick_Nachos> Don't listen to me, I must have read something wrong. I thought someone else literally just said that they were going to restore the DB now.
[11:48:04 pm] <+Iris> alezakos: that sounds like speculation unless it's an undercover account from someone like tomaw who used to have access to the services database
[11:48:06 pm] -*- Sgeo just now realizes the implications of chatting MemoServ
[11:48:14 pm] <@crschmidt> Selicre: no, he basically claimed that everyone were being assholes, so it needed to go
[11:48:15 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> Selicre, there are always a few trolls to say yes in #freenode
[11:48:20 pm] <+alezakos> well yeah it's definitely speculation
[11:48:23 pm] <+Selicre> fair enough
[11:48:23 pm] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> "How can we chat while our staff is churning? How can we idle while our chans are burning?"
[11:48:25 pm] <@crschmidt> But it was always going to go
[11:48:35 pm] <+FuckRasengan> so, they plan on taking on the InspIRCd code and modify it for their needs, but they can't even do a DB migration. And if they want any programming help they'll have to go to Libera to ask questions
[11:48:40 pm] <+aeth> -!- 85 88 Current local users 85, max 88
[11:48:40 pm] <@itisnigh> <twilight@pissnet> most of the people saying things lee likes who arent opers are trolls lol
[11:48:48 pm] <+MemoServ> nisa, still points to
[11:48:51 pm] <@JigsServ> From what I saw yesterday, virtually everyone told him to get fucked.
[11:48:53 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> FuckRasengan, they'll do it in NODEJS
[11:48:55 pm] <@JigsServ> ircu, Anope, etc.
[11:49:02 pm] <+nisa> MemoServ: that's just your cache
[11:49:18 pm] <+Selicre> there was this one guy whose name looked like "cumdildo" that simped for new staff very hard and I still have no idea if they're a troll
[11:49:21 pm] <+Selicre> or just really dumb
[11:49:21 pm] <+FuckRasengan> CalimeroTeknik: I mean, everyone can code an IRC server in a weekend
[11:49:26 pm] <+q3k> FuckRasengan: yeah i'm impressed they didn't manage to migrate over the database
[11:49:31 pm] <+Selicre> FuckRasengan: for some definition of "everyone"
[11:49:32 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> Doesn't mean it'll run well
[11:49:34 pm] <@JigsServ> I wrote on in mIRC script.
[11:49:34 pm] <+saucyfox> agrecascino: I like these tunes
[11:49:43 pm] <@JigsServ> one*
[11:49:47 pm] <+BotServ> New freenode should run on that mIRC IRCd script
[11:49:55 pm] <+agrecascino> thx, i just sent it because the album title is "crumbling"
[11:49:56 pm] <+aeth> freenode should run on raw telnet
[11:49:58 pm] <@JigsServ>
[11:49:58 pm] <+CalimeroTeknik> FuckRasengan, but not in pure bash
[11:50:00 pm] <@JigsServ> It does actually work.
[11:50:03 pm] <@itisnigh> mode change by MemoServ on pissnet: +q MemoServ
[11:50:06 pm] <@JigsServ> Modes, joins, parts, etc.
[11:50:18 pm] <+aeth> has anyone written an ircd in brainfuck yet?
[11:50:24 pm] <@gerard> aeth:
[11:50:25 pm] <+aeth> just assume that the brainfuck i/o is network i/o
[11:50:28 pm] <+Aighearach> $ dig @ ... 281 IN A
[11:50:31 pm] <+saucyfox> is that even possible?
[11:50:34 pm] <+LjLServ> is this the most bridged channel on IRC
[11:50:39 pm] <+saucyfox> I've never heard of any brainfuck thing doing network i/o
[11:50:39 pm] <@gerard> LjLServ: probably not
[11:50:43 pm] <-> BotServ is now known as OperServ
[11:50:44 pm] <@crschmidt> LjLServ: almost certainly not
[11:50:45 pm] <+LjLServ> gerard: unacceptable
[11:50:45 pm] <+mornfall> aeth: i'm sure some nc and bash would do the job
[11:50:46 pm] <+Selicre> saucyfox: ,.
[11:50:48 pm] <@itisnigh> <Stary@pissnet> it's certainly the most bridged channel on freenode
[11:50:50 pm] <+LjLServ> crschmidt: even less acceptable
[11:50:52 pm] <+aeth> LjLServ: I mean, it's less bridged than earlier, when it had old_a through old_d
[11:50:53 pm] <+CompuServ> aeth: i'd do one in posix shell
[11:51:02 pm] <+FuckRasengan> it's missing a bridge
[11:51:04 pm] --> banneduser69 (~wsefiuh@ has joined ##apocalypse
[11:51:06 pm] <@JigsServ> I should really learn an actual programming language one of these days.
[11:51:08 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v banneduser69 by JigsServ
[11:51:14 pm] <+Selicre> technically you don't need io for turing completeness
[11:51:14 pm] <@itisnigh> <gerard@pissnet> LjLServ: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[11:51:14 pm] <+LjLServ> aeth: well that's the past. only the present is real.
[11:51:16 pm] <+HostServ> JigsServ: i vote Go or Python
[11:51:24 pm] <+Aighearach> I heard Forth is popular
[11:51:24 pm] <+agrecascino> the first major thing i ever wrote was the smallest subset of a working irc server possible in c++
[11:51:28 pm] <@JigsServ> I did make a start on the Go course on CodeAcademy.
[11:51:32 pm] <+HostServ> Aighearach: no you didn't
[11:51:33 pm] <+Selicre> I'm writing an ircd in rust
[11:51:33 pm] <+BluRaf> hmm, it looks like we're secure for now, otherwise this server would be already dead
[11:51:40 pm] <+HostServ> Selicre: tokio?
[11:51:40 pm] <+aeth> Selicre: you should rewrite it in rust
[11:51:43 pm] <+Aighearach> HostServ: I did, from the old guy at the makerspace
[11:51:47 pm] <+mst>
[11:51:49 pm] <+HostServ> pls
[11:51:51 pm] <+LjLServ> BluRaf: has it been mentioned anywhere rasengan+staff can hear?
[11:51:52 pm] <+Selicre> tokio is an async runtime that's Very Fast
[11:51:56 pm] <+Aighearach> he said, "You'd be surprised"
[11:52:04 pm] <+HostServ> Selicre: i know what tokio is
[11:52:04 pm] <@JigsServ> Lee's on the way to the datacenter to turn the server off.
[11:52:05 pm] <+BluRaf> LjLServ: idk, I doubt it
[11:52:06 pm] <+HostServ> Selicre: are you using it
[11:52:06 pm] <+Aighearach> And I said, "lol yeah, probably"
[11:52:08 pm] <+rbraun> mst: LOL
[11:52:08 pm] <+HostServ> ??
[11:52:11 pm] <@JigsServ> ...after he makes a short stopover in Colombia first.
[11:52:11 pm] <+Selicre> oh lol
[11:52:16 pm] <+Selicre> yes, indeed, and I thought I mentioned it
[11:52:16 pm] <+HostServ> JigsServ: ...short?
[11:52:18 pm] <+FuckRasengan> they probably don't know who runs capone
[11:52:22 pm] <+Selicre> that's why I thought you were asking what it was
[11:52:25 pm] <@JigsServ> Well, "short."
[11:52:30 pm] <+Arrowmaster> its a newer server
[11:52:31 pm] --> Sos ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:52:32 pm] <+FuckRasengan> not even capone knows who runs capone
[11:52:32 pm] <+HostServ> FuckRasengan: you mean they're not smart enough to do a whois on the ip address?
[11:52:33 pm] <+Selicre> sorry my memory span is that of a goldfish
[11:52:36 pm] <+CompuServ> hostserv: go on powerpc32 finally works as of last month
[11:52:37 pm] <@crschmidt> FuckRasengan: I mean, even if they don't, I feel like they could have still killed it?
[11:52:37 pm] <+BluRaf> well, I'll just make a screenshot with last messages here if server will go down while I'll be sleeping
[11:52:38 pm] <+alezakos> beep
[11:52:38 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Sos by JigsServ
[11:52:39 pm] <+CompuServ> so i'm cool with that
[11:52:43 pm] <@crschmidt> I don't know, I dunno how IRC servers work
[11:52:43 pm] <+LjLServ> /msg nickserv identify ljlserv iwantrasenganinme
[11:52:44 pm] <+Selicre> brb, gonna contact Al Capone
[11:52:45 pm] <+CompuServ> hostserv: make go work on m68k though
[11:52:47 pm] <+LjLServ> whoops sorry bad space
[11:52:49 pm] <+agrecascino> if we find who runs capone before cocaine user 69 does we can make it a pissnet node
[11:52:51 pm] <-> Iris is now known as Iris_
[11:52:52 pm] <+LjLServ> i'll send to the real nickserv
[11:52:52 pm] <+agrecascino> finders keepers
[11:52:54 pm] <+nisa> BluRaf: I really hope so tbh.
[11:52:54 pm] --> KindTwo ( has joined ##apocalypse
[11:52:55 pm] <-> Irydacea is now known as Iris
[11:52:59 pm] <+FuckRasengan> crschmidt: how can you kill a server you don't have access to
[11:53:00 pm] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v KindTwo by JigsServ
[11:53:01 pm] <-> Iris_ is now known as Irydacea
[11:53:01 pm] <@JigsServ> crschmidt: Basically...
[11:53:03 pm] <@crschmidt> but I feel like somewhere there's gotta be a config file that has a password that someone knows that can turn things off?
[11:53:08 pm] <@JigsServ> Stuff -> [MAGIC] -> Results.
[11:53:15 pm] <+aeth> would be hilarious if this wasn't run directly by freenode and could migrate to be a libera server
[11:53:18 pm] <+CompuServ> (???) -> PROFIT
[11:53:22 pm] <@gerard> I'm sure they can /oper up and /die it if they wanted to
[11:53:26 pm] <+agrecascino> pissnet is funnier
[11:53:27 pm] <+Selicre> aeth: with the old motd too
[11:53:28 pm] <@crschmidt> yeah, that's what I was saying
[11:53:33 pm] <@crschmidt> i mean, they have to know about it
[11:53:35 pm] <+nisa> aeth: it's not run directly by freenode
[11:53:36 pm] <+FuckRasengan> afaik, many freenode "nodes" were run by 3rd parties who donated server resources
[11:53:38 pm] <@JigsServ> It does seem odd that an oper isn't localhosted on it, though.
[11:53:39 pm] <+agrecascino> either is acceptable
[11:53:41 pm] <+alezakos> well services are down, so can they? :P
[11:53:48 pm] <+Irydacea> let's not give andrewgang any info they don't need :)
[11:53:53 pm] <@gerard> FuckRasengan: isn't that all of them?
[11:54:00 pm] <+Irydacea> don't give them info they do need either
[11:54:04 pm] <+enyc> hehe
[11:54:06 pm] <+nisa> Irydacea++
[11:54:06 pm] <-> KindTwo is now known as KindOne
[11:54:10 pm] <+Larkin> Lee started linking his own servers to the network at some point
[11:54:10 pm] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> Until the takeover, yes, gerard
[11:54:12 pm] <+aeth> Lee can't find this server to shut it down because it's hidden in Al Capone's vault.
[11:54:13 pm] <@JigsServ> "Never rat on your friends, and keep your mouth shut."
[11:54:16 pm] <+Selicre> give them info they deserve
[11:54:20 pm] <+FuckRasengan> gerard: most likely, but I don't deal in absolutes :)
[11:54:22 pm] <@gerard> Umbire: right, pre-takeover that is
[11:54:30 pm] <@gerard> FuckRasengan: what are you, some kind of !sith
[11:54:33 pm] <+enyc> hrrm is itisnigh a useful relay bot?
[11:54:34 pm] <+LjLServ> MAKE AL CAPONE GREAT AGAIN
[11:54:39 pm] <+HostServ> should we call nexeon and tell them not to shut the server off
[11:54:40 pm] <+FuckRasengan> only the Sith deal in asbolutes, my boy
[11:54:45 pm] <+CompuServ> capone's in my deluxepaint tribute to freenode
[11:54:53 pm] <+FuckRasengan> #MCGA
[11:54:54 pm] <+Selicre> please share
[11:54:59 pm] <+agrecascino> CompuServ, please send
[11:55:07 pm] <@gerard> enyc: it was earlier today
[11:55:07 pm] <-> HostServ is now known as root
[11:55:07 pm] <+enyc> CompuServ: I remember Deluxe Paint II Enhanced and indeed I did use 320x200 256color mode quite a bit
[11:55:17 pm] <+LjLServ> CompuServ: deluxepaint?
[11:55:18 pm] <@gerard> enyc: perhaps now that almost everyone is on this server it's slightly less so
[11:55:18 pm] <+LjLServ> shit
[11:55:21 pm] <@gerard> but
[11:55:21 pm] <+BluRaf> HostServ: if it would only work like this... not sure how sponsorships are working right now on leenode
[11:55:23 pm] <@gerard> <shrug>
[11:55:23 pm] <+LjLServ> i can connect to this channel from my amiga right now
[11:55:24 pm] <+enyc> gerard: hrrrm
[11:55:25 pm] <+LjLServ> and i'm not doing it
[11:55:31 pm] <+CompuServ> agrecascino when it's done
[11:55:34 pm] <@itisnigh> <crschmidt@libera> look
[11:55:37 pm] <+CompuServ> ljlserv: yeah on my amiga 500
[11:55:38 pm] <@itisnigh> <crschmidt@libera> there's still people on other servers
[11:55:40 pm] <+CompuServ> deluxe paint iii
[11:55:40 pm] <+agrecascino> understandable
[11:55:41 pm] <+BluRaf> it would be funny to steal the last server and join it to pissnet for lulz
[11:55:44 pm] <@gerard> enyc: we used it to bridge together the separate shards of freenode when it was all falling apart
[11:55:45 pm] <@crschmidt> not many though
[11:55:49 pm] <@gerard> enyc: so we feel nostalgic about it now
[11:55:52 pm] <+enyc> gerard: I could do with a message-relay-box to join OFTC+Libre-Chat #mxlinux and (separatelY) #antiX respective channels ;p
[11:55:55 pm] <+agrecascino> hmmm
[11:55:59 pm] -*- root does cocaine
[11:56:00 pm] <+CompuServ> agrecascino, if you're on libera ##apocalypse i'll let you know
[11:56:00 pm] <+MemoServ> alezakos, /oper can be used when services are down
[11:56:08 pm] <@gerard> enyc: haha, well, I'm not stopping you :)
[11:56:12 pm] <+agrecascino> i'll take up the gimmick and get on here on my hp b180l
[11:56:14 pm] <+alezakos> oh, right then
[11:56:19 pm] <+agrecascino> CompuServ, lemme join there
[11:56:30 pm] <+enyc> alas the people who had a nerds-relay-bot were refusing to disconnect freenode, calling me a spammer, and instead disconnected from the relay ;-(
[11:56:35 pm] <+CompuServ> just to make sure i remember as much as anything
[11:56:40 pm] <+enyc> gerard: what software, easy to add, FOSS in debian? et
[11:57:00 pm] <@gerard> enyc: yeah, I'm using limnoria for this relay
[11:57:02 pm] <+KindOne> is anyone identified to services here?
[11:57:03 pm] <@gerard> straight from debian
[11:57:09 pm] <+Irydacea> KindOne: no services. only IRC.
[11:57:13 pm] <@gerard> enyc: took me about 30 minutes to get it all running without ever having touched the software before
[11:57:18 pm] <+mornfall> the server was restarted less than a week ago; perhaps someone accidentaly removed the o-lines :p
[11:57:19 pm] <+CompuServ> hey, more debian users
[11:57:19 pm] <+CompuServ> cool
[11:57:25 pm] <+CompuServ> i knew we were the best
[11:57:27 pm] <+Aighearach> I wouldn't touch those services with your $%#^ and a 10 ft pole
[11:57:31 pm] <+Arrowmaster> we are the best
[11:57:36 pm] -*- root touches CompuServ
[11:57:37 pm] <+ChanServ> KindOne: only one person messaged me, at least after i /umode -R
[11:57:41 pm] <+CompuServ> debian sid here
[11:57:43 pm] <@JigsServ> mornfall: Nice.
[11:57:46 pm] <+CompuServ> on powerbook g4
[11:57:51 pm] <+root> oh hi ChanServ
[11:57:53 pm] <+Irydacea> how on earth are there two people on kiwi
[11:57:58 pm] <+rctgamer3> Irydacea: basically like EFNet
[11:58:05 pm] <+OperServ> I sent a message to NickServ to see how many passwords they collected, but fortunately they're still +R
[11:58:21 pm] <+q3k> chanserv seems to work
[11:58:23 pm] <+CompuServ> agrecascino, i'm wyatt8740 over there btw
[11:58:26 pm] <@gerard> OperServ: presumably meaning they didn't get any passwords then
[11:58:35 pm] <+root> OperServ: maybe they actually did that intentionally just so nobody would collect passwords
[11:58:39 pm] <+root> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
[11:58:45 pm] <+aeth> q3k: idk I tried to /msg chanserv info ##apocalypse and got nothing
[11:58:46 pm] <+OperServ> I like to think they're a good egg
[11:58:48 pm] <+agrecascino> CompuServ, oh weren't you in #talos-workstation
[11:58:54 pm] <+q3k> aeth: it's a bit laggy
[11:58:55 pm] <+mornfall> which would make /oper, ehm, inoperable
[11:59:04 pm] <+saucyfox> why would you imitate NickServ and not collect passwords
[11:59:07 pm] <+saucyfox> no fun in that
[11:59:15 pm] <+root> Doing The Right Thing(tm)?
[11:59:21 pm] <+OperServ> I'd send back mOcKiNg TeXt back of their password
[11:59:29 pm] <+rctgamer3> hunter2
[11:59:29 pm] <+saucyfox> well I did the Wrong Thing(tm) on anonymuncule years ago and it was hilarious
[11:59:33 pm] <+OperServ> hUnTeR2
[11:59:35 pm] <+FuckRasengan> saucyfox: they're passwords for the old freenode, which were wiped out
[11:59:36 pm] <+alezakos> collect the passwords, and then just publish stats about them
[11:59:39 pm] <+saucyfox> someone else ddos'd them and services were down. nickserv wasn't qlined
[11:59:47 pm] <+saucyfox> ez password farm
[11:59:47 pm] <+alezakos> or mock users for their passwords but never share them again
[11:59:57 pm] <+CompuServ> agrecascino, yes
[11:59:58 pm] <+saucyfox> FuckRasengan: people reuse passwords like retards tho
[12:00:00 am] - {Day changed to Wednesday, June 16, 2021}
[12:00:01 am] <+CompuServ> i don't own a talos though
[12:00:02 am] <-> Irydacea is now known as taw
[12:00:03 am] <+rctgamer3> this ^
[12:00:04 am] <+taw> /resv nickserv /kill nickserv >:C
[12:00:05 am] <+CompuServ> i just want one
[12:00:06 am] <+enyc> gerard: oooo how much resource needed to run limnoria to do that? I see it is in debian stable (good thing)
[12:00:07 am] <+OperServ> Leenode didn't reserve *Serv names, saucyfox ? rofl
[12:00:07 am] <-> taw is now known as Irydacea
[12:00:17 am] <+FuckRasengan> saucyfox: if they do, they had it coming
[12:00:19 am] <+nisa> I have to got to bed now but I won't because I want to see this dilema to its end
[12:00:20 am] <+enyc> I have some very low resource old VMs
[12:00:27 am] --> ClassicMath (~coderain@ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:00:29 am] <+saucyfox> OperServ: no I'm talking about anonymuncule irc years ago
[12:00:30 am] <@gerard> enyc: ehh, depends on the message load I guess
[12:00:31 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v ClassicMath by JigsServ
[12:00:34 am] --> ragenan ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:00:35 am] <@crschmidt> nisa: fwiw, there is a moderate chance this server will still be here in the morning
[12:00:37 am] <@gerard> enyc: but I'm pretty sure anything you can think of will be able to host it
[12:00:37 am] <+artart78> Who stole the rasengan nick from me
[12:00:42 am] <+ClassicMath> hi
[12:00:44 am] <+enyc> gerard: im thinking static ram just running...
[12:00:44 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v ragenan by JigsServ
[12:00:45 am] <+Irydacea> crschmidt: why that?
[12:00:50 am] <+rasengan> I did
[12:00:53 am] <+nisa> crschmidt: nope I'll stay here until it's end
[12:00:54 am] <+ClassicMath> are you sad about the old freenode going away?
[12:00:57 am] <+CompuServ> :O
[12:00:58 am] <+aeth> relink services
[12:01:01 am] <+FuckRasengan> rasengan: fuck you
[12:01:02 am] <@gerard> enyc: my instance has about 20M RSS
[12:01:06 am] <+nisa> or until it's part of some other network
[12:01:15 am] <@crschmidt> Irydacea: this server was disconnected from the rest of the network before they started doing things, and had very few users (only 3)
[12:01:19 am] -*- rasengan fucks me
[12:01:19 am] <+OperServ> Relink services? I am services :o
[12:01:25 am] <@JigsServ> Technically 2.
[12:01:25 am] --> ebb ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:01:29 am] <@JigsServ> One of those was me.
[12:01:32 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v ebb by JigsServ
[12:01:34 am] <@JigsServ> Well, that bot I had running.
[12:01:35 am] <@crschmidt> Irydacea: and it's not clear that the neonode operators have noticed it
[12:01:41 am] <@crschmidt> JigsServ: sorry, my bad :)
[12:01:42 am] <+Irydacea> crschmidt: do you think we are sitting on a server that was loyal to tomaw's staff then?
[12:01:50 am] <@crschmidt> Irydacea: no, I think we're sitting on a server that everyone forgot about
[12:01:53 am] <+MemoServ> ClassicMath, yes
[12:01:57 am] <+ClassicMath> dammit, i mean, so like... this server is dying, and your last words here are going to be insults?
[12:02:02 am] <+Irydacea> kinda massive oversight if true
[12:02:10 am] <+Togra> like a rebel server?
[12:02:10 am] <@crschmidt> Irydacea: i mean, not that massive
[12:02:12 am] <+artart78> -- christel #freenode :Cannot change nickname while banned/quieted on channel
[12:02:12 am] <+mornfall> Irydacea: wouldn't be the first, or the biggest
[12:02:14 am] <+artart78> Oops
[12:02:14 am] <@crschmidt> it's not like we can do anything with it
[12:02:15 am] <+Irydacea> andrew's gonna randomly find out and be like killall -9 ircd-seven
[12:02:18 am] <-> artart78 is now known as christel
[12:02:20 am] <+Irydacea> or ircd
[12:02:20 am] <+mornfall> Irydacea: leenode has some elite staff on books
[12:02:21 am] <@itisnigh> <enrh@libera> I don't think that MemoServ sends *any* memos
[12:02:24 am] <+christel> Hey guys I'm back
[12:02:25 am] <+Irydacea> i forgot the default exe name
[12:02:32 am] <+Togra> lol
[12:02:32 am] <-> FuckRasengan is now known as lilo
[12:02:37 am] <+ClassicMath> christel: are you the real christel?
[12:02:39 am] <+Irydacea> lilo: no
[12:02:39 am] <+lilo> hey guys, let me restart the servers
[12:02:41 am] <+christel> Actually I never sold Freenode it was just a huge prank LOL
[12:02:47 am] <+MemoServ> ClassicMath, I don't think so
[12:02:49 am] <+ClassicMath> christel: heh
[12:02:49 am] <@gerard> lilo: please don't
[12:02:50 am] <+root> haha yeah we got you good
[12:02:52 am] <+alezakos> hello christel can you give me the telephone number of chris?
[12:02:53 am] -*- root hifives christel
[12:02:53 am] <+alezakos> (chris tel)
[12:02:57 am] <+christel> Yall got bamboozled
[12:02:57 am] <+rasengan> no one's real here
[12:02:58 am] <-> lilo is now known as FuckRasengan
[12:02:59 am] <@itisnigh> mode change by niko on libera: -t
[12:03:02 am] <@gerard> FuckRasengan: thank you
[12:03:05 am] <+Selicre> I hope the logs are gonna be published somewhere so I can point at myself like that fucking meme
[12:03:06 am] <+flyback> lilo drop the nick before i drop you
[12:03:09 am] -*- Irydacea launches a squeaky mallet in christel's general direction
[12:03:09 am] <+aeth> ClassicMath: idk this server seems pretty alive to me
[12:03:11 am] <+BluRaf> FuckRasengan: sorry, but wasn't funny
[12:03:13 am] <+FuckRasengan> RIP lilo
[12:03:15 am] -*- root points at rasengan
[12:03:16 am] <+LjLServ> can someone tell me the capone IP again if they have them handy again please
[12:03:17 am] <+root> Selicre: like this?
[12:03:24 am] <@JigsServ>
[12:03:24 am] <+nisa>
[12:03:25 am] <+flyback> lilo was a good friend
[12:03:27 am] <+nisa> oh
[12:03:28 am] <@itisnigh> <gerard@libera> aeth: we can set topics here now
[12:03:28 am] <+root>
[12:03:29 am] <+flyback> that shit ain't funny
[12:03:32 am] <+Irydacea> LjLServ:
[12:03:32 am] <+root> nisa: wtf is that
[12:03:34 am] <+alezakos> LjLServ: /topic
[12:03:35 am] <+MemoServ> aeth, It will be when if the freenode staff remember
[12:03:35 am] <+nisa> sorry sent wrong one
[12:03:37 am] <+LjLServ> thanks
[12:03:39 am] <+christel>
[12:03:40 am] <+MemoServ> *will be dead
[12:03:47 am] <@itisnigh> topic change by gerard on libera:
[12:03:51 am] <-> christel is now known as a
[12:03:52 am] <+root> nisa: that's
[12:03:55 am] <+nisa> Yep
[12:03:55 am] <+root> >:(
[12:03:56 am] <+MemoServ> s/when if/when/
[12:03:58 am] <+ClassicMath> well i'm sure lilo is real
[12:03:59 am] <+root> is it ded
[12:04:00 am] <+ClassicMath> he never died
[12:04:00 am] <+a> a
[12:04:04 am] <+ClassicMath> it was just a joke
[12:04:04 am] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> we've been directly mentioned
[12:04:05 am] --> berndj ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:04:05 am] <-- ebb ( has quit (Quit: freenode dot net)
[12:04:08 am] <+ClassicMath> he's finally come back
[12:04:09 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v berndj by JigsServ
[12:04:11 am] <+Selicre> root: like what
[12:04:15 am] --> ebb ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:04:17 am] <+ClassicMath> to tell us that he still runs freenode and is still alive
[12:04:19 am] <+root> Selicre: like me pointing at rasengan
[12:04:20 am] <+BluRaf> 00:03 <@RelayBot> <Tat@freenode2> There's also that didn't manage to die. ##apocolypse is the party at the end of the world.
[12:04:22 am] <+BluRaf> well, fuck
[12:04:23 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v ebb by JigsServ
[12:04:25 am] <+ClassicMath> am i doing this right? :P
[12:04:25 am] <+BluRaf> RUN.
[12:04:26 am] <+agrecascino> i am Booting Unix On my Unix Workstation
[12:04:27 am] <+Selicre> oh
[12:04:27 am] --> strangeways ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:04:29 am] <+FuckRasengan> poor guy must be rolling on his grave
[12:04:30 am] <+a> Wait I'm going to get hled all the time with that nick
[12:04:36 am] <-> a is now known as z
[12:04:37 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v strangeways by JigsServ
[12:04:40 am] <+z> Better
[12:04:44 am] <+ClassicMath> oh Z
[12:04:47 am] <+saucyfox> z
[12:04:49 am] <+ClassicMath> some servers have that as a sevice
[12:04:49 am] <+aeth> z
[12:04:50 am] <+BluRaf> z
[12:04:50 am] <+ClassicMath> *service
[12:04:51 am] <+alezakos> zzZZZZzZ
[12:04:53 am] <+root> FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z
[12:04:56 am] <+Irydacea> i can only assume lilo would want to kick rasengan in the nuts if he could
[12:04:58 am] <+Selicre> zed
[12:04:59 am] <+FuckRasengan> zzz
[12:05:02 am] <@itisnigh> <theemacsshibe@freenode_new> Oh my god, what have I done this time?
[12:05:04 am] <+agrecascino> i once registered the username "is" on freenode
[12:05:04 am] <+OperServ> zzz
[12:05:07 am] <+z> 😢 y'all mean
[12:05:12 am] <+root> <3
[12:05:14 am] <+agrecascino> and every 5th sentence my irc would go off
[12:05:16 am] <+Selicre> do you pronounce it zee or zed?
[12:05:17 am] <@itisnigh> <theemacsshibe@freenode_new> Apparently connected me to new freenode?
[12:05:19 am] <+z> Trying to enjoy my one-letter nick
[12:05:21 am] <@itisnigh> nick change by aeth_ to aeth on libera
[12:05:22 am] <-> root is now known as i
[12:05:22 am] --> Cadey ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:05:26 am] <+i> let's see how much i hate this
[12:05:28 am] <-> Cadey is now known as Xe
[12:05:28 am] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> theemacsshibe: yes, that's how it works now
[12:05:28 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Xe by JigsServ
[12:05:32 am] <+agrecascino> pain
[12:05:34 am] <+Selicre> oh hey Xe
[12:05:34 am] <@itisnigh> <aeth@libera> this poor server hosting my irssi can't handle so much IRC
[12:05:34 am] <+FuckRasengan> if lilo still lived there wouldn't be a rasengan taking over freenode
[12:05:37 am] <+Selicre> how's it going
[12:05:40 am] <+Xe> is this a one way mirror?
[12:05:43 am] <-> HeTo is now known as \-|_Serv
[12:05:44 am] <+Irydacea> theemacsshibe: sadly yes, they took down all servers bar this one that they apparently don't know about for the moment
[12:05:44 am] <@itisnigh> <theemacsshibe@freenode_new> chuck us a server name?
[12:05:49 am] <-> ragenan is now known as ar
[12:05:51 am] <+aeth> Xe: no, this was meant to glue together everything
[12:05:54 am] <+rctgamer3> The Restaurant at the End of the Universe: drinks anyone? Pangalactic Gargleblaster, anyone?
[12:05:54 am] <-- strangeways ( has quit (Client Quit)
[12:05:57 am] <-> i is now known as freenode
[12:05:58 am] <+FuckRasengan> Xe: everything you say is being logged by the FBI
[12:05:58 am] <+Xe> ah
[12:05:59 am] <+freenode> there we go
[12:06:03 am] <+freenode> let's see how much i hate THIS
[12:06:06 am] <+Xe> FuckRasengan: ah cool
[12:06:13 am] <+BluRaf> z
[12:06:16 am] <-> banneduser69 is now known as ProjectServ
[12:06:16 am] <+ebb> where are the other ends of the wormhole
[12:06:17 am] <+BluRaf>
[12:06:19 am] <+Irydacea> theemacsshibe: you're gonna need to use the ip ( ) because the dns was updated as well apparently
[12:06:28 am] <@itisnigh> <theemacsshibe@freenode_new> Aight.
[12:06:29 am] <+Xe> it's really surreal to see this all happen this way
[12:06:29 am] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> everything you say can and will be used against you in a passive aggressive blog post
[12:06:33 am] <+Xe> like wow
[12:06:36 am] <+Selicre> I feel like with that Titanic analogy, the pile of wood we were drifting on has drifted into space
[12:06:37 am] <+flyback> Xe yeah :/
[12:06:42 am] <+ProjectServ> yeah this is really sad
[12:06:43 am] <+alezakos> I indicated in informal intercommunications information integral in incinerating IRC
[12:06:44 am] <+Irydacea> Xe: it really is
[12:06:48 am] <@Dick_Nachos> what I find hilarious is that this server's motd doesn't have a sponsor
[12:06:49 am] <@JigsServ> Towards a black hole? The Sun?
[12:06:57 am] <+Xe>
[12:06:59 am] <@JigsServ> Jupiter?
[12:07:00 am] --> theemacsshibe ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:07:02 am] --> lighterowl ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:07:09 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v lighterowl by JigsServ
[12:07:09 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v theemacsshibe by JigsServ
[12:07:09 am] <+Selicre> towards the endless expanse
[12:07:10 am] <+Xe> i wrote out some words
[12:07:11 am] <+theemacsshibe> right
[12:07:12 am] <+Xe> i may end up having more
[12:07:18 am] <+freenode> Dick_Nachos: i'm assuming it's
[12:07:20 am] <@JigsServ> Canada, huh?
[12:07:20 am] <+Xe> not sure where the best place to put those words would be
[12:07:22 am] <+FuckRasengan> words are hard
[12:07:24 am] <+Selicre> oh yeah I've read that. it's pretty fantastic
[12:07:25 am] -*- theemacsshibe joins #lisp
[12:07:27 am] <+KindOne> LONG LIVE FREENODE
[12:07:30 am] <+freenode> thanks
[12:07:31 am] <+nisa> It's so hard to know that this last server could die at any moment…
[12:07:32 am] <+rbraun> LONG LIVE FREENODE
[12:07:34 am] <+freenode> thanks
[12:07:38 am] <+Xe> Selicre: i wrote it in like an hour lol
[12:07:39 am] --> Panasonic ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:07:42 am] <+rbraun> p.s. please set the channels you join -s so we can see them ;)
[12:07:44 am] <+rbraun> -sp even
[12:07:45 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Panasonic by JigsServ
[12:07:46 am] <+MemoServ> LONG LIVE FREENODE
[12:07:49 am] <+freenode> thanks
[12:07:53 am] <@itisnigh> <Coffee_Overflow@libera> Nice cock
[12:07:54 am] <@itisnigh> topic change by gerard on libera: | This channel is bridged to "neo" Freenode, Pissnet, Libera (here), and the last "old" Freenode server we know of:
[12:07:59 am] <+FuckRasengan> this ChaNNEl is now on LibERa.ChaT
[12:08:04 am] <+rbraun> lol
[12:08:07 am] <+CompuServ> have a song
[12:08:10 am] <+freenode> where did i put my kitchen timer
[12:08:19 am] <+theemacsshibe> 91 users eh
[12:08:20 am] <+saucyfox> CompuServ: who the fuck uses dailymotion
[12:08:20 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o aeth by gerard
[12:08:24 am] <+nisa> freenode: we should write nexeon, asking if they run this freenode server and if they could grant oper to someone?
[12:08:25 am] <@aeth> ty
[12:08:29 am] <@JigsServ> Quite a jump from 2.
[12:08:38 am] <+CompuServ> saucyfox: people who can't find it anywhere else
[12:08:41 am] <+Selicre> I only see 78 users
[12:08:47 am] --> nak (~nak@ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:08:48 am] <-> Xe is now known as X
[12:08:51 am] <+X> there
[12:08:52 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v nak by JigsServ
[12:08:53 am] <@gerard> Selicre: channel members vs total server clients (/lusers)
[12:08:53 am] <+CompuServ> non-live
[12:08:54 am] <+alezakos> it's very possible that it's also not nexeon, and just hosting it for someone else
[12:08:56 am] <+Selicre> ah
[12:08:57 am] <+X> but yeah
[12:09:02 am] <@aeth> I like how we went server to server as they went down trying to find out what pieces are left and as soon as there was one left that they forgot about... classic freenode revived
[12:09:03 am] <-> KindOne is now known as Q
[12:09:07 am] -*- ChanServ sets mode -oooooooo aeth crschmidt Dick_Nachos gerard gwillen itisnigh JigsServ MooServ
[12:09:08 am] <+nisa> alezakos: but it is worth a try
[12:09:12 am] <+X> it's like a little campfire at the end of the world
[12:09:14 am] <+FuckRasengan> Highest connection count: 99 (99 clients)
[12:09:18 am] <+alezakos> nisa: yeah yeah of course
[12:09:19 am] <+CompuServ> ah saucyfox if you prefer it
[12:09:28 am] <+nisa> who does the job? alezakos
[12:09:29 am] <@Dick_Nachos> lol, it would be hilarious if someone registered a and we could keep this one running, rofl
[12:09:33 am] -*- aeth sets mode +qohv aeth
[12:09:35 am] <+Q> [18:09:16] * NickServ (~fuckyou@ Quit (K-Lined)
[12:09:37 am] <+Q> OH SHIT
[12:09:40 am] <+OperServ> Uh
[12:09:41 am] <-> Q is now known as KindOne
[12:09:46 am] <-- Guest25 (Guest25@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has quit (Quit: Connection closed)
[12:09:46 am] <+Selicre> uh oh
[12:09:48 am] <+BluRaf> It's time
[12:09:48 am] <@JigsServ> OH SHIT.
[12:09:49 am] <@JigsServ> OPERS.
[12:09:50 am] <+CompuServ> D:
[12:09:53 am] <+ChanServ> oh xD
[12:09:53 am] <+nisa> NOOO
[12:09:54 am] <@JigsServ> [23:09:45] 2 IRC Operators online
[12:09:56 am] <+OperServ> THE FUZZ ARE HERE, BOOK IT
[12:09:56 am] <+z> NOO
[12:09:58 am] <+saucyfox> SHIT
[12:09:59 am] <+Irydacea> no
[12:09:59 am] <+Selicre> hey guys it's been fun
[12:10:00 am] <-> JigsServ is now known as Jigsy
[12:10:04 am] <+saucyfox> NO GODS NO OPERS
[12:10:05 am] <+ebb> COOOOOPS
[12:10:05 am] <+CompuServ> damn, i guess i won't finish my art
[12:10:06 am] <+Irydacea> IT'S BEEN AN HONOUR
[12:10:07 am] <-> ProjectServ is now known as tris
[12:10:10 am] <+tris> <#
[12:10:10 am] <+Selicre> everyone hide
[12:10:11 am] <+z> Fyckvkvivfhddhcubkbkfycjcsu
[12:10:11 am] <+tris> <3
[12:10:12 am] <+alezakos> .o/
[12:10:15 am] <@gerard> o7
[12:10:15 am] <+FuckRasengan> FUCK RASENGAN!!!!!
[12:10:15 am] <+theemacsshibe> So long.
[12:10:17 am] <+saucyfox> o7
[12:10:17 am] <@Jigsy> o7
[12:10:19 am] <+Irydacea> it's been a privilege to chat with you tonight, the longest of nights on freenode
[12:10:20 am] <@aeth> nickserv is now staff
[12:10:20 am] <+ar> COLD HARD WET CHATS
[12:10:20 am] <+KindOne> cmode +s
[12:10:21 am] -*- Aighearach sings, 🎼 You're gonna need an ocean, of calamine lotion, you'll be scratchin' like a hound, the minute you start to mess around 🎶
[12:10:22 am] <@aeth> o7
[12:10:25 am] <+rctgamer3> so, who are the opers?
[12:10:26 am] <@aeth> it has been an honor
[12:10:27 am] <+FuckRasengan> F
[12:10:27 am] <-> nak is now known as n1ckserv
[12:10:28 am] <+X> did i tune in just in time for this to all end
[12:10:28 am] <+KindOne> COLD WET CHATS BABY
[12:10:30 am] <+X> lol
[12:10:30 am] <+Aighearach> o7
[12:10:35 am] <+X> COLD HARD PISS
[12:10:39 am] <+lighterowl> it's great to spend this night with you guys
[12:10:41 am] <-> ar is now known as squishsquish
[12:10:44 am] <+KindOne> [18:10:32] User users KindOne[] ( 0 2
[12:10:45 am] <+Irydacea> squish squish
[12:10:46 am] <+agrecascino> noooooooooooo
[12:10:47 am] <+KindOne> [18:10:32] User staff NickServ[speakz@freenode/staff/speakz] ( 0 151
[12:10:49 am] <+KindOne> [18:10:32] User staff sorcerer[sorcerer@freenode/staff/sorcerer] ( 7 124
[12:10:50 am] <+Selicre> COLDER, HARDER PISS
[12:10:51 am] <+KindOne> [18:10:32] End of TRACE
[12:10:52 am] <+BluRaf> It was a honor to chat with y'all on the real freenode. Thank You! <3
[12:10:55 am] <+KindOne> /trace
[12:10:59 am] <+girst_> well, it's been an honor o7
[12:11:00 am] <+Irydacea> <3
[12:11:00 am] <+agrecascino> wait did the opers get on
[12:11:02 am] <@crschmidt> oh no, they found us!
[12:11:04 am] <+BluRaf> agrecascino: yes
[12:11:04 am] <+Selicre> o7
[12:11:05 am] <+saucyfox> what's the point in taking this from us
[12:11:06 am] <+LjLServ> but
[12:11:06 am] <+BluRaf> o7
[12:11:07 am] <+ChanServ> agrecascino: yup
[12:11:09 am] <+freenode> oh god
[12:11:10 am] <+z> Lord save us all
[12:11:10 am] <+nisa> KindOne: what if we write the oers
[12:11:11 am] <+FuckRasengan> o7 guys
[12:11:11 am] <+BluRaf> ;w;7
[12:11:12 am] <+LjLServ> i haven't managed to connect from my Amiga yet :(
[12:11:12 am] <+alezakos> nisa: collaborative google doc time?
[12:11:12 am] <+nisa> *opers
[12:11:12 am] <+freenode> is it over then?
[12:11:13 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +b *!*@freenode/staff/sorcerer by Jigsy
[12:11:14 am] <+Irydacea> o7
[12:11:15 am] <+ebb> the FOSS police are here
[12:11:15 am] <+agrecascino> goodbye, i'll miss you all
[12:11:16 am] <+nisa> as look as we can
[12:11:16 am] <+saucyfox> we could have had a serviceless chill space yet they have to intervene
[12:11:17 am] <@itisnigh> <immipiss@pissnet> Dick_Nachos: there you go, you can have
[12:11:20 am] <+X> kumbaya
[12:11:21 am] <+rctgamer3> they can pry freenode from my cold dead hands
[12:11:21 am] <+BluRaf> Jigsy: ahahahahaha
[12:11:22 am] <+Aighearach> F*** all of you <3 ----{---{@
[12:11:23 am] <+lighterowl> Jigsy: lol
[12:11:23 am] <+theemacsshibe> Do not go gentle into that good night.
[12:11:25 am] <+OperServ> o7
[12:11:25 am] <+saucyfox> Jigsy: kek
[12:11:28 am] <+theemacsshibe> Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
[12:11:29 am] <@gerard> Jigsy: that... won't do anything but agitate them
[12:11:30 am] <+CompuServ> ljlserv: me, too
[12:11:31 am] <+agrecascino> we're like, anarchists locked in a squat
[12:11:32 am] <+CompuServ> with my amiga
[12:11:32 am] <@Jigsy> That ought to slow them down.
[12:11:34 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> I mean there wasn't much point in sticking around either, saucyfox
[12:11:39 am] --> phy1729 ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:11:39 am] <+nisa> someone wants to write that guy "sorcerer"?
[12:11:39 am] <+Selicre> good night for real freenode
[12:11:40 am] <-> freenode is now known as root
[12:11:41 am] <+agrecascino> and the cops are trying to burst in and wreck our shit
[12:11:43 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> But hey ho, was fun
[12:11:43 am] <+Irydacea> let them join
[12:11:47 am] <+Irydacea> wait no
[12:11:47 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v phy1729 by Jigsy
[12:11:50 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse -b *!*@freenode/staff/sorcerer by Jigsy
[12:11:52 am] <+ebb> is this a siege
[12:11:52 am] <+ClassicMath> please just i don't want the final words on old freenode to be insults
[12:11:54 am] --> jane_doe ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:11:55 am] <+X> Jigsy: /mode +b *!*@freenode/*
[12:11:58 am] <+root> ClassicMath: fair
[12:11:59 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v jane_doe by Jigsy
[12:12:00 am] <+Irydacea> quiet them and set +z
[12:12:02 am] <+Irydacea> :)
[12:12:03 am] <-> root is now known as LambdaComplex
[12:12:05 am] <+OperServ> LOL
[12:12:07 am] <+LiberaSaves> Can an admin invite: //invite kiedtl $chan
[12:12:07 am] <+jane_doe> lol
[12:12:10 am] <@aeth> I don't want to die
[12:12:13 am] <@aeth> I want to live
[12:12:16 am] <-> LjLServ is now known as LjL
[12:12:19 am] <@Jigsy> Only one oper now?
[12:12:20 am] <+theemacsshibe> I'll take either I don't mind
[12:12:21 am] <+LambdaComplex> aeth: is that a star trek quote
[12:12:21 am] <+LiberaSaves> Somehow without registration I can't msg him.
[12:12:23 am] <+Selicre> so wait what's going on rn
[12:12:24 am] <+z> I'm too young to die
[12:12:29 am] <+Irydacea> / /mode ##apocalypse +qz *!*@freenode/staff/*
[12:12:32 am] <+agrecascino> they can't hold power over us
[12:12:33 am] <@aeth> LambdaComplex: "No, I don't want to die" is a Half-Life 1 scientist stock line, I think
[12:12:34 am] <+z> Account born in 2007
[12:12:35 am] <+Irydacea> oops forgot this isn't irssi
[12:12:35 am] <@gerard> Jigsy: yeah, only nickserv left
[12:12:37 am] <+agrecascino> freenode is in our hearts
[12:12:37 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> Jigsy with the fuckin' MVP plays
[12:12:38 am] <+LiberaSaves> Was coming here but lost in progress.
[12:12:39 am] <+z> Only 13yo
[12:12:49 am] <+LambdaComplex> aeth: oh i thought you might be quoting tuvix
[12:12:54 am] -*- CompuServ is 24
[12:12:55 am] <+\-|_Serv> I want to use this nick to say something once
[12:12:57 am] <@itisnigh> <pwg@libera> rip
[12:12:58 am] <@itisnigh> <White_Flame@libera> I don't fee so good, Mr. Lee
[12:12:58 am] <@Jigsy> A jupe?
[12:13:02 am] <-> LiberaSaves is now known as Tat
[12:13:03 am] <+FuckRasengan> 17 years and 2 days later, this is the end
[12:13:11 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o theemacsshibe by aeth
[12:13:15 am] <@aeth> might as well hand out some more ops
[12:13:19 am] <+CompuServ> whee
[12:13:21 am] <+Selicre> at least we stayed until the end
[12:13:22 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Iris by aeth
[12:13:28 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo Espio flyback fosco FuckRasengan by Jigsy
[12:13:28 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +ooo gibby_ girst_ gradator by Jigsy
[12:13:29 am] <+OperServ> Op ALL the people!
[12:13:33 am] <-> saucyfox is now known as PissServ
[12:13:34 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo ClassicMath CompuServ Disconsented ebb by Jigsy
[12:13:34 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo enyc Guest3452 IronDeHavilland Irydacea by Jigsy
[12:13:34 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +ooo Irydesktop jacekowski jane_doe by Jigsy
[12:13:34 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Irydacea by Iris
[12:13:34 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo Larkin Arrowmaster AlexZ BluRaf by crschmidt
[12:13:35 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo rctgamer3 LjL n1ckserv Tat by crschmidt
[12:13:35 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo rasendork KindOne alezakos matthias by crschmidt
[12:13:35 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo q3k Selicre tris CalimeroTeknik by crschmidt
[12:13:35 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo mst Sgeo lighterowl rbraun by crschmidt
[12:13:35 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oo Irydacea Irydesktop by aeth
[12:13:35 am] <@Selicre> LESS GOOO
[12:13:35 am] <+phy1729> Thankfully the klines were lost
[12:13:36 am] <@Disconsented> ohno
[12:13:37 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo phy1729 alis rasengan berndj by crschmidt
[12:13:37 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o shikadibot by aeth
[12:13:38 am] <@ebb> mmm
[12:13:39 am] <@jacekowski> Dick_Nachos: i've got the domain, if someone is interested of putting it to a good use they can find me on libera under same username
[12:13:39 am] <+LambdaComplex> yay
[12:13:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo shikadibot seo` Serv-Chan shadowm by Jigsy
[12:13:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo Sos squishsquish thelounge19 Togra by Jigsy
[12:13:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +ooo Vultyre X z by Jigsy
[12:13:39 am] <@girst_> ayy :D
[12:13:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo \-|_Serv Togra MemoServ canton7 by crschmidt
[12:13:40 am] <@CompuServ> aaay
[12:13:40 am] <+PissServ> ops for all
[12:13:42 am] <+LambdaComplex> all ops
[12:13:42 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo PissServ Armanelgtronchat thelounge19 squishsquish by crschmidt
[12:13:42 am] <@Disconsented> WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
[12:13:44 am] <@KindOne> EFnet mode activate!
[12:13:44 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo bs338 Vultyre Panasonic Serv-Chan by crschmidt
[12:13:45 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo Panasonic Liskni_si lorimer McD^ by Jigsy
[12:13:45 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +ooo mornfall nisa OperServ by Jigsy
[12:13:47 am] <@Arrowmaster> I HAVE THE POWER
[12:13:47 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo X lorimer mornfall shikadibot by crschmidt
[12:13:47 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo agrecascino Aighearach ChanServ LambdaComplex by Jigsy
[12:13:48 am] <@OperServ> Op party \o/
[12:13:49 am] <@FuckRasengan> finally, an op on an IRC channel!
[12:13:49 am] <@mornfall> yay!
[12:13:49 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo seo` McD^ nisa Aighearach by crschmidt
[12:13:50 am] <@ClassicMath> EFNet mode LOL
[12:13:50 am] <@Disconsented> CHAOS!
[12:13:50 am] <@Tat> Anybody able to message kiedtl and get him here.....
[12:13:50 am] <@theemacsshibe> pog
[12:13:51 am] <@aeth> FULL COMMUNISM
[12:13:51 am] <@n1ckserv> gimme your passwords they'll be safe with me
[12:13:52 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo z LambdaComplex shadowm Liskni_si by crschmidt
[12:13:52 am] <@nisa> alright
[12:13:53 am] <@alezakos> INFINITE POWEERRRRRR
[12:13:53 am] <@lighterowl> nintendo power!
[12:13:53 am] --> Noisytoot ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:13:54 am] <@\-|_Serv> oh my
[12:13:54 am] <@LambdaComplex> wew
[12:13:54 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo ChanServ Sos OperServ agrecascino by crschmidt
[12:13:56 am] <@PissServ> I promise to moderate with integrity
[12:13:58 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +b *!*@ by phy1729
[12:13:59 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Noisytoot by rctgamer3
[12:13:59 am] <@CompuServ> I love these channels
[12:14:01 am] <@ebb> I don't lol
[12:14:02 am] --> Cupid ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:14:03 am] <@Irydacea> n1ckserv: identify swordfish
[12:14:04 am] <@\-|_Serv> reminds me of the old days on IRCnet
[12:14:04 am] <@X> where is /fuckem when you need it
[12:14:05 am] <@Selicre> I promise to moderate WITHOUT integrity
[12:14:05 am] <@BluRaf> CHŁOP SIĘ TOPI, BERET PŁYWA
[12:14:07 am] <@BluRaf> KABARET
[12:14:07 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +b *!*@ by OperServ
[12:14:08 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Cupid by Jigsy
[12:14:09 am] <@BluRaf> KABARET
[12:14:10 am] <@CompuServ> please be nice to me
[12:14:10 am] <@alezakos> I promise to moderate with toast
[12:14:11 am] <@z> Yay
[12:14:12 am] <@agrecascino> i promise to moderate
[12:14:19 am] <@Selicre> I promise to not moderate at all
[12:14:20 am] <@lighterowl> BluRaf: PEŁEN SZTOS
[12:14:22 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +qz *!*@freenode/staff/* by jane_doe
[12:14:23 am] <@LambdaComplex> i feel like +o on everyone is probably a terrible idea
[12:14:24 am] <@FuckRasengan> huh, are you sure this is the end?
[12:14:24 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse -b *!*@ by alezakos
[12:14:28 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +b *!*@::1/128 by X
[12:14:30 am] <@theemacsshibe> I mean
[12:14:30 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o MemoServ by MemoServ
[12:14:31 am] <@Selicre> LambdaComplex: everything here is a terrible idea
[12:14:34 am] <@LambdaComplex> oh
[12:14:36 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Noisytoot by MemoServ
[12:14:37 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v jane_doe by jane_doe
[12:14:37 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> it might last a bit
[12:14:39 am] <@theemacsshibe> probably pretty close
[12:14:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v jane_doe by jane_doe
[12:14:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v jane_doe by jane_doe
[12:14:40 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v jane_doe by jane_doe
[12:14:40 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v jane_doe by jane_doe
[12:14:41 am] <@ebb> we rule by consensus
[12:14:42 am] <@z> POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
[12:14:44 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> do remember, friends, that the freenode terms of use now MANDATE spamming
[12:14:46 am] <@girst_> poor Cupid, only non-op
[12:14:46 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Cupid by OperServ
[12:14:48 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse -b *!*@::1/128 by alezakos
[12:14:48 am] <@Tat> Sure, but this server dies at any point.
[12:14:48 am] <@rctgamer3> this channel is like twitch plays pokemon ( #twitchplayspokemon ) now
[12:14:51 am] <@BluRaf> \m/
[12:14:52 am] <@alezakos> up
[12:14:54 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v CompuServ by CompuServ
[12:14:55 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse -b *!*@ by Tat
[12:14:55 am] <@alezakos> down
[12:14:56 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v CompuServ by CompuServ
[12:14:56 am] <@Selicre> start9
[12:14:56 am] <@alezakos> left
[12:14:58 am] <@MemoServ> charybdis/ircd-seven allows you to op/voice yourself multiple times
[12:14:58 am] <@FuckRasengan> p :0 staff members
[12:14:58 am] --> mc ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:15:03 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Sgeo by Sgeo
[12:15:03 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o mc by Jigsy
[12:15:04 am] <@itisnigh> <White_Flame@libera> n1ckserv: hunter2
[12:15:04 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oo mc CompuServ by OperServ
[12:15:05 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Sgeo by Sgeo
[12:15:08 am] <@jane_doe> do /whois nickserv
[12:15:10 am] <@lighterowl> <tear_with_smile_emoji>
[12:15:11 am] <@MemoServ> Is it a good idea to op everyone?
[12:15:13 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oo Jigsy Jigsy by Jigsy
[12:15:13 am] <@BluRaf> FuckRasengan: hahahahahaha oh fuck
[12:15:14 am] <@gerard> jane_doe: yeah
[12:15:14 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v OperServ by CompuServ
[12:15:15 am] <@tris> MemoServ, yes
[12:15:15 am] <@Jigsy> Weird.
[12:15:16 am] <@OperServ> they k-lined nickserv!
[12:15:16 am] <@LambdaComplex> MemoServ: it's an idea alright!
[12:15:17 am] <@nisa> is the staff gone?
[12:15:19 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> It is.
[12:15:20 am] <@LambdaComplex> OperServ: what??
[12:15:20 am] <@theemacsshibe>
[12:15:22 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> MemoServ, is it a good idea to take freenode down?
[12:15:23 am] <-* rbraun has kicked gwillen from ##apocalypse (I've wanted to do this for years.)
[12:15:24 am] <@jane_doe> staff's still online
[12:15:24 am] <@theemacsshibe> This is a meme in video format I promise
[12:15:26 am] <@fosco> it's a terrible idea, but that's pretty much in-line with how recent freenode staff handled things. roleplay-wise it's a perfectly fine move
[12:15:27 am] <@Tat> (MemoServ): It can't be worse thank nuking the network.
[12:15:32 am] <@alezakos> MemoServ: irssi just showed me that jane_doe was voiced by jane_doe, jane_doe, and also jane_doe
[12:15:33 am] <@MemoServ> CalimeroTeknik, no
[12:15:35 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> But honestly, just don't get bigoted with it and have fun
[12:15:37 am] <-> mc is now known as Global
[12:15:37 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse -o+o Larkin Larkin by Larkin
[12:15:38 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse -n by Tat
[12:15:39 am] <@gerard> jane_doe: they only showed up in the last 10 minutes or so
[12:15:40 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> I know I'm enjoying it from here
[12:15:43 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvv jane_doe jane_doe jane_doe by jane_doe
[12:15:46 am] <@CompuServ> eww matrix
[12:15:46 am] <@LjL> Why does AmIRC crash the entire Amiga just because it fails to connect
[12:15:46 am] <@MemoServ> alezakos, charybdis/solanum allows that
[12:15:46 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +ns by \-|_Serv
[12:15:47 am] <@LjL> jesus
[12:15:47 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v jane_doe by jane_doe
[12:15:52 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse -s by MemoServ
[12:15:53 am] <@theemacsshibe> wow this editing is garbage tbqh
[12:15:53 am] <@LjL> it's almost like i need a newer computer
[12:15:53 am] <@FuckRasengan> giving op to everyone is still a better idea than the current freenode plan
[12:15:54 am] <@Jigsy> And oddly, they didn't /die.
[12:15:54 am] <@MemoServ> Why +s?
[12:15:56 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v Tat by Tat
[12:15:57 am] <@lighterowl> i wanted to +m but then realised this would have no effect whatsoever
[12:15:57 am] <@X> i want my cold wet piss back
[12:16:01 am] <@CompuServ> LjL: maybe your memory is corrupted
[12:16:03 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvv Iris shadowm shikadibot by Irydacea
[12:16:04 am] <@ClassicMath> lighterowl: lol
[12:16:05 am] <@CompuServ> what amiga you got anyway
[12:16:06 am] <@Selicre> X: want help with that?
[12:16:06 am] <@PissServ> X: can I be of assistance
[12:16:10 am] <@BluRaf> LjL: still waiting for official Doom port? :^)
[12:16:13 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +l 99999 by Tat
[12:16:13 am] <@z> COLD WET CHATS
[12:16:15 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse -o rbraun by rasengan
[12:16:16 am] <@nisa> Are the OPERS still online?
[12:16:16 am] -*- CompuServ is on an a500
[12:16:19 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> MemoServ Objectively, no
[12:16:19 am] <@matthias> This is growing dangerously
[12:16:21 am] <-> MemoServ is now known as Noisytoot_
[12:16:22 am] <@gerard> nisa: only nickserv
[12:16:27 am] <@jane_doe> speakz is still online
[12:16:28 am] <@FuckRasengan> no opers on this server LOL
[12:16:29 am] <@alezakos> so everyone, how's life?
[12:16:29 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> But it's fuckin' funny
[12:16:30 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +l 1729 by phy1729
[12:16:31 am] <@jane_doe> i almost wanna /invite speakz
[12:16:31 am] <@nisa> nickserv… wtf?
[12:16:32 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv gerard itisnigh MooServ crschmidt by ChanServ
[12:16:33 am] <@Tat> Nickserv is fake tho
[12:16:33 am] <@LjL> BluRaf: naaah those games always made me motion sick
[12:16:33 am] <@CompuServ> but is chatting not on an a50
[12:16:34 am] <@Selicre> this has descended into complete chaos
[12:16:34 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv Dick_Nachos Jigsy Noisytoot Global by ChanServ
[12:16:35 am] <@CompuServ> *a500
[12:16:37 am] <-> rctgamer3 is now known as Y
[12:16:38 am] <@Noisytoot_> I'm changing my nick in case they K-Line everyone using services nicks
[12:16:41 am] <@gerard> jane_doe: nah, that's /whowas
[12:16:41 am] <@ebb> ##apocalypse lives up to its name
[12:16:47 am] <@jane_doe> i still see him
[12:16:52 am] <@aeth> the time is rapidly approaching
[12:16:55 am] --> DickServ ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:16:55 am] <@gerard> jane_doe: as NickServ I guess?
[12:16:57 am] <@jane_doe> yeah
[12:16:59 am] <@LambdaComplex> i don't want it to be over :(
[12:17:00 am] <@jane_doe> thats what i meant
[12:17:01 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o DickServ by Jigsy
[12:17:02 am] <@gerard> jane_doe: right
[12:17:07 am] <@nisa> what if we PM nickserv?
[12:17:09 am] <@OperServ> They can't k-line services, what are you talking about Noisytoot_ :P </s>
[12:17:14 am] <@Y> DickServ: o/
[12:17:14 am] <-> Tat is now known as msg
[12:17:15 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o DickServ by CompuServ
[12:17:15 am] <@Global> nisa: you can try
[12:17:19 am] <@Selicre> honestly I just wanna be a part of history at this point. This is a monumental occasion
[12:17:20 am] <@itisnigh> <BluRaf@pissnet> poor bridge
[12:17:24 am] <@gerard> going to run some errands. hope this thing survives
[12:17:29 am] <@LambdaComplex> o7
[12:17:29 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o rbraun by CompuServ
[12:17:30 am] <@msg> Oddly you need to be registered with nickserv to message nickserv
[12:17:31 am] <@itisnigh> <gerard@pissnet> BluRaf: yeah, it's ... barely keeping up
[12:17:32 am] <-> \-|_Serv is now known as AAAAA
[12:17:33 am] <@LjL> DickServ: can i have some cool wet chats please
[12:17:35 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎼🎶Someday... We'll meet again🎵
[12:17:36 am] --> pushcx (~pushcx@ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:17:38 am] <@Jigsy> [23:17:30] <@msg> Oddly you need to be registered with nickserv to message nickserv
[12:17:41 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎵Don't know where, don't know when🎶
[12:17:41 am] <@Global> OperServ: oh hello fellow Service
[12:17:42 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o pushcx by CompuServ
[12:17:43 am] <@Jigsy> There might be a workaround...
[12:17:44 am] <@agrecascino>
[12:17:44 am] <@jacekowski> i'm off to bed, just in case the channel is not here in the morning, it was a pleasure chatting with you
[12:17:45 am] <@Irydacea> this network is blowjobs
[12:17:46 am] <@Jigsy> Assuming it does work.
[12:17:47 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎶But I know we'll meet again some sunny day🎵
[12:17:52 am] <@nisa> I am asking him: hey are you on our side or on mister lees side?
[12:17:52 am] <@aeth> link this to pissnet
[12:17:55 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎵Keep smiling through🎶
[12:17:59 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎶Just like you always do🎵
[12:17:59 am] <@jane_doe> lmao, you can't message nickserv until you identify
[12:18:03 am] <@alezakos> Irydacea: Please kick Irydacea, they are swearing or something.
[12:18:03 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎵'Til the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away🎶
[12:18:04 am] <@Jigsy> Nope, didn't work,.
[12:18:07 am] <@Jigsy> -,
[12:18:07 am] <@OperServ> Global, my loudspeaker, hello dear friend
[12:18:11 am] <@CompuServ> mein fuhrer, i can walk
[12:18:13 am] <@jane_doe> i was gonna sent him an identify
[12:18:16 am] <@KindOne> ... does invite bypass +R ?
[12:18:19 am] <@Y> let's try to stay somewhat quiet for 30 seconds so that the bridge can catch up to the latest messages, it's desynced atm
[12:18:20 am] <@CompuServ> (dr. strangelove)
[12:18:22 am] <@agrecascino> getting a shirt that just says freenode survivor
[12:18:31 am] <@DickServ> LjL: [MATCHMAKING] You have been matched with user Y. Have fun together~
[12:18:32 am] <@itisnigh> <aeth@libera> it's almost synced
[12:18:32 am] <@DickServ> Y: [MATCHMAKING] You have been matched with user LjL. Have fun together~
[12:18:33 am] <@msg> Swearing?! We don't fucking allow that here!
[12:18:34 am] <@Irydacea> you're asking complicated questions about channel modes that i would've been able to answer 10 years ago
[12:18:36 am] <@phy1729> synced now
[12:18:38 am] <@CompuServ> i survived capone and all I got was this stupid shirt
[12:18:40 am] --> Guest25 (Guest25@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:18:41 am] <@LjL> oh my
[12:18:43 am] <@nisa> OKay I asked nickserv if he is on our or mister lees side
[12:18:45 am] <@Jigsy> I survived Elliot Ness.
[12:18:46 am] <@LambdaComplex> wow, did this entire channel actually shut up to let it sync?
[12:18:46 am] <@aeth> hi Guest25
[12:18:47 am] <@nisa> no response yet
[12:18:48 am] <@msg> Guest is our only subject.
[12:18:49 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Guest25 by Jigsy
[12:18:50 am] <@Y> LjL: hiya
[12:18:50 am] <@LambdaComplex> that was impressive
[12:18:54 am] <@FuckRasengan> shut your fucking filthy mouth!
[12:18:56 am] <@LjL> Y: h-hello
[12:18:56 am] <@MooServ> I'm back. This server is still up? lol
[12:18:58 am] <@jane_doe> anarchy works
[12:19:01 am] <@LambdaComplex> MooServ: yes
[12:19:04 am] <@jane_doe> also yeah but there's an oper on
[12:19:05 am] <@msg> Rip. I for one welcome our new guest overlord.
[12:19:06 am] <@jane_doe> as of 10 minutes ago
[12:19:09 am] <@X> it's like
[12:19:11 am] <@MooServ> yeah I see that
[12:19:12 am] <@X> fuck
[12:19:13 am] <@Selicre> I need a "I survived the freenode disaster and all I got was this lousy database of erotic furry roleplay" shirt
[12:19:16 am] <@Jigsy> Sorcerer was on too.
[12:19:17 am] <@X> this whole thing
[12:19:18 am] <@Jigsy> But they left.
[12:19:20 am] <@gerard> I'll remove mode syncing from the linkbot when I get back
[12:19:22 am] <@gerard> that should help
[12:19:24 am] <@KindOne> god damnit...
[12:19:24 am] <@PissServ> Selicre: owo
[12:19:27 am] <-- Guest25 (Guest25@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has quit (Client Quit)
[12:19:28 am] <@nisa> jane_doe: I PMed him with no reply
[12:19:30 am] <@alezakos> Congratulations for making Freenode the server with the highest op/user ratio out of all serious IRC servers
[12:19:33 am] <@jane_doe> i cant pm him
[12:19:34 am] <@MooServ> ): I tried inviting Nickserv but they have +R
[12:19:34 am] <@OperServ> Quote of the year, rofl, Selicre
[12:19:36 am] <@jane_doe> says i need to identify with services
[12:19:39 am] <@Y> it's synced up, whoo
[12:19:47 am] <@nisa> You can still /notice them, mornfall
[12:19:48 am] <@ebb> just print a T-shirt with "I remember" on it
[12:19:49 am] <@nisa> *MooServ
[12:19:49 am] <-- ClassicMath (~coderain@ has left ##apocalypse ("Leaving")
[12:19:51 am] <@CompuServ> alezakos, freenode is no longer a serious irc server
[12:19:55 am] <@alezakos> damn
[12:19:59 am] <@CompuServ> capone on the other hand is
[12:20:01 am] <@LambdaComplex> is this even freenode?
[12:20:02 am] <@nisa> Nickserv can be /notice d
[12:20:02 am] <@Selicre> yeah, someone (I think opal?) gave me the whole db of scripts they used, one of which was ""
[12:20:04 am] <@LambdaComplex> oh ok
[12:20:05 am] <@msg> Libera according to the chart was the biggest IRC network a bit ago.
[12:20:08 am] <@Jigsy> It's the last server.
[12:20:10 am] <@DickServ> LambdaComplex: This is the true freenode.
[12:20:11 am] <@rbraun> Jigsy: KindOne: how did you notice the ops showing up here?
[12:20:12 am] <@LambdaComplex> yeah
[12:20:13 am] <@jane_doe> ew opal
[12:20:15 am] <@aeth> this is the final true freenode server
[12:20:20 am] <@Jigsy> Someone said something about K-lined.
[12:20:21 am] <@ebb> I wonder if capone is really just a honeypot
[12:20:22 am] <@Jigsy> So I checked /lusers.
[12:20:22 am] <@alezakos> Wasn't there an oper notification command?
[12:20:25 am] <@KindOne> rbraun: K-Lined
[12:20:26 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> _ _ _ _ _
[12:20:26 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> _ __ ___ __ _| | _(_)_ __ __ _ | |__ (_)___| |_ ___ _ __ _ _
[12:20:26 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | '_ ` _ \ / _` | |/ / | '_ \ / _` | | '_ \| / __| __/ _ \| '__| | | |
[12:20:26 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | | | | | | (_| | <| | | | | (_| | | | | | \__ \ || (_) | | | |_| |
[12:20:27 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> |_| |_| |_|\__,_|_|\_\_|_| |_|\__, | |_| |_|_|___/\__\___/|_| \__, |
[12:20:27 am] <@girst_> DickServ: i'm starving. have some? :D
[12:20:28 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> |___/ |___/
[12:20:29 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> _ _
[12:20:31 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | |_ ___ __| | __ _ _ _
[12:20:31 am] <@rbraun> Jigsy: ah yeah i guess "NickServ" was k-lined first
[12:20:31 am] <@nisa> Jigsy: operserv got klined
[12:20:32 am] <@alezakos> or staff assistance command?
[12:20:33 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | __/ _ \ / _` |/ _` | | | |
[12:20:33 am] <@ebb> Are we all going to be banned from newnode
[12:20:35 am] <@theemacsshibe> I can't read
[12:20:37 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | || (_) | (_| | (_| | |_| |
[12:20:38 am] <@CompuServ> nyan cat
[12:20:39 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> \__\___/ \__,_|\__,_|\__, |
[12:20:41 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> |___/
[12:20:43 am] <@matthias> isfreenodedeadyet is linking with this server at the moment? :-D
[12:20:44 am] <@aeth> -!- 1 IRC Operators online
[12:20:45 am] <@CompuServ> ebb: i'd not mind overly
[12:20:46 am] <@Irydacea> ebb: probably and i couldn't care less myself
[12:20:46 am] <@KindOne> Since this is the only server on the network you can "/trace" and get all the opers
[12:20:48 am] <@matthias> The answer is not yet.
[12:20:48 am] --> LjL-AmIRC (~LjL@ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:20:50 am] <@Y> what does that say
[12:20:52 am] <@msg> Way ahead of you.
[12:20:54 am] <@Global> /list -YES only indicates ##apocalypse, #anime, #gnu and #help
[12:20:55 am] <LjL-AmIRC> made it!
[12:20:56 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o LjL-AmIRC by Jigsy
[12:20:57 am] <@Jigsy>
[12:21:01 am] <@Jigsy> Oh, if only they knew...
[12:21:08 am] <@Global> alis: list * (please)
[12:21:13 am] [@FuckRasengan] You will be reported
[12:21:15 am] <@Dick_Nachos> "User staff NickServ[speakz@freenode/staff/speakz] ( 10 765"
[12:21:17 am] <@msg> Okay, op off... next person who ops the next person to join wins.
[12:21:29 am] <@Jigsy> Wins what?
[12:21:31 am] <@PissServ> got my opstick ready
[12:21:32 am] <@CompuServ> the game
[12:21:34 am] <@theemacsshibe> *shoots you* "HEY I'M TRYING TO TEACH YOU THIS IS HOW WE LEARNT IN THE BAD OLD DAYS"
[12:21:35 am] <@msg> The game.
[12:21:42 am] <@nisa> I am pretty certain that nickserv is on our side
[12:21:50 am] <@nisa> > NickServ is idling for 13 min, 13 sec (since 2021-06-15 22:08:01 UTC)
[12:21:53 am] <@jane_doe> i mean like
[12:21:53 am] <@CompuServ> i have the powr of god and anime on my side
[12:21:57 am] <@LambdaComplex> nisa: why's that?
[12:21:58 am] <@BluRaf> remember to join pissnet for COLD WET CHATS
[12:22:02 am] <@Larkin> CompuServ: gnu and anime*
[12:22:04 am] <@jane_doe> they could just be idle
[12:22:07 am] <@Noisytoot> NickServ is freenode staff
[12:22:09 am] <@aeth> freenode staff is probably talking on discord about how to handle this last server
[12:22:10 am] <@CompuServ> Gnu/Anime
[12:22:16 am] --> EpicOne ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:22:18 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o EpicOne by DickServ
[12:22:18 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o EpicOne by PissServ
[12:22:18 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o EpicOne by KindOne
[12:22:20 am] --> Voldenet ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:22:20 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o EpicOne by Global
[12:22:21 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o EpicOne by OperServ
[12:22:21 am] <@PissServ> fuck
[12:22:21 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o EpicOne by jane_doe
[12:22:21 am] <@msg> FUCK
[12:22:23 am] <@KindOne> god damniot
[12:22:23 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by jane_doe
[12:22:24 am] <@Cupid> lmao
[12:22:25 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by jane_doe
[12:22:25 am] <@BluRaf> \o Voldenet
[12:22:25 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by jane_doe
[12:22:25 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by jane_doe
[12:22:25 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by jane_doe
[12:22:26 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by jane_doe
[12:22:26 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by jane_doe
[12:22:29 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> I doubt they're bothering with Discord at all
[12:22:31 am] <@Voldenet> oh hi there
[12:22:31 am] <@OperServ> damnit, I was tabbed into my game
[12:22:32 am] <@msg> Dickserv won.
[12:22:34 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +oooo EpicOne EpicOne Voldenet Voldenet by Noisytoot
[12:22:35 am] <@msg> I wasn't even close.
[12:22:36 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by CompuServ
[12:22:36 am] <@DickServ> Naturally.
[12:22:38 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by CompuServ
[12:22:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by CompuServ
[12:22:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by CompuServ
[12:22:39 am] <@Irydacea> aeth: they must be throwing a fit in #freenode-sex-dungeon
[12:22:39 am] --> rms ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:22:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by CompuServ
[12:22:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by CompuServ
[12:22:40 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Voldenet by CompuServ
[12:22:41 am] <-- EpicOne ( has left ##apocalypse
[12:22:42 am] <@rbraun> msg: SHOW HIM WHAT HE WON
[12:22:44 am] <rms> hi I am richard m stallman
[12:22:44 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o rms by Jigsy
[12:22:44 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v rms by jane_doe
[12:22:49 am] <@nisa> LambdaComplex: because they would have banned us all long time already
[12:22:50 am] <@CompuServ> hi richard
[12:22:50 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> If they were buying as much into ye old decentralization grift as they were before
[12:22:53 am] <@aeth> hi rms is #fsf moving from libera to capone?
[12:22:54 am] <@PissServ> rms: can I get some toe cheese brother
[12:22:54 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v rms by jane_doe
[12:22:59 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +vvvv rms rms rms rms by jane_doe
[12:23:00 am] <@nisa> LambdaComplex: this server would have been shut down already
[12:23:04 am] <@lighterowl> rms: can you teach my computer how to be free
[12:23:05 am] <@LambdaComplex> hi rms what does your toe gunk taste like
[12:23:06 am] <@z> sup rms
[12:23:07 am] <@rms> aeth: #fsf is deprecated
[12:23:09 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> Then they'd hate Discord more than even some of the wonkiest ones here
[12:23:10 am] <@z> I am z
[12:23:13 am] <@rms> uuuh
[12:23:16 am] <@msg> Rebel Freenode at the end of the world.
[12:23:16 am] <@rms> uuuuuuuuuh
[12:23:17 am] <@n1ckserv> lemme nibble them toes
[12:23:18 am] <@ebb> free slash node
[12:23:21 am] <@aeth> rms: libre software foundation now?
[12:23:21 am] <@LjL> CompuServ:
[12:23:24 am] <@Y> sup z; y u z?
[12:23:24 am] <@agrecascino> rms, richard "meat" stalin
[12:23:26 am] <@alis> Global: With much delay, the list of channels at your disposal is: ##apocalypse, #help, #anime, #gnu
[12:23:26 am] <@ebb> *free plus node
[12:23:28 am] <@Jigsy> Maybe sorcerer is waiting for Lee's high to wear off.
[12:23:29 am] <@rms> I never set up #applied-language on libera
[12:23:35 am] <@rms> :<
[12:23:37 am] <@phy1729> alis: and ##moved_to_libera
[12:23:42 am] <@rbraun> Jigsy: lmao
[12:23:45 am] <@Global> alis: ♥
[12:23:46 am] <@CompuServ> LjL: Nice job
[12:23:57 am] <@CompuServ> ljL: what model is that
[12:23:59 am] <@z> x y z
[12:24:05 am] <@FuckRasengan> #gnu is not linux
[12:24:06 am] <@nisa> but wait, speakz is also admin on the "new" freenode…
[12:24:17 am] -*- enyc meows
[12:24:17 am] <@CompuServ> i'm on an a500 running workbench 1.3
[12:24:17 am] <@Selicre> double agent?
[12:24:19 am] <@nisa> is he on our side? or is he not=
[12:24:21 am] --> Seeder99 ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:24:21 am] -*- Selicre barks
[12:24:21 am] <@Jigsy> I think it's a jupe.
[12:24:23 am] <@rms> IMHO mezzano is more free than GNU despite the license
[12:24:24 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Seeder99 by Global
[12:24:25 am] <@enyc> CompuServ: excellent, what tcp stack ?
[12:24:26 am] <@itisnigh> <fnlol@freenode_new> FSF is renaming to FNF, the Free Node Foundation
[12:24:35 am] <@CompuServ> enyc: i'm not using my a500 for irc
[12:24:39 am] <@CompuServ> ljl is
[12:24:45 am] <@CompuServ> i'm drawing a picture on dpaint right now
[12:24:50 am] <@jane_doe> its prob just a jupe while they figure out what to do lol
[12:24:56 am] <@LjL-AmIRC> CompuServ: well to be fair i`m using an expanded A1200
[12:25:01 am] <@CompuServ> ljl: lucky
[12:25:07 am] <@CompuServ> i cna't afford to look at one of those
[12:25:11 am] <@Selicre> CompuServ: if this goes down before you finish, please PM the finished product to me
[12:25:12 am] <@msg> I wonder what the ZFS folks who didn't move when everybody was like fuck this Lee guy think about today.
[12:25:13 am] <@CompuServ> especially in america
[12:25:15 am] <-- rms ( has left ##apocalypse
[12:25:19 am] <@Irydacea> you know the one thing people complained about a lot back in the day in #freenode? staff not adding themselves to /stats p
[12:25:22 am] <@msg> I know there were som FSF die hards.
[12:25:23 am] <@DickServ> RIP fms
[12:25:24 am] <@Noisytoot> nisa, ask him
[12:25:24 am] <@CompuServ> selicre: i'm on apocalypse on libera as wyatt8740
[12:25:24 am] --> torvalds ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:25:27 am] <@DickServ> *rms
[12:25:30 am] <@aeth> hi linus
[12:25:30 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o torvalds by Global
[12:25:30 am] <@Selicre> alrighty
[12:25:32 am] <@Irydacea> andrewgang fixed it by making /stats p unusable :)
[12:25:32 am] <@torvalds> so I can RP as anyone with this nickserv
[12:25:39 am] <@nisa> Noisytoot_: on the "new" freenode?
[12:25:43 am] <@aeth> is esr here
[12:25:48 am] <@alis> Irydacea: yeah, that's true. it was always hard to find staff when you needed them.
[12:25:50 am] <-> BluRaf is now known as esr
[12:25:50 am] <@LambdaComplex> i hate esr tbh
[12:25:50 am] <@torvalds> aeth: no I have standards
[12:25:53 am] <-> esr is now known as BluRaf
[12:25:53 am] <@alezakos> and you get the @ "verified" badge
[12:25:54 am] <@PissServ> torvalds: freenode is now an ERP server
[12:25:54 am] <@ebb> be the nick you want to see in the world
[12:25:55 am] <@Noisytoot> I had an fsf/member cloak on the old freenode
[12:25:55 am] <@Irydacea> aeth: hang on
[12:25:57 am] <@alezakos> that's what youtube does anyways, right?
[12:25:57 am] <@BluRaf> xD
[12:25:57 am] <@PissServ> I hope you're ready to Y I F F
[12:26:03 am] <@torvalds> that said rms was pretty nasty
[12:26:07 am] <-> Iris is now known as esr
[12:26:12 am] <@Y> IFF
[12:26:13 am] <@DickServ> PissServ: Hm?
[12:26:13 am] <@Noisytoot> nisa, on either
[12:26:19 am] <@torvalds> dunno what dmytri kleiner's nick was if he had one
[12:26:22 am] <@Noisytoot> I'm not sure if you can message him here
[12:26:22 am] <@CompuServ> interchange file format
[12:26:23 am] <@PissServ> DickServ: you heard me
[12:26:23 am] <@mst> o/ my buttsex brings all the boys to the yard / I'd yiff you, but the queue's too large o/
[12:26:28 am] <@torvalds> owo
[12:26:33 am] <@BluRaf>
[12:26:35 am] <@LjL-AmIRC> CompuServ: i bought it "recently" but like, when everything hadn`t yet become ABSURDLY expensive. only RIDICULOUSLY expensive. anyway i paid around 200 euro, 68030 with 32MB of RAM, 4GB CF IDE adapter and a couple of network cards
[12:26:38 am] <@PissServ> I switched clients and my old yiff scripts are gone RIP
[12:26:39 am] <@msg> If anybody can message folks tell kiedtl to come here.
[12:26:41 am] <@aeth> torvalds: ovo, because you're a penguin.
[12:26:41 am] <-> AAAAA is now known as \|_-
[12:26:43 am] <@esr> Hello this si esr here and I hvae come to tlel you about how I craeted open source in 1970
[12:26:44 am] <@aeth> :>
[12:26:50 am] <@CompuServ> ljl-amirc: i'm 24 now, i had no chance
[12:26:54 am] <@CompuServ> also in america where it's rarer
[12:27:03 am] <@Noisytoot> * [esr] ( 💜
[12:27:04 am] <@CompuServ> i'd love a 68k with mmu for linux/bsd
[12:27:05 am] <@n1ckserv> esr i would be honored if you would shooot me with youor gun
[12:27:14 am] <@Noisytoot> this may be the real esr
[12:27:14 am] <@Y> "I want to get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride."
[12:27:16 am] <@esr> Noisytoot: don't dox me you canceller
[12:27:20 am] <@Sos> BluRaf, lol
[12:27:20 am] <@LjL-AmIRC> CompuServ: hats off to you then and let us have that dpaint file when ready :)
[12:27:23 am] <@enyc> oh
[12:27:26 am] <@LjL-AmIRC> CompuServ: eh my MMU is flakey anyway
[12:27:28 am] <@enyc> ^^^^ ** the graph is really going off
[12:27:32 am] <@nisa> Noisytoot_: done
[12:27:33 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> esr, down with open source, long live free software
[12:27:35 am] <@esr> Noisytoot: oh no trust me i'd never let the real esr near our servers lol
[12:27:38 am] <@CompuServ> ljl: my DMAC in my a590's the same way
[12:27:39 am] <@torvalds> I take it back can I have a microkernel
[12:27:42 am] <@jane_doe> enyc:
[12:27:42 am] <@jane_doe>
[12:27:43 am] <@esr> he can't even fix his own blog
[12:27:44 am] <@jane_doe> fuc
[12:27:47 am] <@BluRaf> Sos: just do it :P
[12:27:49 am] <@LjL-AmIRC> CompuServ: it`s supposed to be a 680EC30 but the MMU "sometimes" works, like, I can use it for ShapeShifter, but i can`t really run Unix
[12:27:51 am] <@nisa> Noisytoot_: I did: /msg Speakz Hey I saw you reserved the nick "nickserv" on capstone, the last freenode server online… So are you on our side? As in will that server be kept alive? Or are you on mister lees side shutting down that last server too?
[12:27:55 am] <@esr> which one of me was i before this i forgot
[12:27:58 am] <@agrecascino> esr, what's your opinion on the lesbians threating the position of linus torvald's man meat
[12:28:11 am] <@msg> (jane_doe): LOL
[12:28:11 am] <@jane_doe> why are you guys asking random opers "are you on our side"
[12:28:13 am] <@Dick_Nachos> capone, not capstone
[12:28:14 am] <@DickServ> agrecascino: UNACCEPTABLE
[12:28:15 am] <@torvalds> 8--
[12:28:26 am] <@KindOne> Welp...
[12:28:29 am] <@esr> agrecascino: CANCEL CULTURE. BRENDAN EICH DID NOTHING WRONG
[12:28:34 am] <@torvalds> yeah he did
[12:28:34 am] <@Selicre> captain teeny dick
[12:28:37 am] <@torvalds> he made JS
[12:28:39 am] <@agrecascino> LMAO
[12:28:43 am] <@esr> lmao
[12:28:46 am] <@rbraun> lmao
[12:28:47 am] <@BluRaf> hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha rotfl
[12:28:49 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> how about validation culture
[12:28:51 am] <-- Liskni_si ( has quit (Quit: Liskni_si)
[12:28:52 am] <@CompuServ> ljl and selicre et all, just gonna warn you it's no masterpiece, too distracted by chat
[12:28:53 am] <@nisa> SHIT SHIT SHIT
[12:28:56 am] <@CompuServ> but i'm just doodling
[12:28:56 am] <@nisa> HE REPLIED
[12:29:00 am] <-> LjL-AmIRC is now known as LjL-Amiga
[12:29:02 am] <@BluRaf> nisa: what he answered!?
[12:29:02 am] <@esr> who did
[12:29:02 am] <@Selicre> oh fuck
[12:29:10 am] <@torvalds> fuck
[12:29:10 am] <@BluRaf> FUCK
[12:29:11 am] <@Selicre> NOOOO
[12:29:12 am] <@agrecascino> Not Good
[12:29:12 am] <@PissServ> lame
[12:29:12 am] <@BluRaf> RUN
[12:29:16 am] <@CompuServ> D:
[12:29:16 am] <@itisnigh> <moony@pissnet> rip
[12:29:19 am] <@Y> who
[12:29:20 am] <@phy1729> nisa: nooooooooo
[12:29:21 am] <-> esr is now known as Iris
[12:29:21 am] <@ebb> good job
[12:29:22 am] <@Y> rasengan?
[12:29:22 am] <@girst_> esr: have you read the 'posix me harder' rms/esr/torvalds fanfic?
[12:29:24 am] <@LjL-Amiga> CompuServ: doesn`t matter, it`ll end up on a blockchain for hundreds of thousands like handy warhol`s amiga paintings
[12:29:26 am] <@BluRaf> nisa: any deadline or something?
[12:29:30 am] <@nisa> Nope nothing
[12:29:31 am] <@Iris> girst_: oh god
[12:29:34 am] <@CompuServ> ljl-amiga lol
[12:29:35 am] <@torvalds> well
[12:29:35 am] <@OperServ> posix me daddy
[12:29:42 am] <@torvalds> say ye last words and all
[12:29:42 am] <@nisa> esr: he knows about this server already
[12:29:42 am] <@Selicre> well, it's been fun lads
[12:29:43 am] <@phy1729> POSIX_ME_HARDER
[12:29:46 am] <@LambdaComplex> nisa: source for this statement???
[12:29:50 am] <@nisa> <Speakz> that server will come here eventually
[12:29:50 am] <@mornfall> damn
[12:29:52 am] <@z> nisa: ask him to come here and make a countdown plz
[12:29:57 am] <@LjL-Amiga> CompuServ: also i can display it on MY amiga so it will be almost real except for the horrid aspect ratio ive managed to get out of this monitor
[12:29:57 am] <@CompuServ> POSIX_ME_HARDER lol that's some lore
[12:29:58 am] <@Noisytoot> bye charybdis/ircd-seven!
[12:30:03 am] <@aeth> I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're refering to as freenode, is in fact, GNU/freenode, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus freenode. freenode is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
[12:30:04 am] <@jane_doe> rip in peace
[12:30:06 am] <@DickServ> CompuServ: It's good lore.
[12:30:07 am] <@CompuServ> ljl-Amiga: ironically i have a commodore 1942 montior
[12:30:08 am] <@PissServ> I missed context - person we're talking about is the server owner correct?
[12:30:09 am] <@Jigsy> Yup, def. waiting for Lee to sober up.
[12:30:11 am] <@Iris> QUICKLY SOMEONE FIND AN RCE IN IRCD-SEVEN AND DELETE .ssh/authorized_keys
[12:30:12 am] <@FuckRasengan> CAPONE LIVES
[12:30:14 am] <@X> charybdis lives on in solanum
[12:30:15 am] <@CompuServ> the one that can do AGA resolutions
[12:30:18 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> _ _ _ _ _ _
[12:30:18 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | |_| |__ ___ ___ _ __ __| | (_)___ _ __ (_) __ _| |__
[12:30:18 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | __| '_ \ / _ \ / _ \ '_ \ / _` | | / __| | '_ \| |/ _` | '_ \
[12:30:18 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | |_| | | | __/ | __/ | | | (_| | | \__ \ | | | | | (_| | | | |
[12:30:19 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> \__|_| |_|\___| \___|_| |_|\__,_| |_|___/ |_| |_|_|\__, |_| |_|
[12:30:20 am] <@theemacsshibe> can I mention this IP and channel on twitter
[12:30:20 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> |___/
[12:30:24 am] <@itisnigh> <alice@pissnet> bye freenode! it's been fun flying with you for the past decade and a bit :-)
[12:30:27 am] <@enyc> =)
[12:30:27 am] <@PissServ> theemacsshibe: spread it far and wide
[12:30:28 am] <@Y> CalimeroTeknik what does that say
[12:30:30 am] <@phy1729> so ASCII art spam time right?
[12:30:31 am] <@theemacsshibe> k
[12:30:34 am] <@girst_> it's horribly good. too bad the website is currently down, and so is the internet archive
[12:30:35 am] <@jane_doe> nickserv no longer idle
[12:30:41 am] <@torvalds> i will retweet you
[12:30:43 am] <@alezakos> let's try for a ascii art collab
[12:30:49 am] <@nisa> z: okay I asked himi
[12:30:49 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> _ _ _ _ _ _
[12:30:49 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | |_| |__ ___ ___ _ __ __| | (_)___ _ __ (_) __ _| |__
[12:30:50 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | __| '_ \ / _ \ / _ \ '_ \ / _` | | / __| | '_ \| |/ _` | '_ \
[12:30:50 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> | |_| | | | __/ | __/ | | | (_| | | \__ \ | | | | | (_| | | | |
[12:30:50 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> \__|_| |_|\___| \___|_| |_|\__,_| |_|___/ |_| |_|_|\__, |_| |_|
[12:30:51 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> |___/
[12:30:51 am] <@msg> theemacsshibe sure, it'll be dead at some point.
[12:30:51 am] <@Selicre> lmao
[12:30:51 am] <@theemacsshibe> ok can you cheat nickserv on twitter too now huh
[12:30:53 am] <@girst_>
[12:30:53 am] <@nisa> *him
[12:30:54 am] <@torvalds> fuck
[12:30:55 am] <@Noisytoot> If esr was not the real esr, how did he get "" as a hostname?
[12:30:58 am] <@torvalds> girst_: FUCK
[12:31:03 am] <@Selicre> LMAO
[12:31:05 am] <@Iris> Noisytoot: magic
[12:31:08 am] * jane_doe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "hax (<- IP) || <rasengan> foss is forking. foss is building. foss is collaboration. <letty> foss is taking a lot of cocaine :: <girst> fuck you rasengan for destroying freenode <3 :: capone is FOSS"
[12:31:09 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> Y, better?
[12:31:12 am] * jane_doe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: " (<- IP) || <rasengan> foss is forking. foss is building. foss is collaboration. <letty> foss is taking a lot of cocaine :: <girst> fuck you rasengan for destroying freenode <3 :: capone is FOSS"
[12:31:19 am] <@jane_doe> was tabbed into the wrong input field
[12:31:22 am] <@jane_doe> Noisytoot: hax
[12:31:30 am] <-- ChanServ ( has quit (Killed (NickServ (invalid)))
[12:31:31 am] <@PissServ> top tier asciis available here for anyone interested
[12:31:33 am] <@jane_doe> uh oh
[12:31:34 am] <@aeth> f
[12:31:34 am] <@Selicre> oh no
[12:31:36 am] <@z> F
[12:31:37 am] <@PissServ> o7
[12:31:37 am] <@Selicre> it's happening
[12:31:40 am] <@DickServ> uhoh
[12:31:42 am] <@Irydacea> o7
[12:31:44 am] <@Y> what
[12:31:44 am] <@fosco> F
[12:31:44 am] <@phy1729> ⢠⣰⣶⣶⣤⣤⣀
[12:31:45 am] <@Jigsy> What's happening?
[12:31:45 am] <@mornfall> o/~
[12:31:46 am] <@theemacsshibe> before we go I'd like to sing a rendition of celestial voices
[12:31:46 am] <@phy1729> ⣴⣶⣿⣿⣫⣥⣄⣉⠻⣷⣄⡀
[12:31:48 am] <@phy1729> ⣾⠟⢛⣽⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣮⣟⠿⣦
[12:31:49 am] <@aeth> f
[12:31:50 am] <@phy1729> ⣧⠇⢠⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡿⠿⣿⣿⣷⡜⣷
[12:31:50 am] <@DickServ> I hope I'm not invalid.
[12:31:52 am] <@phy1729> ⣿⡆⢸⡿⠏⠁⠄⠄⣿⡀⠄⠄⣙⢹⡇⣿
[12:31:52 am] <@aeth> o7
[12:31:53 am] <@Jigsy> o7
[12:31:54 am] <@phy1729> ⢇⢈⣾⣴⣶⣦⢶⡿⠷⣵⣶⣿⣿⣧
[12:31:54 am] <@Irydacea> speakz is squatting nickserv now
[12:31:55 am] <@alis> To think that I spent over "Registered : Aug 29 18:55:42 2005 (15y 41w 6d ago)" on Freenode.
[12:31:56 am] <@phy1729> ⢘⡽⣿⡿⠛⣡⣦⠄⠠⢼⣯⣙⣻⣿⣻
[12:31:56 am] <@ebb> phy1729 are you on a 300baud modem
[12:31:56 am] --> ChanServ ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:31:56 am] <@Voldenet> o7
[12:31:58 am] <@phy1729> ⠸⣷⣿⠗⢶⡿⡇⠄⠄⣢⣤⡽⢿⡟⠛
[12:31:58 am] <@Selicre> MAN DOWN
[12:31:58 am] <@theemacsshibe> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooooooo ooooooooooooooh
[12:31:59 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> F
[12:32:00 am] <@phy1729> ⠈⢸⣤⣼⠅⣿⠋⠙⠙⢿⣷⣼⣧
[12:32:00 am] <@Noisytoot> o7
[12:32:01 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o ChanServ by Global
[12:32:02 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⣿⣿⣿⢸⣿⣦⠄⠄⠄⠄⣿⣿⢣
[12:32:02 am] <@aeth> lol ChanServ rejoined
[12:32:03 am] <@Y> who's this
[12:32:04 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⢀⣿⣿⡇⢸⣿⣿⡇⠄⠄⠄⠈⠃⣸⣇
[12:32:04 am] <@PissServ> saved
[12:32:04 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎼🎶Someday... We'll meet again🎵
[12:32:06 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⢸⠏⠉⠁⠈⠻⠿⣿⣷⣤⡀⣧⣴⡏⣿
[12:32:06 am] <@CompuServ> our concerns about freenode are invalid
[12:32:07 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎵Don't know where, don't know when🎶
[12:32:08 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⢀⡀⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⣿⣿⣟⡃⣿⣿⣿⣾
[12:32:08 am] <@ChanServ> xD
[12:32:10 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⣼⡇⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⢿⣿⣿⣷⣿⣿⣿⣿
[12:32:10 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎶But I know we'll meet again some sunny day🎵
[12:32:12 am] <@z> Sup ChanServ
[12:32:12 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⠄⣰⡿⠄⠄⢀⠄⠄⠄⠈⢿⣿⣯⣿⣿⣿⣿⡄
[12:32:13 am] <@alezakos> ChanServ: register ##apocalypse
[12:32:14 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⢰⣿⣧⡀⠄⠈⠄⡇⠄⠄⠘⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣇
[12:32:15 am] <@FuckRasengan> false alarm
[12:32:16 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⣿⣿⣿⣿⣶⣴⣾⠁⠄⠄⠄⢹⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡀
[12:32:16 am] <@itisnigh> nick change by A_Dragon to BA_Dragon on pissnet
[12:32:17 am] <@lighterowl> xaaaaaaanaduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[12:32:17 am] <@theemacsshibe> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oooh ooooh ooh ooooooooooooooooooooooooh
[12:32:17 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎵Keep smiling through🎶
[12:32:18 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⠘⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡏⠄⠄⠄⠄⠈⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⡇
[12:32:19 am] <@itisnigh> nick change by BA_Dragon to A_Dragon on pissnet
[12:32:20 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠙⠻⠿⠋⡆⠄⠄⠄⠄⠠⣿⣼⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿
[12:32:20 am] <@msg> Lol @CompuServ
[12:32:22 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠰⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⢸⣏⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿
[12:32:22 am] <@ChanServ> xD
[12:32:22 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎶Just like you always do🎵
[12:32:22 am] <@BluRaf> ;w;7 Thank you for service
[12:32:24 am] <@phy1729> ⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⣼⢹⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿
[12:32:25 am] <@rasengan> Thanks for the fish.
[12:32:29 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> 🎵'Til the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away🎶
[12:32:31 am] <@alezakos> does anyone have any EXTREMELY COOL bot to bring in here?
[12:32:32 am] <@torvalds> wait wot
[12:32:36 am] <@aeth> Freenode is dead but Linux will last forever. :>
[12:32:36 am] -*- ebb trouts rasengan about with a slap
[12:32:39 am] <@aeth> right torvalds?
[12:32:40 am] <@CompuServ> msg why, the name?
[12:32:41 am] <@Irydacea> !hug alezakos
[12:32:41 am] -*- shikadibot hugs alezakos
[12:32:45 am] <@nisa> . /mode -o-v+q phy1729 phy1729 phy1729
[12:32:47 am] <@LambdaComplex> 18:31 <-- ChanServ ( has quit (Killed (NickServ (invalid)))
[12:32:48 am] <@aeth> !hug Irydacea
[12:32:48 am] -*- shikadibot hugs Irydacea
[12:32:49 am] <@BluRaf> FOSS WILL LAST FOREVER
[12:32:49 am] <@LambdaComplex> ??????
[12:32:51 am] <@ChanServ> xD
[12:32:53 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> aeth, systemd-linuxd
[12:32:57 am] <@aeth> !hug ChanServ
[12:32:58 am] -*- shikadibot hugs ChanServ
[12:33:00 am] <@Selicre> wait ar is that you?
[12:33:03 am] <@ChanServ> yup
[12:33:03 am] <@CompuServ> CalimeroTeknik, i use sysvinit
[12:33:04 am] <@Selicre> my man
[12:33:05 am] <@torvalds> once I had a bot which would generate from a markov chain fed on r/the_donald's IRC channel
[12:33:06 am] <@alezakos> !hello
[12:33:06 am] <@shikadibot> alezakos: Hi!
[12:33:11 am] <@alezakos> !do you like toast?
[12:33:16 am] <@q3k> leave ChanServ alone
[12:33:17 am] <@alezakos> !what is your favourite food?
[12:33:20 am] <@msg> Starting the trivia. Round of 10 questions. !strivia to stop. Total: 4996
[12:33:20 am] <@alis> girst_: I missed the rms-esr-fanfic :-/
[12:33:23 am] <@nisa> <Speakz> that server will come here eventually
[12:33:23 am] <@nisa> <comixfigure> Alright, could you join ##apocalypse there and do a countdown or something?
[12:33:23 am] <@nisa> <Speakz> countdown for what?
[12:33:23 am] <@nisa> <comixfigure> For when the server is going to be taken down and moved to the new freenode network
[12:33:29 am] <-> msg is now known as Tat
[12:33:30 am] <@girst_> posix me harder (cc torvalds alis Iris ):
[12:33:32 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> CompuServ, I use the init from this page
[12:33:35 am] <@Tat> 1. Movies: Who played andy thompson in The Headmaster?
[12:33:39 am] <@torvalds> robert strandh
[12:33:44 am] <@alis> thanks
[12:33:45 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, Andy_ ________
[12:33:45 am] <@q3k> john paul the second
[12:33:47 am] <@Irydacea> girst_: that name sounds familiar
[12:33:50 am] <@torvalds> andy warhol
[12:33:50 am] <@Irydacea> the author's
[12:33:51 am] <-> rasendork is now known as A
[12:33:51 am] <@jane_doe> Andy Warhol
[12:33:55 am] <@jane_doe> im out of ideas
[12:33:58 am] <@torvalds> yeah same
[12:34:00 am] <@Selicre> Andy Thompson
[12:34:01 am] <@Tat> !vowels
[12:34:03 am] <@nisa> <comixfigure> For when the server is going to be taken down and moved to the new freenode network
[12:34:03 am] <@nisa> <Speakz> i don't know exactly when that is going to happen
[12:34:03 am] <@nisa> <Speakz> the server will just restart and will come back with the new ircd and thats it
[12:34:04 am] <@LambdaComplex> nisa: where was that
[12:34:10 am] <@nisa> LambdaComplex: in a PM
[12:34:11 am] <@ChanServ>
[12:34:12 am] <@alezakos> Andy Paleris
[12:34:16 am] <@LambdaComplex> nisa: oh ok
[12:34:17 am] <@torvalds> andidya killhim
[12:34:23 am] --> vibe (~viiiiibe@ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:34:24 am] <@aeth> Andy Lee
[12:34:28 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o vibe by Jigsy
[12:34:31 am] <@alezakos> wait, there's a letter after Andy
[12:34:32 am] <@Tat> Capone will never die! Unless tax evasion or something.
[12:34:33 am] <@nisa> sooo we're screwed…
[12:34:33 am] <@jane_doe> ChanServ: lmao
[12:34:35 am] <@girst_> The Full Trilogy:
[12:34:35 am] <@girst_>
[12:34:35 am] <@girst_>
[12:34:35 am] <@girst_>
[12:34:35 am] <@Tat> Time's up! The answer was: Andy Griffith
[12:34:37 am] <@alezakos> Andyx Xxxxxxxxxxx
[12:34:38 am] <@Jigsy> ...
[12:34:40 am] <@torvalds> k
[12:34:40 am] <@Jigsy> The fuck?
[12:34:40 am] <@alezakos> a
[12:34:45 am] <@Tat> 2. What completed a journey of 19,500 miles with only three stops in August 1929?
[12:34:50 am] <@jane_doe> plane
[12:34:53 am] <@LambdaComplex> train
[12:34:54 am] <@jane_doe> car
[12:34:55 am] --> owlmanatt ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:34:55 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, the gr___ ________
[12:34:58 am] <@aeth> eat
[12:34:58 am] <@q3k> train of the choo choo kind
[12:34:59 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o owlmanatt by Jigsy
[12:35:00 am] <@agrecascino> ass cancer
[12:35:02 am] <@torvalds> the great gatsby
[12:35:02 am] <@jane_doe> the great railway
[12:35:03 am] <@alezakos> the great gatsby
[12:35:06 am] <@Noisytoot> boat
[12:35:07 am] <@Jigsy> The Green
[12:35:08 am] <@jane_doe> the book????????????
[12:35:10 am] <@Noisytoot> ship
[12:35:10 am] <@torvalds> the green gatsby
[12:35:10 am] <@alezakos> the great flood?
[12:35:12 am] <@jane_doe> the green goblin
[12:35:14 am] <@Jigsy> ...something.
[12:35:15 am] <@vibe> fuck andrew lee, all my homies hate andrew lee
[12:35:15 am] <@agrecascino> the great escape
[12:35:17 am] <@Selicre> the green beeeeeen
[12:35:19 am] <@aeth> the great freenode
[12:35:20 am] <@Tat> !vowels
[12:35:21 am] <@jane_doe> the greedy gobbler
[12:35:22 am] <@Noisytoot> andrew lee
[12:35:22 am] <@PissServ> I wonder if I can flood fast asciis with services down hmm
[12:35:23 am] <@alezakos> the grass mower
[12:35:24 am] <@Global> Great Britain
[12:35:26 am] <@PissServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣠⣴⣶⣿⠿⢿⣶⣶⣦⣄
[12:35:26 am] <@PissServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣼⡿⠋⠁⠀⠀⠀⢀⣈⠙⢿⣷⡄⠀⠀
[12:35:26 am] <@PissServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⣿⠁⠀⢀⣴⣿⠿⠿⠿⠿⠿⢿⣷⣄⠀
[12:35:26 am] <@PissServ> ⠀⢀⣀⣠⣾⣿⡇⠀⣾⣿⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠹⣧
[12:35:26 am] <@PissServ> ⣾⡿⠉⠉⣿⠀⡇⠀⠸⣿⡌⠓⠶⠤⣤⡤⠶⢚⣻⡟
[12:35:26 am] <@PissServ> ⣿⣧⠖⠒⣿⡄⡇⠀⠀⠙⢿⣷⣶⣶⣶⣶⣶⢿⣿⠀
[12:35:26 am] <@PissServ> ⣿⡇⠀⠀⣿⡇⢰⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠉⠉⠉⠁⠀⠀⣿⠀
[12:35:26 am] <@torvalds> the groin pains
[12:35:27 am] <@PissServ> ⣿⡇⠀⠀⣿⡇⠈⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣿⣿⠀
[12:35:27 am] <@PissServ> ⣿⣷⠀⠀⣿⡇⠀⠘⠦⣄⣀⣀⣀⣀⣀⡤⠊⠀⣿⠀
[12:35:28 am] <@PissServ> ⢿⣿⣤⣀⣿⡇⠀⠀⠀⢀⣀⣉⡉⠁⣀⡀⠀⣾⡟⠀
[12:35:28 am] <@PissServ> ⠀⠉⠛⠛⣿⡇⠀⠀⠀⠀⣿⡟⣿⡟⠋⠀⢰⣿⠃⠀
[12:35:29 am] <@PissServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⣿⣧⠀⠀⠀⢀⣿⠃⣿⣇⠀⢀⣸⡯⠀⠀
[12:35:29 am] <@PissServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠹⢿⣶⣶⣶⠿⠃⠀⠈⠛⠛⠛⠛'
[12:35:30 am] <@aeth> oh god
[12:35:34 am] <@MooServ> sus
[12:35:34 am] <@BluRaf> sus
[12:35:35 am] <@Selicre> amogus
[12:35:35 am] <@torvalds> amogus
[12:35:36 am] <@LjL-Amiga> pls stop the unicodes
[12:35:38 am] <@Global> Graf Zeppelin
[12:35:39 am] <@Tat> Winner: Global Answer: the graf zeppelin Time: 53.274 Streak: 1 Points: 1 WPM: 3 Rank: 4th Previously: 7th
[12:35:39 am] <@Tat> Current Round: Global-1
[12:35:39 am] <@Tat> Global has moved up in rank: 4th
[12:35:40 am] <@BluRaf> WHEN IMPOSTOR IS SUS
[12:35:41 am] <@LjL-Amiga> i can`t see them!
[12:35:42 am] <-* vibe has kicked PissServ from ##apocalypse (PissServ)
[12:35:46 am] --> PissServ ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:35:49 am] <@Voldenet> rude
[12:35:49 am] <@Irydacea> fucking amogus
[12:35:49 am] <@Y> rasengan is sus
[12:35:50 am] <@Tat> 3. The left lung is smaller than the right lung to make room for what?
[12:35:50 am] * BluRaf has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "IMPOSTOR_IS_SUS"
[12:35:51 am] <PissServ> don't cancel me REE
[12:35:51 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o PissServ by Jigsy
[12:35:52 am] <@n1ckserv> 🍕
[12:35:52 am] <@Cupid> lmao "the grion pains" in the middle of that
[12:35:54 am] <@IronDeHavilland> heart
[12:35:54 am] <@jane_doe> heart
[12:35:55 am] <@Tat> Winner: IronDeHavilland Answer: heart Time: 4.15 Streak: 1 Points: 1 WPM: 14 Rank: 4th Previously: 8th
[12:35:55 am] <@Tat> Current Round: Global-1 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:35:55 am] <@Tat> IronDeHavilland has moved up in rank: 4th
[12:35:55 am] <@BluRaf> OOF
[12:35:56 am] <@Tat> Heart
[12:35:56 am] <@Jigsy> H...
[12:35:56 am] <@jane_doe> prostate
[12:35:57 am] <-- ChanServ ( has quit (K-Lined)
[12:36:02 am] <@jane_doe> OOF'
[12:36:02 am] <@Y> what
[12:36:03 am] <@Irydacea> oh no
[12:36:03 am] <@LjL-Amiga> oyoyoyoy
[12:36:03 am] <@PissServ> o7
[12:36:04 am] <@aeth> f
[12:36:05 am] <@MooServ> D:
[12:36:05 am] <@Selicre> love
[12:36:05 am] <@Tat> 4. UnScramble this Word: s t e w p?
[12:36:05 am] <@aeth> o7
[12:36:06 am] <@Global> ♥
[12:36:06 am] <-> MooServ is now known as mooo
[12:36:07 am] <@alis> uh oh
[12:36:09 am] <@q3k> f
[12:36:11 am] <@z> F
[12:36:11 am] <@BluRaf> f
[12:36:12 am] <@jane_doe> petws
[12:36:14 am] <@squishsquish> f
[12:36:14 am] <@Y> the fuzz
[12:36:15 am] <@Noisytoot> * ChanServ has quit (K-Lined)
[12:36:15 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, sw___
[12:36:15 am] -*- mooo safe
[12:36:17 am] <@FuckRasengan> pewts
[12:36:17 am] <@Jigsy> Swept
[12:36:18 am] <@A> f
[12:36:18 am] <@Global> pewts
[12:36:18 am] <@alezakos> swept
[12:36:18 am] <@Tat> Winner: Jigsy Answer: swept Time: 12.558 Streak: 1 Points: 1 WPM: 4 Rank: 4th Previously: 9th
[12:36:18 am] <@n1ckserv> swept
[12:36:18 am] <@Tat> Current Round: Jigsy-1 Global-1 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:36:18 am] <@Tat> Jigsy has moved up in rank: 4th
[12:36:19 am] <@jane_doe> swept
[12:36:19 am] <@torvalds> swept
[12:36:19 am] <@vibe> swept
[12:36:20 am] <@Global> septs
[12:36:21 am] <@torvalds> fuck
[12:36:23 am] <-> rasengan is now known as imposter
[12:36:23 am] * BluRaf has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "TUMBLING DOWN"
[12:36:25 am] --> NickServ (speakz@freenode/staff/speakz) has joined ##apocalypse
[12:36:26 am] <@alis> 109 lusers, but only 87 of us here
[12:36:26 am] <@ebb> sweep
[12:36:29 am] <@Tat> 5. In 1087 William I The Conqueror, King of England and Duke of---------- , dies.
[12:36:31 am] <@aeth> uh oh
[12:36:31 am] <@jane_doe> ...hi, speakz
[12:36:32 am] <@IronDeHavilland> edinburgh
[12:36:33 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣠⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢰⠤⠤⣄⣀⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
[12:36:33 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣾⣟⠳⢦⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⠀⠀⠀⠀⠉⠉⠉⠉⠉⠒⣲⡄⠀
[12:36:33 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣿⣿⣿⡇⡇⡱⠲⢤⣀⠀⠀⠀⢸⠀⠀⠀1984⠀⣠⠴⠊⢹⠁
[12:36:33 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠘⢻⠓⠀⠉⣥⣀⣠⠞⠀⠀⠀⢸⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⡴⠋⠀⠀⠀⢸⠀⠀
[12:36:33 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣀⡾⣄⠀⠀⢳⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⢠⡄⢀⡴⠁⠀2021⡞⠀⠀
[12:36:33 am] <@alezakos> Wellington
[12:36:33 am] <@BluRaf> NickServ: sup
[12:36:34 am] <@n1ckserv> earl
[12:36:34 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⣠⢎⡉⢦⡀⠀⠀⡸⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⡼⣣⠧⡼⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢠⠇⠀⠀
[12:36:34 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o NickServ by Jigsy
[12:36:35 am] * vibe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "andrew lee sucks"
[12:36:35 am] <@torvalds> scotland
[12:36:35 am] <@mooo> HI NICKSERV
[12:36:36 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⢀⡔⠁⠀⠙⠢⢭⣢⡚⢣⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⣇⠁⢸⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⠀⠀⠀
[12:36:38 am] <@Global> normandy
[12:36:39 am] <@Tat> Winner: Global Answer: normandy Time: 9.64 Streak: 1 Points: 2 WPM: 9 Rank: 4th
[12:36:39 am] <@Tat> Current Round: Global-2 Jigsy-1 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:36:39 am] --> chanserv ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:36:40 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⡞⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⢫⡉⠀⠀⠀⠀⢠⢮⠈⡦⠋⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣸⠀⠀⠀
[12:36:41 am] --> Guest42 ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:36:42 am] <@CompuServ> ⢀⠇⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠙⢦⡀⣀⡴⠃⠀⡷⡇⢀⡴⠋⠉⠉⠙⠓⠒⠃⠀⠀⠀
[12:36:43 am] <chanserv> hello
[12:36:44 am] <@Jigsy> York
[12:36:44 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o chanserv by Jigsy
[12:36:44 am] <@CompuServ> ⢸⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠁⠀⠀⡼⠀⣷⠋⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
[12:36:45 am] * BluRaf has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "FUCK ANDREW LEE THE KING OF COCAINE"
[12:36:45 am] <@OperServ> Oh no. ChanServ got K-lined. Am I next? ;-;
[12:36:46 am] <@CompuServ> ⡞⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⡰⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
[12:36:46 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Guest42 by Jigsy
[12:36:47 am] <@Y> !strivia
[12:36:47 am] <@Tat> Stopping the trivia. !trivia <number> to restart.
[12:36:48 am] <-> chanserv is now known as ChanServ
[12:36:48 am] <@CompuServ> ⢧⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠣⣀⠀⠀⡰⠋⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
[12:36:52 am] <@jane_doe> no lets play trivia
[12:36:55 am] <@Noisytoot> OperServ, change your nick
[12:36:55 am] <@n1ckserv> !trivia
[12:36:56 am] <@Tat> Starting the trivia. Round of 10 questions. !strivia to stop. Total: 4996
[12:36:57 am] <@jane_doe> nickserv do you want to play trivia with us
[12:36:59 am] <@Jigsy> We need a JackieChanServ.
[12:37:00 am] <@IronDeHavilland> let's play global thermonuclear war
[12:37:01 am] <@z> We're all next
[12:37:02 am] * vibe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "DONT FUCK ANDREW LEE HES YUCKY IN BED"
[12:37:07 am] <@LambdaComplex> kek
[12:37:10 am] <@Y> rofl
[12:37:11 am] <@Tat> 1. UnScramble this Word: o s l w a a v?
[12:37:11 am] <@Global> IronDeHavilland: what about a nice game of chess ?
[12:37:13 am] * BluRaf has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "FSCK ANDREW LEE THE KING OF COCAINE"
[12:37:14 am] * alezakos has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "Advanced game"
[12:37:15 am] <@IronDeHavilland> :)
[12:37:16 am] * aeth has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "this is the end of the world, the sky is falling"
[12:37:17 am] * Selicre has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "FUCK ANDREW LEE FIGURATIVELY"
[12:37:21 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, avo____
[12:37:24 am] <@n1ckserv> need a bot that plays Not Jackie Chan
[12:37:25 am] <@lighterowl> 00:36:45 -!- rasengan [~rasengan@freenode/user/root] has quit [Z-lined]
[12:37:25 am] <@Tat> avacado
[12:37:25 am] <@torvalds> avocado
[12:37:26 am] <@squishsquish> i herd andrew gives you total freedom in bed owo
[12:37:28 am] * agrecascino has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "LITERALLY"
[12:37:29 am] <@girst_> one more:
[12:37:32 am] * vibe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "LITERALLY HITLER"
[12:37:32 am] <@DickServ> Selicre: I cannot support this notion, sorry.
[12:37:33 am] <@alis> lighterowl: amazing, where?
[12:37:35 am] * BluRaf has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "FSCK ANDREW LEE THE KING OF COCAINE"
[12:37:36 am] --> SirM0nkalot_ (~quassel@ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:37:38 am] <@jane_doe> avolsaw
[12:37:38 am] <@lighterowl> alis: #freenode at freenode
[12:37:40 am] <@IronDeHavilland> avowals
[12:37:41 am] <@Tat> Winner: IronDeHavilland Answer: avowals Time: 29.063 Streak: 1 Points: 2 WPM: 2 Rank: 4th Previously: 5th
[12:37:41 am] <@Tat> Current Round: IronDeHavilland-1
[12:37:41 am] <@Tat> IronDeHavilland has moved up in rank: 4th
[12:37:43 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o SirM0nkalot_ by Jigsy
[12:37:44 am] <@n1ckserv> avoslaw
[12:37:44 am] <@jane_doe> thats not a word
[12:37:48 am] <@n1ckserv> darn
[12:37:48 am] <@mornfall> /o\
[12:37:50 am] <@mooo> what is that, how is that a word
[12:37:51 am] <@Tat> 2. Useless Trivia: Mae West was once dubbed 'The statue of---------- .
[12:37:53 am] <@torvalds> avowals
[12:37:54 am] <@jane_doe> liberty
[12:37:56 am] <@mooo> !sgs define avowals
[12:37:56 am] <@jane_doe> dicks
[12:38:01 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, li____
[12:38:01 am] <@DickServ> dicks
[12:38:01 am] -*- Tat wrote fucking trivia bot... sucks at it.
[12:38:03 am] <@Jigsy> Liberty
[12:38:03 am] <@jane_doe> liberty
[12:38:04 am] <@IronDeHavilland> liberty
[12:38:06 am] <@alezakos> liberia
[12:38:06 am] <@IronDeHavilland> life
[12:38:06 am] <@jane_doe> LIBERTY
[12:38:07 am] <@squishsquish> library
[12:38:08 am] <@alezakos> libera
[12:38:09 am] <@IronDeHavilland> living
[12:38:09 am] -*- SirM0nkalot_ plays the REM song, "It's the end of the world as we know it"
[12:38:09 am] <@alis> the statue of liberty
[12:38:12 am] <@jane_doe> LICKING DICK
[12:38:13 am] <@IronDeHavilland> limits
[12:38:13 am] --> q3k2 ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:38:14 am] <@torvalds> liberals
[12:38:16 am] <@Tat>
[12:38:17 am] <@mooo> libera
[12:38:18 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o q3k2 by Jigsy
[12:38:19 am] * phy1729 has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "This network has been reopened with respect to the communities a new users. The shutdown is in violation of freenode policy."
[12:38:19 am] <@jane_doe> lint
[12:38:20 am] <@Y> liberties
[12:38:21 am] <@FuckRasengan> libations
[12:38:22 am] <@DickServ> literal dicks
[12:38:22 am] <@Noisytoot> liberie
[12:38:22 am] <@Jigsy> Limerty
[12:38:23 am] <@z> Libera
[12:38:24 am] <@Noisytoot> liberia
[12:38:25 am] <@rbraun> phy1729++
[12:38:26 am] <@torvalds> lisp paste
[12:38:27 am] <@squishsquish> licking
[12:38:28 am] <@mooo> LOL
[12:38:29 am] <@jane_doe> limp
[12:38:32 am] <@jane_doe> limp wrists
[12:38:33 am] <@itisnigh> nick change by | to Polizei on pissnet
[12:38:33 am] --> AndroUser ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:38:35 am] <@jane_doe> wtf
[12:38:36 am] * phy1729 has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "This network has been reopened with respect to the communities and new users. The shutdown is in violation of freenode policy."
[12:38:37 am] <@alezakos> lissajous figures
[12:38:38 am] <@Selicre> guys the fucking sky is falling out and we're out here playing trivia
[12:38:40 am] <@jane_doe> yeah
[12:38:42 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o AndroUser by Jigsy
[12:38:42 am] --> emily (sid348813@gateway/web/ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:38:43 am] <@jane_doe> what else do you wanna do
[12:38:44 am] <@ChanServ> xD
[12:38:45 am] <@q3k> Selicre: ye
[12:38:48 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o emily by phy1729
[12:38:48 am] <@q3k> Selicre: bring marshmallows
[12:38:50 am] <@PissServ> ,1 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1 ,0 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,0 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,0 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,0 ,1 ,8 ,1
[12:38:50 am] <@PissServ> ,1 ,8 ,1 ,0 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,0 ,1 ,8 ,1
[12:38:50 am] <@PissServ> ,1 ,8 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,8 ,1
[12:38:50 am] <@PissServ> ,1 ,8 ,1
[12:38:50 am] <@PissServ> ,1 ,8 ,1 ,8 ,1
[12:38:51 am] <@IronDeHavilland> literature
[12:38:51 am] <@PissServ> ,1 ,8 ,1 ,6 ,1 ,8 ,1
[12:38:51 am] <@PissServ> ,1 ,8 ,1 ,6 ,1 ,8 ,1
[12:38:51 am] <@Tat> Time's up! The answer was: libido
[12:38:52 am] <@PissServ> ,1 ,8 ,1 ,6 ,13 ,6 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,6 ,13 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,13 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1 ,8 ,1 ,1
[12:38:52 am] <@CompuServ> cyber sex
[12:38:54 am] <@Y> HEY
[12:38:55 am] <@PissServ> shit
[12:38:55 am] <@jane_doe> LIBIDO FUCK
[12:38:56 am] -*- Selicre makes a large fire.
[12:39:00 am] <@OperServ> Oh yes, the statue of libido, I remember that one
[12:39:01 am] <@Tat> 3. Name The Year: Tony Curtis [Real Name : Bernard Schwartz], Bronx New York, actor (Some Like it Hot), born.
[12:39:03 am] <@PissServ> that did not render right
[12:39:05 am] <@torvalds> take a shit on the internet
[12:39:06 am] <@jane_doe> 1980
[12:39:07 am] <@jane_doe> 1981
[12:39:08 am] <@jane_doe> 1982
[12:39:08 am] <@aeth> 1
[12:39:08 am] <@jane_doe> 1983
[12:39:09 am] <@jane_doe> 1984
[12:39:10 am] <@jane_doe> 1985
[12:39:10 am] <@alezakos> 1960
[12:39:10 am] <@jane_doe> 1986
[12:39:10 am] <@FuckRasengan> 1934
[12:39:11 am] <@squishsquish> 1975
[12:39:11 am] <@jane_doe> 1987
[12:39:11 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, 19__
[12:39:11 am] <@aeth> we can do it, let's walk through all years
[12:39:12 am] <@alezakos> 1958
[12:39:12 am] <@Tat> !last
[12:39:12 am] <@IronDeHavilland> 1970
[12:39:13 am] <@Selicre> 1984
[12:39:13 am] <@aeth> 1901
[12:39:14 am] <@alezakos> 1959
[12:39:15 am] <@jane_doe> 1989
[12:39:16 am] <@squishsquish> 1969
[12:39:16 am] <@theemacsshibe>
[12:39:16 am] <@n1ckserv> great hint
[12:39:16 am] <@IronDeHavilland> 1960
[12:39:16 am] <@jane_doe> 1990
[12:39:17 am] <@Voldenet> 2137
[12:39:17 am] <@Jigsy> >19
[12:39:17 am] <@jane_doe> 1991
[12:39:17 am] <@lighterowl> 1925
[12:39:17 am] <@FuckRasengan> 1935
[12:39:18 am] <@q3k> 11969
[12:39:18 am] <@IronDeHavilland> 1961
[12:39:18 am] <@jane_doe> 19922
[12:39:18 am] <@Tat> Winner: lighterowl Answer: 1925 Time: 16.131 Streak: 1 Points: 1 WPM: 2 Rank: 6th Previously: 10th
[12:39:18 am] <@alezakos> THANKS FOR THE HINT HELPFUL BOT
[12:39:18 am] <@Tat> Current Round: lighterowl-1 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:39:18 am] <@Selicre> 42069
[12:39:18 am] <@Tat> lighterowl has moved up in rank: 6th
[12:39:19 am] <@Tat> 1965
[12:39:19 am] <@n1ckserv> 1912
[12:39:20 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⡀⢂⡉⠐⠀⢂⡁⠄⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
[12:39:20 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠰⠀⡐⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠁⠐⠊⠩⠄⢒⡂⠠⠤⠀⣀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
[12:39:20 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⡠⠂⠠⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠉⠐⠂⠤⡈⠀⠂⢄⡀⠀
[12:39:20 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠐⠀⠀⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣱⡄⠀⠈⣦
[12:39:20 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⡀⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣿⡇⠀⢸⣿
[12:39:20 am] <@Jigsy> Well that narrows it down...
[12:39:21 am] <@jane_doe> FUCK
[12:39:21 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢿⠇⠀⠸⠋
[12:39:21 am] <@alezakos> I AM VERY HELPED
[12:39:22 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> avowal
[12:39:23 am] <@CompuServ> ⠘⠀⠀⠀⠀⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣀⠠⠎⠒⠈⠀
[12:39:24 am] <@Y> up up down down left right left right B A (START)
[12:39:25 am] --> uman ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:39:25 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> avowals
[12:39:25 am] <@CompuServ> ⢀⠀⠀⡀⠄⠢⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⡀⠠⠄⠐⠀⠁⠀⢄⠀⠀⠀
[12:39:27 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠈⢔⣬⣭⣁⠤⠤⠤⠀⠐⠀⠈⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⢸⡧⠀
[12:39:28 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o uman by Jigsy
[12:39:29 am] <@Tat> 4. In 1955 President Jose Antonio Remon of ---------- assassinated.
[12:39:29 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠀⠀⠈⠻⢿⣯⣿⢶⡶⣦⣴⣤⣤⣀⢠⣀⣀⣀⣀⣀⣀⡀⣴⡛⠁⠀⠀
[12:39:29 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o uman by phy1729
[12:39:29 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> It's a word
[12:39:29 am] <@n1ckserv> Here's a hint: 1
[12:39:30 am] <@jane_doe> stop spamming braille
[12:39:31 am] <@CompuServ> ⢤⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠉⠛⢿⣷⣿⣿⣿⣷⣿⣯⣭⣿⣿⣻⣟⣯⣽⡿⡟⠀⠀⠀
[12:39:33 am] <@CompuServ> ⠀⠙⠀⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠈⠀⠁⠙⠋⠻⠿⠿⠿⡿⠿⠿⠿⠛⠛⡸⠀⠀⠀⠀
[12:39:33 am] <@Jigsy> Spain
[12:39:33 am] <@alezakos> Cambodia
[12:39:34 am] <@torvalds> cuba
[12:39:35 am] <@CompuServ> ⣀⠀⠀⠈⠐⠠⢂⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣦⣄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
[12:39:36 am] <@jane_doe> Brazil
[12:39:37 am] <@Global> bolivia
[12:39:38 am] <@torvalds> lel
[12:39:38 am] <@Jigsy> Portugal
[12:39:38 am] <@q3k> Freenode
[12:39:38 am] <@lighterowl> Mexico
[12:39:38 am] <@n1ckserv> guatemala
[12:39:39 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, pa____
[12:39:39 am] <@CompuServ> ⣿⣿⣶⣤⣀⠀⠀⠀⠁⠐⣂⣤⣤⣤⣄⣠⣔⣀⣤⣤⣤⣔⠁⣿⣿⣷⣄⠀⠀
[12:39:39 am] <@aeth> freenode
[12:39:39 am] <@IronDeHavilland> argentina
[12:39:40 am] <@Jigsy> Mexico
[12:39:41 am] <@CompuServ> ⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣶⣄⠀⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⠿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣧⡀
[12:39:41 am] <@lighterowl> panama
[12:39:41 am] <@alezakos> Panama
[12:39:41 am] <@Jigsy> Panama
[12:39:42 am] <@IronDeHavilland> palau
[12:39:42 am] <@jane_doe> Paris
[12:39:42 am] <@q3k> paraguay
[12:39:42 am] <@Tat> Winner: lighterowl Answer: panama Time: 12.527 Streak: 2 Points: 2 WPM: 5 Rank: 4th Previously: 6th
[12:39:42 am] <@Tat> Current Round: lighterowl-2 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:39:42 am] <@Tat> lighterowl has moved up in rank: 4th
[12:39:42 am] <@Global> palestina
[12:39:42 am] <@itisnigh> <Umbire@libera> vow, avowal, avowals?
[12:39:43 am] <@n1ckserv> paraguay
[12:39:44 am] <@n1ckserv> aaa
[12:39:46 am] <@A> panama
[12:39:52 am] <@Selicre> pamamam
[12:39:52 am] <@Tat> 5. Useless Trivia: Annual growth of ---------- traffic is 314,000%.
[12:39:53 am] <@alezakos> damn those speed typers
[12:39:53 am] <@jane_doe> nickserv why are nt you playing trivia with us
[12:39:56 am] <@alezakos> vehicle
[12:39:56 am] <@OperServ> car
[12:39:57 am] <@jane_doe> advertising
[12:39:57 am] <@torvalds>
[12:39:58 am] <@n1ckserv> automobile
[12:39:58 am] <@lighterowl> passenger
[12:39:58 am] --> Guest0 (Guest0@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:39:58 am] <@Global> maritime
[12:39:59 am] <@jane_doe> highway
[12:40:00 am] <@aeth> IRC
[12:40:00 am] <@A> internet
[12:40:01 am] <@alezakos> aerospace
[12:40:01 am] <@Jigsy> Libera.Chat users.
[12:40:02 am] <@jane_doe> freeway
[12:40:02 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, w__
[12:40:04 am] <@torvalds> web
[12:40:04 am] <@n1ckserv> web
[12:40:04 am] <@FuckRasengan> Freenode
[12:40:05 am] <@alezakos> war
[12:40:05 am] <@jane_doe> wet
[12:40:05 am] <@IronDeHavilland> wet
[12:40:05 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o Guest0 by Jigsy
[12:40:05 am] --> cjd ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:40:06 am] <@Global> web
[12:40:07 am] <@A> www
[12:40:07 am] <@aeth> wet
[12:40:07 am] <@Tat> Winner: A Answer: www Time: 14.384 Streak: 1 Points: 1 WPM: 2 Rank: 7th Previously: 11th
[12:40:08 am] <@Tat> Current Round: lighterowl-2 A-1 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:40:08 am] <@Tat> A has moved up in rank: 7th
[12:40:08 am] <@IronDeHavilland> war
[12:40:09 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o cjd by Jigsy
[12:40:10 am] <@alis> web
[12:40:10 am] <@Selicre> WET HARD GROWTH
[12:40:11 am] <@shadowm> shikadibot: hi
[12:40:11 am] <@shikadibot> shadowm: Greetings!
[12:40:11 am] <@jane_doe> www????????????????
[12:40:13 am] <@n1ckserv> awww come ono
[12:40:15 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse -o NickServ by jane_doe
[12:40:15 am] <@n1ckserv> judges
[12:40:16 am] <@n1ckserv> ???
[12:40:18 am] <@Tat> 6. UnScramble this Word: q e e e z s u?
[12:40:19 am] <@Global> gnu+www
[12:40:20 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v NickServ by jane_doe
[12:40:22 am] <@jane_doe> squeeze
[12:40:22 am] <@Jigsy> Squeezes
[12:40:23 am] <@Tat> Winner: jane_doe Answer: squeeze Time: 4.353 Streak: 1 Points: 1 WPM: 19 Rank: 7th Previously: 12th
[12:40:23 am] <@Tat> Current Round: lighterowl-2 A-1 jane_doe-1 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:40:23 am] <@Tat> jane_doe has moved up in rank: 7th
[12:40:23 am] <@alis> squeez
[12:40:23 am] <@lighterowl> squeeze
[12:40:24 am] <@Selicre> sus
[12:40:26 am] <@Irydacea> aeth: i managed to remember how to enable the personality module
[12:40:26 am] <@ChanServ> squeeze
[12:40:29 am] * vibe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "BOOM BOOM"
[12:40:29 am] <@q3k> squish squish
[12:40:30 am] <@n1ckserv> squeezes
[12:40:33 am] <@Tat> 7. Baby Names Beginning With "T": Meaning: Mole, Gopher?
[12:40:36 am] --> pamlaoran (~Pamlaoran@ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:40:36 am] <@jane_doe> tits
[12:40:36 am] <@aeth> Irydacea: great
[12:40:38 am] * lighterowl has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM I WANT YOU IN MY ROOM"
[12:40:38 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o-o NickServ NickServ by OperServ
[12:40:41 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o pamlaoran by Jigsy
[12:40:43 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, to__
[12:40:43 am] * torvalds has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "TAKE A SHIT ON THE ITNERNET"
[12:40:44 am] <@alis> toby
[12:40:45 am] <@Voldenet> Andrew
[12:40:46 am] <@alezakos> tomas
[12:40:46 am] <@IronDeHavilland> tove
[12:40:48 am] <@FuckRasengan> topher
[12:40:48 am] <@n1ckserv> toblerone
[12:40:48 am] <@IronDeHavilland> toby
[12:40:49 am] <@jane_doe> tony
[12:40:49 am] <@torvalds> toot
[12:40:50 am] <@A> toni
[12:40:50 am] <@Selicre> tori
[12:40:51 am] <@jane_doe> torn
[12:40:52 am] <@FuckRasengan> toph
[12:40:53 am] <@jane_doe> toaa
[12:40:53 am] <@alis> tomy
[12:40:53 am] <@IronDeHavilland> tomy
[12:40:54 am] <@jane_doe> toab
[12:40:54 am] <@CalimeroTeknik> I get a feeling of
[12:40:54 am] <@jane_doe> toac
[12:40:55 am] <@alezakos> todd
[12:40:56 am] <@jane_doe> toab
[12:40:56 am] <@A> tony
[12:40:56 am] <@agrecascino> wait does someboy have the username nickserv now
[12:40:57 am] * vibe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "WE"RE BROADCASTING RAW LIVE FROM MY ASS"
[12:40:57 am] <@jane_doe> toad
[12:40:57 am] <@IronDeHavilland> torg
[12:40:58 am] <@alis> tork
[12:40:58 am] <@Tat> !vowels
[12:40:58 am] * torvalds has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "TAKE A SHIT ON THE INTERNET"
[12:40:59 am] <@Irydacea> !d20
[12:41:00 am] <@shikadibot> Irydacea: 6
[12:41:02 am] <@Selicre> toast
[12:41:02 am] <@jane_doe> agrecascino: yeah its an oper
[12:41:03 am] <@Tat> tomo
[12:41:05 am] <@Guest0> tommy
[12:41:06 am] <@agrecascino> oh rip
[12:41:07 am] <@Noisytoot> agrecascino, NickServ is freenode staff
[12:41:07 am] <@AndroUser> weeeeeeeee
[12:41:07 am] * vibe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "WE'RE BROADCASTING RAW LIVE FROM MY ASS"
[12:41:08 am] <@alezakos> Toll
[12:41:09 am] <@IronDeHavilland> toph
[12:41:12 am] <@Guest0> toto
[12:41:13 am] <@Selicre> tonga
[12:41:13 am] <@rbraun> tapir
[12:41:14 am] <@Global> tortoise
[12:41:16 am] <@alezakos> torq
[12:41:21 am] <@itisnigh> <Aurora_v_kosmose@libera> ___| |__ ___ ___| | _(_) | |__ _ __ ___ ___| | _(_)
[12:41:21 am] <@Tat> tolo
[12:41:22 am] * agrecascino has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE AT YOUR FINGERTITS"
[12:41:23 am] <@itisnigh> <Aurora_v_kosmose@libera> / __| '_ \ / _ \/ _ \ |/ / | | '_ \| '__/ _ \/ _ \ |/ / |
[12:41:26 am] <@itisnigh> <Aurora_v_kosmose@libera> | (__| | | | __/ __/ <| | | |_) | | | __/ __/ <| |
[12:41:28 am] <@itisnigh> <Aurora_v_kosmose@libera> \___|_| |_|\___|\___|_|\_\_| |_.__/|_| \___|\___|_|\_\_|
[12:41:29 am] <@Selicre> toto
[12:41:29 am] <@Arrowmaster> nickserv is speakz
[12:41:29 am] <@rbraun> todd
[12:41:31 am] <@alezakos> tokalotopalikari
[12:41:33 am] <@Tat> Time's up! The answer was: topo
[12:41:34 am] * phy1729 has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "THEY'RE TRASHING OUR RIGHTS!"
[12:41:36 am] <@Selicre> what lmao
[12:41:40 am] <@Guest0> wtf is topo
[12:41:42 am] * jane_doe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: ""
[12:41:42 am] <@q3k> short for topology
[12:41:43 am] <@Jigsy> The fuck is a topo?
[12:41:44 am] <@Tat> 8. Who was the French sculptor of the Statue of Liberty?
[12:41:45 am] <@Guest0> isn't that a jodorosky film
[12:41:45 am] * Y has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "Welcome to The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (aka freenode)"
[12:41:46 am] * alezakos has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "We have some very ultra-HD gaming going on here"
[12:41:47 am] * aeth has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "Welcome to ##apocalypse : the finale of classic freenode"
[12:41:49 am] <@Global> bartoldi
[12:41:52 am] <@Irydacea> !8 is andrewgang gonna kill us today
[12:41:52 am] <@shikadibot> Irydacea: It would take a disturbed person to even ask.
[12:41:52 am] <@nisa> <comixfigure> But thanks for giving out some useful information at the very least.
[12:41:52 am] <@nisa> <Speakz> now we are using an updated ircd
[12:41:54 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, freder___ _________
[12:41:59 am] <@Selicre> frederico bartoldi
[12:42:00 am] <@lighterowl> frederico palazzo
[12:42:00 am] <@jane_doe> Frédéric Bartholdi
[12:42:00 am] <@Tat> Winner: jane_doe Answer: frederic bartholdi Time: 16.427 Streak: 1 Points: 2 WPM: 13 Rank: 4th Previously: 7th
[12:42:01 am] <@Tat> Current Round: lighterowl-2 jane_doe-2 A-1 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:42:01 am] <@Tat> jane_doe has moved up in rank: 4th
[12:42:01 am] <@Global> frederico bartoldi
[12:42:05 am] * vibe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "THIS IS WHAT YOUR DAD WILL LOVE, IT'S PORNO.COM"
[12:42:06 am] <@Selicre> nice
[12:42:07 am] * alezakos has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "Welcome to ##finale : the freenode of apocalypse classic"
[12:42:09 am] <-- seo` ( has quit (Quit: seo`)
[12:42:10 am] <@Global> :(
[12:42:10 am] <@Jigsy> Oh, shit.
[12:42:11 am] <@Tat> 9. Category: Sherlock Holmes: To where does Holmes finally retire?
[12:42:11 am] <@Jigsy> Another oper.
[12:42:15 am] <@Jigsy> [23:42:07] 2 IRC Operators online
[12:42:15 am] <@torvalds> the grave
[12:42:18 am] * vibe has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "THIS IS WHAT YOUR DAD WILL LOVE, IT'S PORNO.COM"
[12:42:19 am] <@n1ckserv> an early grave
[12:42:20 am] <@alezakos> 21B Baker Street
[12:42:21 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, suss___ _____
[12:42:22 am] <@alezakos> London
[12:42:23 am] <@Y> Jigsy who
[12:42:24 am] <@aeth> sus
[12:42:24 am] <@Global> he dies
[12:42:24 am] * CalimeroTeknik has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "Welcome to ##apocalypse : the finale of classic freenode | War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Freenode is IRC."
[12:42:24 am] <@q3k> sus
[12:42:24 am] <@torvalds> amogus
[12:42:24 am] <@alezakos> sus
[12:42:24 am] <@Selicre> sussy baka
[12:42:25 am] <@DickServ> sus
[12:42:26 am] <@jane_doe> sussy
[12:42:26 am] <@Guest0> sussex downs
[12:42:27 am] <@squishsquish> very suss
[12:42:27 am] <@vibe> AMOGUS
[12:42:27 am] <@Tat> Winner: Guest0 Answer: sussex downs Time: 15.896 Streak: 1 Points: 1 WPM: 9 Rank: 8th Previously: 13th
[12:42:28 am] <@Tat> Current Round: lighterowl-2 jane_doe-2 Guest0-1 A-1 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:42:28 am] <@Tat> Guest0 has moved up in rank: 8th
[12:42:28 am] <@n1ckserv> sussex... county
[12:42:28 am] <@Selicre> I am sorry.
[12:42:28 am] <@IronDeHavilland> sussex england
[12:42:29 am] <@alezakos> sussus amogus
[12:42:29 am] <@Tat> sussux
[12:42:34 am] <@IronDeHavilland> amoguss
[12:42:35 am] <@Tat> sussux London
[12:42:38 am] <@Tat> 10. TV/ Movies: 1934 - Lucille Ball - Starred In This Movie:
[12:42:39 am] -*- SirM0nkalot_ waits for the k-line
[12:42:41 am] <@Serv-Chan> sussex amogus
[12:42:42 am] <@mooo> SUS
[12:42:43 am] <@jane_doe> poison is the new oper
[12:42:48 am] <@Tat> Here's a hint, hold _____ ____
[12:42:52 am] <@alezakos> holdem poer
[12:42:56 am] <@Tat> hold your hand
[12:42:56 am] <@Selicre> hold my beer
[12:42:56 am] <@jane_doe> hold my dick
[12:42:57 am] <@BluRaf> IMPOSTOR IS AMONG US
[12:42:58 am] <@z> Hold my beer
[12:43:01 am] <@n1ckserv> lucille ball was on tv not movies come no
[12:43:01 am] <@IronDeHavilland> hold your beer
[12:43:01 am] <@alis> NickServ: let us be
[12:43:04 am] * torvalds has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "our friends lisa and andrew came over today and drew a penis"
[12:43:04 am] <@jane_doe> hold on tight
[12:43:06 am] <@Global> hold that girl
[12:43:07 am] <@Tat> Winner: Global Answer: hold that girl Time: 28.564 Streak: 1 Points: 3 WPM: 5 Rank: 4th
[12:43:07 am] <@Tat> Current Round: lighterowl-2 jane_doe-2 Guest0-1 A-1 Global-1 IronDeHavilland-1
[12:43:07 am] <@Tat> Stopping the trivia. !trivia <number> to restart.
[12:43:07 am] <@Tat> Record streak: guy of 12. Record time: Tat of 0.843. Record wpm: Tat of 351.978172.
[12:43:09 am] <-- fosco ( has quit (Quit: Reconnecting)
[12:43:15 am] * aeth has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "Welcome to ##apocalypse : the finale of classic freenode | there is one imposter"
[12:43:16 am] --> fosco ( has joined ##apocalypse
[12:43:21 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o fosco by phy1729
[12:43:22 am] <@alis> hint: they're voiced
[12:43:22 am] <@rbraun> aeth++
[12:43:26 am] <@CompuServ> RED SUS
[12:43:26 am] <@IronDeHavilland> lol @ tat tracking its own wpm
[12:43:27 am] <@Tat> !trivia pi
[12:43:28 am] <@Tat> Starting the trivia. Round of 3.14159265358979323846 questions. !strivia to stop. Total: 4996
[12:43:29 am] * alezakos has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "the finale of classic freenode | there are two imposters"
[12:43:31 am] <@IronDeHavilland> lol
[12:43:31 am] <-* torvalds has kicked aeth from ##apocalypse (was the imposter)
[12:43:31 am] <@itisnigh> <Aurora_v_kosmose@libera>
[12:43:39 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +v pamlaoran by pamlaoran
[12:43:40 am] <@jane_doe> opers only get voice, they can op themselves if they need op so bad
[12:43:40 am] <@Global> :D
[12:43:40 am] <-* rbraun has kicked torvalds from ##apocalypse (no u)
[12:43:43 am] <@Tat> 1. Excessive discharge of blood from blood vessels, caused by pathological condition of the vessels or by traumatic rupture of one or more vessels?
[12:43:44 am] <@LjL> this channel is a lot more readable in 1920x1080 than in 640x512
[12:43:44 am] <@Tat> It pings around and works that way, it counts.
[12:43:44 am] * agrecascino has changed topic for ##apocalypse to: "amogus"
[12:43:49 am] <@Selicre> stroke
[12:43:50 am] --> aeth (~Michael@ has joined ##apocalypse
[12:43:50 am] <@q3k> hemorrage
[12:43:50 am] *** Mode ##apocalypse +o aeth by CalimeroTeknik
[12:43:51 am] <@alezakos> lupus
[12:43:52 am] <@itisnigh> <Aurora_v_kosmose@libera> WorldWideWeb -_-