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See the traceback of the error occurring from the other process with multiprocessing.
import sys
import traceback
import StringIO
from copy_reg import dispatch_table, pickle
def exc_info(hide_calls = 0):
'''as sys.exc_info() but returns a remote exception object'''
ErrorType, thrownError, traceback = sys.exc_info()
for i in range(hide_calls):
if traceback.tb_next:
traceback = traceback.tb_next
err = withTracebackPrint(ErrorType, thrownError, traceback)
return type(err), err, traceback
def withTracebackPrint(ErrorType, thrownError, _traceback):
'''returns an Exception object for the given ErrorType of the thrownError
and the _traceback
can be used like withTracebackPrint(*sys.exc_info())'''
file = StringIO.StringIO()
traceback.print_exception(ErrorType, thrownError, _traceback, file = file)
return _loadError(ErrorType, thrownError, file.getvalue())
## why don't we just use the following line?
## return ErrorType(file.getvalue())
## because the arguments would get hurt
## or the traceback print has no unescaped newlines
class _RemoteExceptionMeta(type):
'Metaclass for RemoteExceptions to make copy_reg accept them'
def _pickle_function(RemoteExceptionClass):
'how to pickle the remote exception type'
return asRemoteException, (RemoteExceptionClass.BaseExceptionType,)
pickle(_RemoteExceptionMeta, _pickle_function)
_remoteExceptionCache = {} # exception : RemoteException
def _newRemoteException(ErrorType):
'''create a new RemoteExceptionType from a given errortype'''
RemoteErrorBaseType = _RemoteExceptionMeta('', (ErrorType,), {})
class RemoteException(RemoteErrorBaseType):
BaseExceptionType = ErrorType
def __init__(self, thrownError, tracebackString):
self.thrownError = thrownError
self.tracebackString = tracebackString
RemoteErrorBaseType.__init__(self, *thrownError.args)
loadError = staticmethod(_loadError)
def __str__(self):
return '\n%s\n%s' % (self.tracebackString, self.thrownError)
def __reduce__(self):
args = (ErrorType, self.thrownError, self.tracebackString)
return self.loadError, args
RemoteException.__name__ = 'Remote' + ErrorType.__name__
return RemoteException
def asRemoteException(ErrorType):
'''return the remote exception version of the error above
you can catch errors as usally:
>>> try:
raise asRemoteException(ValueError)
except ValueError:
or you can catch the remote Exception
>>> try:
raise asRemoteException(ReferenceError)(ReferenceError(),'')
except asRemoteException(ReferenceError):
RemoteException = _remoteExceptionCache.get(ErrorType)
if RemoteException is None:
RemoteException = _newRemoteException(ErrorType)
_remoteExceptionCache.setdefault(ErrorType, RemoteException)
_remoteExceptionCache.setdefault(RemoteException, RemoteException)
return _remoteExceptionCache.get(ErrorType)
return RemoteException
def _loadError(ErrorType, thrownError, tracebackString):
'''constructor of RemoteExceptions'''
RemoteException = asRemoteException(ErrorType)
return RemoteException(thrownError, tracebackString)
def showError(function):
def functionShowingTheError(*args, **kw):
return function(*args, **kw)
type, error, traceback = exc_info(1)
raise type, error, traceback
functionShowingTheError.__name__ = function.__name__
functionShowingTheError.__module__ = function.__module__
return functionShowingTheError
def _testError():
raise ValueError('Exception!')
def _test_no_error():
return 12
if __name__ == '__main__':
import multiprocessing
p = multiprocessing.Pool(processes = 2)
r = p.apply_async(_testError)
__all__ = ['withTracebackPrint', 'asRemoteException', 'exc_info', 'showError']
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vxf commented Feb 4, 2015

This is wonderful saved me hours of debugging, but I don't have rep in stackoverflow to say thank you there, thank you.

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akmddhx commented Apr 30, 2019

\", line 95 raise type, error, traceback ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax

something wrong?

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