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Created February 2, 2013 13:07
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Backup your OpenShift MySQL database. My DB is only small so I didn't bother to compress it through a pipe. sftp it back from your local machine afterwards This is basically a quick hack from running "type mysql" on the OpenShift gear - hint: it's a bash function/alias
mkdir ~/app-root/data/tmp
mysqldump -h $OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_HOST -P ${OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_PORT:-3306} -u ${OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_USERNAME:-'admin'} --password="$OPENSHIFT_MYSQL_DB_PASSWORD" --all-databases > ~/app-root/data/tmp//all.sql
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thank you

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I was trying all ways, but now it works, Thank you so much !

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This is definitely helpful, thank you.

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Thanks a lot 😄

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Ashaba commented Aug 29, 2016

what could have gone wrong?
bash: rms.sql: Permission denied

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Thank you.

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Thanks :)

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