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Nic Ferrier nicferrier

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nicferrier / app.js
Created May 4, 2015
nic's presentation stuff
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simple little javascript to make org-mode presentations
export your org-mode to HTML with this at the end:
#+HTML: <script src="app.js"></script>
I also go to town and use a nice stylesheet.
Publish it with elnode with M-x elnode-make-js-server
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;; read the gpg agent file and set the env vars
(let ((gpg-agent-file (expand-file-name "~/.gpg-agent-info")))
(when (file-exists-p gpg-agent-file)
(message "import gpg agent file")
(lambda (line)
(unless (equal line "")
(apply 'setenv (split-string line "="))))
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<div id="tip"><span id="tipheart">♥</span><span id="tipword">gittip</span></div>
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commit c91974d5afc8216e4cc87435eaff3bf950074092 (HEAD, refs/remotes/nictest/build-dist, refs/remotes/nicsoundcloud/build-dist, refs/heads/build-dist)
Author: Nic Ferrier <>
Date: Wed Jul 31 17:12:35 2013 +0100
add a dist target to the Makefile to build a tarball.
Modified .pkgignore
diff --git a/.pkgignore b/.pkgignore
index 139b42b..be41456 100644
--- a/.pkgignore
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(defun tapas-creole->bootstrap (struct)
"Transform STRUCT, a creole structure, into something bootstrapable.
HTML DIV elements are hacked into the structure wherever we find
an HR element. The HR elements are retained."
(let ((tx
(loop for e in struct
(if (eq (car e) 'hr)
(list '(hr) '(plugin-html . "</div><div class=\"section\">"))
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(defmacro with-transient-file (file-name &rest code)
"Load FILE-NAME into a buffer and eval CODE.
Then dispose of the buffer.
File loading errors may be generated as by any call to visit a
(declare (indent 1)
(debug (sexp &rest form)))
(let ((fvn (make-symbol "fv"))

the lean stack

what it is





getting set up

installing node and mongo

set up a database


list data structures in emacs-lisp


cover mapping separately

M-x package-install smartparens







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My friend has thought of a platform as a website which enables people wanting
to code on a project base. The creator of a project will outline it and start
work, where others may add lines of code for fun and for learning. We believe
it could bridge the gap between different competencies and also be a learning
arena. This is currently been started. will comence more on 21june.
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(defun twaddle-log (con hdr data)
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create "*twitter-log*")
(insert (format "%s %S %s\n" con hdr data))))
;; OAuth header and signature implementation
(defun* twaddle|oauth1-header-do (url &key http-params method oauth-token)
"Private function implementing oauth header construction."
(let* ((oauth-params
`(("oauth_consumer_key" . ,twaddle-consumer-key)
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