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Nicholas Chum nicholaschum

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Release 61.0
Update Korean translations
Update translations
MbuxItemAdapter: Dismiss SystemUI on shortcut selection dialog dismiss
MbuxMenuAttachments: By default, launch Ksw Phone app
AppShortcutModel: Consistency in class name
BluetoothHelper: Enable Ksw BT status
MbuxActivity: Long press Restart Launcher will kill music player too
MbuxItemAdapter: If video changed, check if ID is same as loaded video
MbuxItemAdapter: Use a more concise dialog format
View Instructions for USB Sound Card Sound Limit

ADB Commands for USB Sound Card/DAC Installations.

If you do not have ADB downloaded and installed:

After downloading, hold down Shift and Right Click inside the folder (any blank spot) and click Open PowerShell window here.

Please note: After typing adb on each command, press Tab if your PowerShell is erroring out to complete the execution step, and then type the rest of the command.

You will have to connect your screen to a Wifi source, and a computer to the same Wifi source. Obtain the IP from Settings -> Wifi -> YOUR WIFI NAME -> Advanced -> IP Address

nicholaschum / sample_payload.json
Created August 3, 2017 23:53
Sample Payload from GitHub WebHook
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nicholaschum / GerritSite.css
Created July 4, 2016 07:15 — forked from StephenKing/GerritSite.css
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/* links */
a:visited {
color: #585858 !important;
text-decoration: none;
a:hover {
color: #ff8700 !important;
text-decoration: underline
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06-19 23:28:29.051 10159-10159/? D/OverlayManager: onTargetPackageUpgrading packageName=projekt.substratum userId=0
06-19 23:28:29.133 10159-10159/? D/OverlayManager: onTargetPackageUpgraded packageName=projekt.substratum userId=0
06-19 23:28:30.656 24018-24018/projekt.substratum W/FragmentManager: moveToState: Fragment state for OverlaysList{dbb75bc #0 id=0x7f0d00c8} not updated inline; expected state 3 found 2
06-19 23:28:49.893 24018-24402/projekt.substratum D/SubstratumBuilder: Overlay APK creation is running now...
06-19 23:28:49.893 24018-24402/projekt.substratum D/SubstratumBuilder: Overlay APK creation has completed!
06-19 23:28:53.275 10159-10159/? D/OverlayManager: onOverlayPackageRemoved packageName=android.Domination userId=0
06-19 23:28:53.275 10159-10183/? D/OverlayManager: send broadcast action=android.intent.action.OVERLAY_REMOVED packageName=android.Domination userId=0
06-19 23:28:53.275 10159-10159/? D/OverlayManager: remove idmap for /data/app/android.Domination-1/base.apk
06-19 23:28:55.43
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"author": "Pitched Apps",
"url": "",
"name": "aurora"
"author": "Pitched Apps",