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The first context
Creating Person with name Nick
✗ Errored » callback not fired
in Create a Person via JavaScript: When a person has a name,
in Creating a Person
in undefined✗ Errored » 1 errored ∙ 1 dropped
vows_bdd = require "vows-bdd"
assert = require "assert"
class Person
constructor: (@name) ->
console.log "Creating Person with name #{@name}"
greeting: ->
"Hello, #{@name}"
.Feature("Creating a Person")
.scenario("Create a Person via JavaScript")
.when "a person has a name", ->
console.log "The first context"
new Person "Nick"
.then "the person can be greeted", (person) ->
console.log "person is a #{typeof person} = [#{person}]"
assert.equal person.greeting(), "Hello, Nick"
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