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Nick Kohrn nickkohrn

  • New Albany, OH
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nickkohrn / SubscriptedTextView
Created Jul 17, 2020
A SwiftUI View used to display strings with subscripted text
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import SwiftUI
struct SubscriptedTextView: View {
// MARK: Properties
let abbreviation: String
var body: some View {
nickkohrn / CurrencyService.swift
Last active Jul 15, 2017
This gist provides code for handling appropriate live-formatting of currency input for the current locale with respect to the placement of the currency's symbol.
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internal final class CurrencyService {
// MARK: - Currency Symbol Position
internal static var currencySymbolPosition: CurrencySymbolPosition {
let currencyFormat = CFNumberFormatterGetFormat(CFNumberFormatterCreate(nil, Locale.current as CFLocale, .currencyStyle)) as NSString
let positiveNumberFormat = currencyFormat.components(separatedBy: ";")[0] as NSString
let currencySymbolLocation = positiveNumberFormat.range(of: "¤").location
let position: CurrencySymbolPosition = currencySymbolLocation == 0 ? .before : .after
return position

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